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22 Essential Miniature Horse Supplies to Get You Started: 2024 Update

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Miniature horses are excellent animals. They are adorable, small, and hardy. Miniature horses can make great pets. They can also be used as cart-driving animals, companion animals for ruminants like goats or sheep, and they can be fabulous for children. It is hard to spend time with a mini horse without wondering what it would be like to own one of your own. If you are considering getting a miniature horse, there are some things you need to be aware of before you finalize any purchase or adoption. Mini horses come with a lot of unique supplies that they need to be healthy.

Here are 22 essential miniature horse supplies that you will need this year, including product recommendations and handy categories to help you sort your shopping list. Each recommendation on this list has been hand selected based on price, availability, durability, and usefulness.



1. Lead Rope

Weaver Leather 10' Poly Lead Rope

One of the most important supplies for any horse is a good solid lead rope. Lead ropes allow you to lead your horse around. They need to be durable, easy to spot and grab, and weather resistant.

The Weaver Leather 10-foot Poly Lead Rope is affordable, comes with a solid brass snap clip that won’t rust, and is available in dozens of different colors. This rope checks all of the boxes and will be perfect for your miniature horse.

2. Stall Halter

Weaver Leather Original Adjustable Nylon Horse Halter

If you are planning on leaving your mini horse in a stall for multiple hours a day, you will likely want to keep a halter on it so you can easily move it from stall to pasture and back. Stall halters are basic and comfortable.

The Weaver Leather Original Adjustable Nylon Horse Halter is a simple nylon halter that will fit a miniature horse (just be sure to double check the size.) This halter will pair perfectly with the Weaver Lead Rope.

3. Pasture Halter

Tough 1 Break-Away Halter

If you are planning on leaving a halter on your mini horse and keeping your mini horse on pasture, you may want to get a breakaway halter. These halters will easily come apart if your horse gets stuck on a fence, post, gate, or branch when they are out grazing.

If you do not have a breakaway halter, your horse could hurt itself, trying to break free from its obstruction. The Tough 1 Break-Away Halter is a simple breakaway halter that is perfect for mini horses on pasture and will fit all of your needs.

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Food and Feeders

4. Feed Tub

Fortex Feeder Pan for Dogs and Horses

Feed tubs are very important. Horse feed tubs get roughed up, stepped on, left in the rain, bake in the sun, and sit in the mud.

Outdoor feed tubs for horses have to be tough, which is why we suggest going with the Fortex Feeder Pan for Dogs and Horses. This feed tub is made from highly durable rubber and will be able to stand up to the worst conditions imaginable. It can also be used for small amounts of water in a stall or run in.

5. Water Bucket

Little Giant® Flat Back Plastic Animal Feed Bucket

Another important thing to consider (if you aren’t using a trough) is a water bucket. Miniature horses need at least 5 gallons of clean water per day and could need as much as 10 gallons. You will need a sturdy bucket to ensure that your horse always has water available.

The Little Giant® Flat Back Plastic Animal Feed Bucket is an excellent water bucket. It is made from thick plastic and has a sturdy handle. You might want to invest in some carabiners or clips to hang the water buckets. It is a good idea to invest in two to four of these buckets for water and general use around the barn.

6. Hay

  • Our Choice: Local Hay (whenever possible)
Yellow Oats hay bale on the European rural harvested field
Image Credit: ilmarinfoto, Shutterstock

Miniature horses need hay, especially if they are kept in a stall or during the winter when grazing and forage is at a minimum. We recommend buying and sourcing local hay when possible.

Shipping hay across the country is bad for the environment and can introduce invasive bugs, weeds, and grasses to the local environment that are transported with non-local hay. Mini horses likely need at least one flake per day. Local hay is often the best choice when you consider costs and environmental impacts.

7. Hay Bag

Derby Originals 2” Supreme Nylon Web Front Slow Feeder Horse Hay Bag

One of the best ways to feed hay to a horse is to use a hay bag. Hay bags slow down the rate of consumption, so a horse eats at a consistent rate rather than ingesting too much hay too quickly. But hay bags can be a bear to load.

We like the Derby Originals 2” Supreme Nylon Web Front Slow Feeder Horse Hay Bag because it is large and easy to stuff. It can hold enough hay to last a full 24 hours for a mini horse. That way, you only have to load it once per day, and the loading process won’t make you want to punt the bag across the barn.

8. Hay Feeder

BUYYAH Hay Feeder Goat

If you don’t want to use a hay bag and would rather use an open feeder, check out the BUYYAH 20 Gallon Hay Feeder. This simple feeder is designed for small animals like mini horses or large goats. Simply attach it to some posts or put it in a corner. It is small, compact, durable, and affordable.

Loading an open feeder is easy, just dump a flake or two in and let your horse eat at its own pace. There is often more hay waste associated with an open feeder than a hay bag.

