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15 Essential Dalmatian Supplies to Get You Started (2023 Guide)

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Bringing home a new family member is epic—there’s nothing quite like it. But once you’ve narrowed down the breed you want, it’s time to start planning for the future.

Dalmatians are a unique canine breed. It’s easy to choose them because of their spotty appearance and  history. However, because issues like deafness are common in the breed, they might need a few extra accommodations.

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The 15 Essential Dalmatian Supplies

Walking & Travel

Dalmatians are athletic dogs with lean muscle tone and a lust for adventure. They will want to come along on walks, jogs, hikes—and, naturally, trips to the dog park.

So, here are a few supplies you’ll need to take your dog on outings.

1. Leash

Petsafe Nylon Hands-Free Running Leash

Leash training is an essential aspect of overall obedience. A leash is necessary for so many reasons, and it will take your pup a while to learn the ropes.

Some leashes accompany collars or harnesses, while others are sold as a solo item. Choose the style based on your dog and your comfort.

There are several different types of leashes to choose from. They are made from nylon, leather, rope, cotton, and other fabrics.

You can also buy a few different styles like:

  • Standard: Standard leashes are typically made of nylon or cotton and come with some sort of metal clip that attaches directly to the D-ring attachment on your dog’s collar or harness.
  • Slip Lead: A slip lead is a great training tool. You can use just the lead to incorporate into daily walks. The leash fits around the dog’s neck slipping into a lasso-style fit.
  • Chain: A chain is typically thicker and stronger than fabric selections, and they are terrific for chewers.
  • Retractable: Retractable leashes allow a little more freedom for your dog but might not be as sufficient for larger breeds. These leashes are best for mannerly, experienced dogs.
  • Martingale: The martingale lead is a slip-lead style leash that puts more pressure on the neck. It’s an excellent tool for teaching how to stop pulling on walks.

2. Harness

Harness Lead No Pull Dog Harness

Harnesses are ideal items you buy to walk your dog. These harnesses aren’t meant to wear all the time but are useful for a leash attachment.

These items put even pressure on the chest and distribute force to prevent choking or trachea damage. Some of them come with a back handle to provide optimal control, which is vital for young Dalmatians.

  • Back-clip: A back clip harness has a D ring attachment that fits on the back portion of the design. This style is an excellent choice for experienced dogs.
  • Front-clip: Front clip harnesses are often used as a training mechanism, teaching dogs to walk smoothly without pulling.
  • Dual-clip: Dual clips are smart selections if you want to buy one and be done. You can easily use this style of the harness through training to experienced stages.
  • Step-in: Step-in harnesses are designed to fit without going over the head. Some dogs don’t like the restriction of having something placed over their head, so they can simply step in it instead.
  • Safety: Safety harnesses are a significant product to have if you plan on taking your dog in the car. These harnesses fit with a seatbelt to secure your dog in place.
  • Backpack: Backpack harnesses are designed with compartments you can put storage in for outings. You can use it for your dog’s belongings or your own (up to a maximum weight).

3. Collars with ID Tag

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar

Collars are incredibly important for dogs. Microchipping is fantastic, but there’s nothing like having your dog’s information attached to their body. Even though most professionals don’t recommend walking your dog with a collar, they are a prime spot for identification tags.

  • Standard: Standard collars are usually made of nylon, fabric, or leather. They have a traditional plastic or metal buckle with a D-ring attachment.
  • Martingale: Martingale collars are great for training purposes, putting slight tension on the neck if the dog starts pulling. They are sometimes recommended to owners and are readily available in stores.
  • Breakaway: Breakaway collars are designed for safety. If your dog gets snagged on some obstruction, it prevents choking using a mechanism to break the collar and free your dog. Of course, we don’t recommend these collars for walks, as your dog can get away too quickly in potentially dangerous situations.

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Mealtime might be one of your Dalmatian’s favorite activities during the day. And when that dog food hits the bowl, your dog is likely to come running. When it comes to diet, and the supplies needed to feed, here are a few items you can guarantee need to be on your shopping list.

