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300 Egyptian Cat Names: Elegant Options for Your Cat (With Meanings)

Egyptian Cat Names

Giving your cat an Egyptian name is a great way to pay tribute to one of civilization’s most famous cat lovers. Egyptian cats have a long history, so you’re not only finding a name but also gaining an opportunity to learn about your cat’s ancestry. The ancient Egyptians ruled over the modern-day Mediterranean for nearly 30 centuries, and one of their greatest contributions to the modern world was their deep respect and love for the feline species. In fact, one of their most famous deities, Bastet, was often depicted as a cat!


How to Choose an Egyptian Name for Your Cat

With 300 names on this list, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the number of choices. But you don’t have to be. Choosing your cat’s name should be fun! Just scan through the names and see which ones jump out at you. Jot them down, then review them after you’ve looked at all the options. Look at what each name means. You might find that one simply fits your cat’s personality better than the others.

Here, you will find names of gods and goddesses, warriors, and academic scholars. Each of these individuals left their mark on history and influenced the ancient Egyptian culture. We’ve included the meanings of the Egyptian names, so you can learn about those you’re not familiar with.

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Top 300 Egyptian Cat Names

Top 10 Egyptian Names

Here you will find the top 10 Egyptian cat names. These are popular among cat owners, and you’ll likely recognize a few of them. Some are names of real characters, while others are mythical, but most of them are the subjects of legends!

  • Bastet — a revered Egyptian goddess of motherhood who often took on the form of a cat
  • Cleopatra — a famous Egyptian queen
  • Isis — an Egyptian deity and the mother of the Egyptian god Horus
  • King Tut — short for “Tutankhamen,” the name of an Egyptian Pharoah
  • Nefertiti — an Egyptian queen
  • Osiris — an ancient Egyptian god
  • Pharoah — a term meaning “Egyptian ruler”
  • Plato — a Greek scholar who studied extensively in Egypt
  • Ramses — a famous Egyptian ruler
  • Sphynx or Sphinx — an Egyptian mythological creature who has a human head on a lion’s body
anubis of ancient egypt
Image Credit: Mia Stendal, Shutterstock

Female Egyptian Cat Names

This female Egyptian cat names list is a great resource if you want to name your cat after her color, markings, or personality. Unlike many other historical civilizations, females in Egypt often had as much power as males. This is one feature that attracts so many to study the ancient Egyptians. Each of these authentically Egyptian names is listed along with its meaning.

  • Aisha — peaceful
  • Aya — magical angel
  • Aziza — precious
  • Chione — daughter of the Nile
  • Ebonee — black
  • Feme — love
  • Heba — generous gift
  • Jomana — noble
  • Lapis — a blue gemstone
  • Mandisa — sweet
  • Monifa — lucky
  • Nenet — divine
  • Rana — beautiful
  • Safiya — pure
  • Salma — peace
  • Sara or Sarah — princess
  • Shani — wonderful
grey tabby laying on couch
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

Male Egyptian Cat Names

Ancient Egyptians were named in a traditional fashion that reflected a person’s family, personality traits, deities, birth order, religious devotion, and other aspects of the person’s life. Many names were long, so they were shortened to nicknames. “Tutankhamen,” for example, was shortened to “Tut.” This list of ancient Egyptian boys’ names offers cat names based on lineage, appearance, or temperament.

  • Akil — smart
  • Ammon — mystery
  • Asim — protector
  • Husani — handsome boy
  • Jabari — brave
  • Kahotep — peaceful
  • Kamuzu — healer
  • Khalid — immortal
  • Masud — good fortune
  • Masudi — merry
  • Mkhai — fighter
  • Mshai — the wanderer
  • Nephi — the good son
  • Nkosi — the law
  • Nomti — strong
  • Sefu — sword
  • Shakir — grateful
brown tabby maine coon
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Historic Egyptian Cat Names

While the Egyptians didn’t worship cats, which many people think, historical records make it clear that cats still played an important role in ancient Egyptian culture. Egyptologists report that ancient Egyptian citizens believed that cats carried a piece of the divine in their being. This belief meant that keeping company with cats gave them great protection and explained why so many Egyptian artifacts are shaped like cats.

  • Amenhotep — ancient Egyptian philosopher
  • Aten — Egyptian word for “sun disk”
  • Horus — son of Osiris, one of the most important gods of Ancient Egypt
  • Imhotep — ancient Egyptian philosopher
  • Kemet — a name for Egypt
  • Kyky — Egyptian word for “monkey”
  • Maimonides — Egyptian philosopher
  • Manetho — ancient Egyptian priest
  • Menes — early Egyptian ruler
  • Menhit — Egyptian goddess of war
  • Merneith — female Egyptian ruler
  • Mut — Egyptian mother goddess
  • Ptahhotep — ancient Egyptian philosopher
  • Seth — brother of Osiris, the famous Egyptian god
  • Sobekneferu — female Egyptian ruler
  • Tahemet — means “queenie”
  • Thoth — Egyptian philosopher
  • Twosret — female Egyptian ruler
persian cat in grass
Image By: Cattrall, Shutterstock

Cute Egyptian Cat Names

Cats with that extra level of cuteness need a name that sums it up in a word. It’s a tall order, but we think that these cute Egyptian names may be able to do it.

