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What Was the Equusite Horse Site All About? What You Need To Know


If you’ve searched online for equestrian information, you may have come across in the past. Today, Equusite is being published on instead, while still offering the same great types of information for anyone trying to learn more about horses. But if you’ve never seen Equusite before, then you might not know what type of information you can reasonably expect to find.


Information on Equusite

Naturally, Equusite was a website entirely devoted to disseminating information about horses. They cover a wide range of topics that are suitable for equine enthusiasts from brand-new beginners to life-long experts. In fact, Equusite’s headline is: “The Ultimate Horse Resource,” which relays the site’s goal of being a leading database of equestrian knowledge.

morab horse running in the field
Image By: Shawn Hamilton, Shutterstock

For Beginners

The website contains a variety of articles, blog posts, and more. Whole sections are built on important subjects such as terminology and safety tips. For beginners, there’s plenty of information here to help you get started. You can learn all the terms you’ll need to avoid looking too green at the stables. Plus, you’ll learn how to stay safe while working with horses. Moreover, you can gather all the necessary knowledge to properly care for your horse, including grooming tips, feeding rules, and even sections on how to find the best stable for your horse.

If you don’t have a horse yet, Equusite was even willing to help with information regarding the purchase or leasing of a horse. There’s even a section on how to pick your child’s first pony, allowing you to foster a love of horses in your children as well.

Horse Training

Whether you’re new to horse training or have been doing it for decades, you’re sure to find some useful tidbits in the various training sections of the site. They cover a variety of training topics, starting with basic training principles that will apply to any type of equestrian training.

When you’re ready to try something a bit more complex, there are detailed guides to help you teach your horse various tricks, including bowing, shaking or nodding their head, or even shaking hands! Even if you’ve been around horses your whole life, there’s always something new to learn; for you and your horse!

horse and trainer
Image By: Pixabay

Breed Information

Trying to learn more about a particular breed? You’ll find plenty of articles dedicated to specific breeds or colorations. Quarter Horses, Saddlebreds, and Bashkir Curlys are just a few of the horses you can read about on Equusite. They also have posts centered around specific colors such as bay, chestnut, and palomino that divulge quite a bit of interesting information regarding the different shades of each.

Connecting with Other Equestrian Enthusiasts

For those that are looking for a way to interact with other horse lovers, Equusite offered an online chat room. You can stop in anytime, but they have designated chatting hours when people are often available. This allows you to meet people with similar interests, ask questions of those more experienced than you, and even share whatever information you’ve gathered during your time working with horses.


If you spend some time perusing Equusite, you’ll realize just how much information they cover. Having a hard time picking a name for your horse? No problem. Just check out their database of over 5000 horse names and you’ll find some inspiration. Need information on how to rescue or adopt a horse? You’ll find that here too. There’s even a directory to help you find tack stores near you or other educational resources so your quest for equestrian knowledge never has to cease.

racehorse with trainer
Image By: Artcats, Pixabay


Summary contains a wealth of information regarding all things equestrian. From beginner subjects like safety tips, terminology, and basic training, all the way to advanced topics such as teaching your horse tricks or breeding. The good news is that they’re still publishing plenty of great information, but now you can find it all at instead.

Featured Image Credit: NoName_13, PIxabay

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