4. Bowls

Raised Dog Bowl

You’re definitely going to need somewhere to put your dog’s kibble and water. You might think that getting food and water bowls will be an easy task until you realize the immense multitude of products out there.

Dog bowls are typically made out of stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, and silicone. They can come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for small and giant breeds.

  • Elevated: Elevated dog bowls were designed to enhance your dog’s eating experience, preventing bloat and neck strain.
  • Tilted: Tilted dog bowls allow your dog to easily access their food, making it easier to breathe during meals.
  • Standard: Standard bowls usually come in a pair and serve the common purpose of containing feed.
  • Double: Double dishes are typically connected side by side. Some options even have a splash or spill tray to prevent messes.

5. Dog Food

the farmer's dog turkey recipe
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Food is one of the most important aspects of care for your new Dalmatian. They are full of energy and vitality, meaning they will require a high protein, moderate carbohydrate meal designed for their particular life stage: puppy, adult, or senior.

There are tons of recipes and textures to choose from. You can also select a type of food, whether dry kibble, wet, fresh, or raw. Some pups will have allergies or health issues that require a specialized diet.

And of course, no matter what style of bowl you choose, your Dalmatian will need a fresh water source at all times.

  • Everyday Nutrition: Everyday nutrition and diets are designed to support healthy adult dogs throughout their lifetime. It is full of just the right ingredients coming from protein, vegetable, fruit, and grain sources.
  • Limited Ingredient: Limited ingredient diets aim to give your dog the same standard nutrition without potentially irritating ingredients.
  • High Protein: High protein recipes work to enhance and grow lean muscles, keeping up with particularly active dogs.
  • Sensitive Stomach: Some dogs have trouble with their digestion. If your pup experiences any gastrointestinal issue, it might need a sensitive stomach recipe.
  • Allergy Specific: Dogs, just like humans, can have allergies to several sources. The most common food allergies for dogs include beef, chicken, and dairy.
  • Veterinary Prescribed: Some dogs have fragile GI tracts that require more TLC than others. If no commercial product on the market cuts the mustard, your vet might prescribe them a specialized diet such as a hydrolyzed-protein diet.

6. Trays & Mats

PetFusion Premium Cat Food Mat_Chewy

If your dog food bowls didn’t come with a tray or mat, you might want to pick one up. Dalmatians can be fast and messy eaters. You can find mats readily available online and in-store—and they don’t have to be designed for that purpose.

Any rug or mat will do, but some are specifically created to absorb spills and contain messes. There are a few selections on Chewy.

7. Storage

dog food in plastic container
Image Credit: APN Photography, Shutterstock

Storage is a pretty easily missed but necessary component for food (and even belongings.) You can buy trays, canisters, containers, totes, and other bins to keep food fresh and store it out of the way.

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Your Dalmatian will love cozying up in their downtime. Having suitable comfort materials is an essential part of dog-owning. You can find endless options online when it comes to bedding, but you can also create your own if you’re feeling crafty. There are tons of DIY tutorials online.

8. Dog Bed

FurHaven NAP Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Cat & Dog Bed w:Removable Cover

Your dog will spend a lot of time in their bed. Certain dogs have preferences, while others need materials to help them with their joints and bones.

You can pick from comfy materials like plush, orthopedic foam, memory foam, eggshell foam, and standard polyfill.

  • Elevated: Elevated dog beds are perfect for dogs who require a lot of airflow. If your dog is panting and overheated, elevated dog bedswill give them the proper breeze underneath to keep them cooled off.
  • Standard: Standard dog beds can be oval, circular, rectangular–you name it. They will range in construction, but they generally lay flat on a surface with no fancy bells or whistles. They can come in just about any material you can think of.
  • Donut: Donut-shaped beds give dogs the illusion that they’re being cradled or cupped. This is perfect for dogs with anxiety or those that just like to be cozy. If you have a Dalmatian that gets cold quickly, this can also help them maintain their temperature.
  • Enclosed: If you have a pup that prefers to nap in peace, you can always get them an enclosed dog bed. There are tons of options on the web, or you might even be able to find a fun tutorial on one you can make at home all by yourself.
  • Furniture Piece: This idea might not work so much when your Dalmatian is an adult, as they are pretty large. But while they’re puppies, you can always get a furniture piece that doubles as a dog bed. It will make any home aesthetic brilliant.

