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English Budgies & Parakeets: Traits, & Care Guide (With Pictures)

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The English budgie, also known as the English parakeet, is a captive-bred variety of the Australian budgerigar. The species has never existed in the wild and bred as a companion bird. It is considered friendly, easy to care for, and a good beginner pet for novice bird owners. Larger than their wild counterparts, the English budgie also comes in a much wider variety of colors, thanks to selective breeding.

Read on for more information on this sweet, companion parakeet species and details of other beginner-friendly birds.


English Parakeet History

The wild budgerigar is native to Australia. It is green and yellow, grows to approximately 7 inches, and can weigh 30 to 40 grams.

English budgies, which also go by the names English parakeet and show budgies, grow larger and heavier, measuring 10 inches and as much as 50-55 grams. They come in a greater array of colors than the wild budgie and make amiable and fun pets.

budgie inside cage
Image by: Piqsels

English Budgie Personality

Although temperament can vary between individual budgies, the English parakeet is generally considered a friendly and relaxed bird. They are also fun companions, often seen hopping from ladder to mirror and from perch to perch while whistling and chirping.

The intelligent bird is very intelligent. They can learn to mimic human speech, with some budgies learning more than 1,000 words. An English budgie named Puck holds the world record for the most words spoken by a single bird. He could speak 1,728 words.

Male vs Female

Image Credit: Left (Male Budgie) Pxfuel ; Right (Female Budgie) Welliness, Pixabay

Male and female budgies are almost identical to one another, except that they have different markings around their nostrils. Males tend to have blue nostrils while females can have pink, white, tan, or brown. These markings do not appear until around 6 months of age, which can make it very difficult to sex a young budgie.

Anecdotally, some owners claim that males and friendlier and bob their heads more often. Females are louder and more prone to chewing and gnawing. However, the character of the individual bird ultimately determines how friendly they are and the size of their vocabulary.

Are English Budgies Good Pets?

Known as the show budgie, these make good birds for those that want to exhibit their pets. They are also friendly and reasonable animals that fit in well with most families. Budgies are more inclined to run and hop than fly, so owners with cats and dogs should take care to ensure their new budgie is safe.

With an average lifespan of eight years, your budgie is active, if disinclined to fly. It needs a cage measuring at least 40” x 20” and 32” tall. Provide perches and offer a good variety of toys to keep the bird entertained.

Their diet consists of seeds, vegetables, and pellets, as well as other foods such as pasta.

The cage will need regular cleaning and the bird itself will need bathing every couple of days. Most budgies enjoy time in a shallow water bowl, or you may have to spray them to ensure cleanliness.

Light Green Budgie
Image by: PxHere


How Long Do English Budgies Live?

English budgies live, on average, between seven and nine years.

Are English Budgies Natural?

The species is a captive-bred bird, which means that it has never existed in the wild, only came into being because of selective breeding programs, and is not a natural species.

What Is the Difference Between English Budgies And Parakeets?

The word budgie is used in most of the world, while the word parakeet is used in the USA. English budgies and English parakeets are the same species.

cockatiel and parakeets in cage
Image by: Stanislavskyi, Shutterstock

Can English Budgies Live with Other Budgies?

The English budgie and American budgie can usually coexist peacefully. If there are any problems, these are likely caused by the American species.

Are 2 Budgies Better Than 1?

Budgies are sociable animals. In the wild, they would flock together and sing and chatter to one another. While it might not be practical for you to keep a large flock of budgies in your home, keeping a budgie on its own can lead to anxiety and depression and it will mean that you have to spend a lot more time socializing and playing with the bird yourself.divider-bird

The 3 Other Beginner Pet Birds

The budgie is friendly, laid-back, and easy keep, making it a great choice as a beginner pet bird. Other good beginner birds include:

1. Cockatiels

Cockatiels Eat Rice
Image by: Nipa Noymol, Shutterstock

Cockatiels, like the wild budgie, hail from Australia. They are larger, growing to nearly a foot long including their tail. They are usually grey and yellow, and they are characterful birds with a good attitude. The cockatiel can be considered closer to a parrot than the budgie is, but they do need a larger cage and will form a strong bond with their human.

2. Lovebirds

Yellow-collared Lovebirds
Image by: Chichkanova Anastasiia, Shutterstock

These small, plump birds, needs to be kept in pairs or groups and they can bully other species, so they should not be kept in a community with other types of bird. They also tend to be quite loud but they form a close bond with their owner and can become very affectionate. They are also beautiful birds that are available in a gamut of colors.

3. Canaries

two canaries perching
Image by: AndradeCleiton, Pixabay

Canaries are a type of finch and are small than budgies. They also tend to be wilder than the other breeds on this list, so tend to be better for watching and listening to, rather than befriending. They are still considered good pets, though, especially thanks to the incredible variety of appearances and because the males, and only the males, are renowned for having beautiful singing voices.divider-birdcage

English Budgies and Parakeets

The English budgie is a small parrot. It is kept as a companion pet because it is friendly, cheerful, and forms a close bond with its owner. Only ever having existed in captivity, the show budgie comes in a variety of colors and is larger than its wild counterpart. If you are looking for a pet bird, whether for exhibiting or as a companion, the budgie is a good choice but will thrive better when kept as one of a pair or small group.

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Featured Image Credit: Rob Jansen, Shutterstock

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