  • Akiki — friendly
  • Dakarai — happy
  • Halima — gentle
  • Hasina — good
  • Layla — night
  • Lotus — flower
  • Madu — of the people
  • Mandisa — sweet
  • Mesi — water
  • Nanu — cute
  • Nefret — stunning
  • Oni — wanted
  • Sanura — kitten
  • Tabby — traditional color pattern of all ancient Egyptian cats
  • Umayma — little mother
  • Urbi — princess
  • Zahra — flower
persian cat near window
Image Credit: choosangyeon, Shutterstock

Funny Egyptian Cat Names

We often think of cats as noble, elegant, and sophisticated creatures, but every cat lover knows that cats are full of hilarious, mischievous antics. If your feline likes to harness their inner comedian, these Egyptian cat names are perfect choices.

  • Adofo — fighter
  • Bennu — Egyptian deity of creation, often represented by a falcon
  • Chigaru — hound
  • Gahji — hunter
  • Gata — the Greek word for cat
  • Ialu — field of dreams
  • Ishaq — he who laughs
  • Kat — the weight of measure
  • Kosey — lion
  • Meka — fierce devourer
  • Moke — sweetened with honey
  • Msamaki — fish
  • Nkuku — rooster
  • Oba — king
  • Panya — mouse
  • Sabola — pepper
  • Sepest — Egyptian god who resides in a treetop
siamese cat_rihaij_Pixabay
Image Credit: rihaij, Pixabay

Unique Egyptian Cat Names

If you have a unique cat, you might be looking for a unique name. These Egyptian cat names pay tribute to your feline’s ancestral lineage. They are certainly not your average cat names!

  • Anippe — means “the daughter of the Nile”
  • Aswan — a famous Nile river dam
  • Cairo — the modern capital city of Egypt; means “the victorious”
  • Damietta — a branch of the Nile river
  • Gezira — an Egyptian island near Cairo
  • Giza — the city where the Sphynx is located
  • Hatshepsut — a female Egyptian ruler
  • Khafre — the name of the human face on the Sphynx in Giza
  • King Kufu (or Kufu) — Kahfre’s father
  • Nefertum — the Egyptian goddess of sweet smells
  • Nile — the famous Egyptian river
  • Renenutet — an Egyptian goddess and the giver of secret birth names
  • Rosetta — a branch of the Nile river; also refers to the famous Rosetta Stone
  • Sinai — a peninsula in Egypt
  • Stela — the stone slab between the two paws of the Sphynx
  • Thutmose — the Egyptian ruler who installed the Stela on the Sphynx
  • Votive — Egyptian word for “favor”
cat lying
Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock

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Strong Egyptian Cat Names

Felines in ancient Egypt had great privilege and prowess. Ancient legends tell of the Egyptian army surrendering to rivals who had cats to avoid offending the beloved cat goddess Bastet. Whether these stories are true isn’t clear, but they certainly show how the Egyptians felt about cats. The following strong cat names take inspiration from Egypt’s powerful place in world history.

  • Ahmenhotet III — an Egyptian ruler who loved cats
  • Aladdin — the famous Egyptian fencing master
  • Anhur — the god of hunting and war
  • Bubastis — an Egyptian city that housed Bastet’s temple
  • Geb — Egyptian god of the Earth
  • Herodotus — a Greek historian who wrote about the Egyptian’s love for cats
  • Maat — goddess of justice, order, and truth
  • Mafdet — the earliest recorded feline goddess
  • Mau — a divine cat and a name for the Egyptian sun god, Ra
  • Mihos — the lion-headed sun of Bastet
  • Pakhet — a lioness; a goddess of war
  • Pasht — an alternative name for Bastet
  • Ptah — Sekhmet’s husband
  • Ra/Re — the Egyptian Sun god
  • Sekhmet — means “powerful one”; also the name of Ra’s lion-headed daughter
  • Sobek — a crocodile god
  • Wadjet — a cobra goddess
ragdoll cat outdoors
Image Credit: Atmosphere1, Shutterstock

Egyptian Cat Name Fun Facts

  • Research suggests that domestic cats came from a Near East wild cat, dating back 10,000 years. The ancient Egyptians were likely the ones who domesticated this wild cat.
  • Archaeologists have unearthed a 9,500-year-old burial site in the Republic of Cyrus (an area formerly under Egyptian rule) that contains both a human and a cat mummy. The site suggests the cat lived with the human as a companion.
  • The Egyptian Mau cat is the modern feline representative of Egypt. The word “Mau” means “cat” in Egyptian.
  • The first depiction of a domestic cat in Egypt is located on a tomb that dates back to 1950 B.C.
  • Cats were frequently mummified in ancient Egypt. Embalmers put as much effort into preparing them for burial as they did with members of royalty.
  • When a beloved pet cat died, ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. The mourning period was deemed over when their eyebrows grew back.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list of Egyptian cat names has helped you find one that fits your new feline family member! You’re sure to find inspiration browsing the list, and hopefully, you’ve also learned a little something about Egyptian cat history. Naming your cat with an Egyptian name is a great way to honor the history of domestic cats and give your kitty a unique name!

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