9. Couch Cover

Mambe Waterproof Couch Cover for Pets

If you aren’t a fan of dog hair all over your belongings, you can always purchase couch covers to protect your fabrics. It might be beneficial to prevent messes, accidents, and destruction during the puppy training stage.

10. Blankets

Ethical Pet Snuggler Patterned Dog Blanket

Some dogs love snuggling up in a blanket, and others could do without them. If you find that your Dalmatian loves being cozy, getting their own blanket will make them feel right at home.

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Mental and physical stimulation is very crucial for Dalmatians. This active breed needs to be challenged so they can feel accomplished. Because of that, you’ll need lots of self-play and interactive games for them to enjoy.

11. Toys & Activities

dalmatiam dog playing chew toy
Image Credit: 5 second Studio, Shutterstock

There are tons of toys and fun activities on the market. Here are just a few.

  • Puzzles: Puzzle games are entertaining for active dogs. It stimulates their mental function as well as promotes exercise. And in some puzzle games, treats are the reward, so highly food motivated dogs will enjoy them as well.
  • Chew Toys: You won’t make it through the first year without chew toys. Chew toys protect your belongings from being shredded and torn up. With a high-energy breed like a Dalmatian, you’ll want to make sure that you’re giving your pup many textures.
  • Fetching Toys: Your Dalmatian will love getting out in the backyard for playtime with their humans. Whether your dog prefers frisbee, balls, or even a throwing stick game, this will be one of their favorite pastimes.
  • Agility Activities: If you have a yard that is a decent size, you can set up agility games in your very own space. Your dog will love trotting around the backyard and playing with the different pieces. Some include A-frames, teeter-totters, hoops, and hurdles. Your dog will love trying all of it out.

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Because Dalmatians have coarse, short coats, brushing is a breeze. But to remove dirt, debris, and dander, you will need to give your Dalmatian a good brushing every few days.

In addition, you’ll need other cleaning and grooming supplies on hand. You should thoroughly bathe your Dalmatian once every 4 to 6 weeks.

12. Shampoo/Conditioner

Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo

Shampoo is essential; conditioner is optional but still effective. Your Dalmatian, like other dogs, will need a bathing session once every 4 to 6 weeks.

13. Brush/Comb

Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Brush for Short Hair Grooming, Deshedding, Massaging & Bathing Dog & Cat Brush

Your Dalmatian won’t need a ton of fancy brushing. Just a few quick swipes to remove dead hair as dander will suffice.

14. Toothbrush

Vetoquinol Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush for Dogs & Cats

Dental health is an important and often overlooked aspect of canine care. Daily brushing is essential to remove plaque and reduce tartar buildup.

15. Nail Clipper

Zen Clipper Precise Adjustable Dog Nail Clipper

Nail clippers are necessary—and you’ll know it when your bare legs get a good scratch.divider-dog paw

Special-Needs Supplies

Some Dalmatians have a congenital defect—deafness. While this may have won many of them positions in the firehouse, it can be challenging to handle from the standpoint of owning a pet.

While Dalmations have genetics to thank for their spotted coats, this also is the reason behind their high incidence of deafness in one or both ears. An estimated 30% of Dalmatians have some level of deafness.

If you find yourself with a deaf Dalmatian, you might find ways to accommodate them. Remember that genetic deafness is entirely normal to the dog, as they know nothing else. It’s never a cause to put an animal down or rehome them.

Many puppies have already been tested by the time they come home. So, if you do have a deaf Dalmatian, you can prep before bringing them home from the breeder.



Don’t stress out too much, future puppy owner. Getting the beginning supplies together is usually the most challenging part. Once your Dalmatian settles in their new home, everything else will come second nature.

If your pup needs a little extra help, prepare for additional expenses along the way.


Featured Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock

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