9. Grain

Purina Animal Nutrition Mini Horse and Pony

Not all mini horses need grain. If they are getting enough nutrients from grass, forage, hay, and salt, they will need very little grain. (In fact, grain is one of the primary drivers of obesity in domesticated horses.) However, if you want to feed grain, you should choose a grain specifically formulated for miniature horses.

Purina Animal Nutrition Mini Horse and Pony (50 lbs) is a grain that is made for mini horses. This will help provide your mini horse with the nutrients it needs and the proper portion sizes to keep them healthy and at the proper weight.

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Health and Wellness

10. Fly Spray

Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Horse Fly Spray

Fly mitigation and control is one of the most important things to consider when getting any type of horse. Horses attract flies like crazy, and they can quickly become a nuisance. One way to protect your horse from flies is to buy and use fly spray. Fly spray is a formulated product that kills flies and protects horses from future flies.

Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Horse Fly Spray is an all-around great fly spray that is safe for mini horses and highly effective. It is also affordable. You can buy this fly spray in bulk and simply refill the bottle in the future if you choose.

11. Dewormer

Merial Zimecterin Gold Dewormer

As a horse owner, you will have to periodically deworm your horse to prevent them from becoming bogged down with parasites and intestinal worms. Merial Zimecterin Gold Dewormer Paste for Horses is a great standard dewormer. It is affordable and effective and readily available.

Be sure to double check the dosing for mini horses based on their approximate weight. You can always consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions before deworming your miniature horse.

12. Healthy Treats

German Horse Muffin All Natural Horse Treats

Treats are a great way to train your horse. However, not all treats are healthy or great for horses. Healthy treats are a great way to bond with your horse and provide them with a snack that is good for their overall condition.

Equus Magnificus German Horse Muffins are unique natural treats that combine whole grains with rich molasses. The result is a treat that is easy to chew and tasty for horses of all breeds and sizes.



13. Curry Brush

Tough 1 Large Rubber Curry Comb

A curry brush is used to break up clots, knots, and tangles in your horse’s coat. It is a great tool to use during shedding seasons when your horse is turning its coat over. Currying is great to do before giving your mini horse a bath.

The Tough 1 Large Rubber Curry Comb is a standard curry comb that is thick and won’t break down if left outside. They also come in over six different colors. You can easily buy multiple to stock your grooming kit.

14. Drying Tool

HARRIS Happy Horse Horse Supplies, Thick Rubber Sweat Scrape

Many people think that they can simply let their horses air dry after a bath or a hose down, but this is not a great idea. Horses can grow cold, even in warm air, if they are left to air dry. A drying tool siphons water off of a horse and helps them dry much faster. These tools can also be used to remove excess sweat after a workout.

HARRIS Happy Horse Horse Supplies Rubber Scraper is a basic water scraper that is perfect for mini horses. It is easy to use and will easily strip a mini horse of excess liquid in just a few passes over the back.

15. Shampoo & Conditioner

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo + Conditioner

Horses will periodically need baths to keep them looking their best. A good bath will keep their coat sleek and short. It will also prevent skin fungus from growing during wet periods.

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo + Conditioner 32 Ounce provides you with the perfect one-two punch of shampoo and conditioner for your horse. After a bath with Cowboy Magic, your horse will be shiny, clean, and smell good. This shampoo and conditioner set is designed specifically for horses and works well with their skin and coat.

16. Hoof Pick

4Pcs Horse Hoof Pick Brushes, with Soft Touch Rubber Handle

Hoof care is critically important for horses. You will need to have their hooves serviced every 3 to 8 weeks depending on your individual horse. Every horse owner should have a hoof pick on hand. Hoof picks can be used to clean out abscesses, remove debris from the bottom of the hoof and keep them clear of infection.

BOTH WINNERS Horse Hoof Pick Brushes (x4) is a four-pack of simple horse picks that are very effective and affordable. These picks feature a sharp instrument and a brush that make keeping your miniature horse’s hooves healthy a breeze.

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17. Winter Blanket

CHALLENGER 1000D Miniature Weanling Pony Foal Horse Winter Blanket Bellyband Pink

Horse blankets or sheets are for horse owners in cold climates. In the winter, a horse can benefit greatly from a blanket. Blankets are heavy and can be banded around the girth to keep them on.

The CHALLENGER 1000D Miniature Weanling Pony Foal Horse Winter Blanket is a warm blanket designed for miniature horses. These blankets are available in multiple sizes, so be sure to measure before you buy. For people in hot climates, there are fly sheets that are breathable and can keep your horse protected from the sun and bugs.

18. Fly Mask

SuperMask II Fly Mask Without Ears for Foals

Fly masks are great for areas where bugs can be a problem. Fly masks keep insects out of your horse’s eyes and nose. They have a mesh where the horse can see out but keeps their vision intact. Fly masks can also protect your horse’s face from getting sunburned in sunny weather.

The SuperMask II Fly Mask Without Ears for Foals is a great choice for mini horses. It is an affordable and durable fly mask. Be sure to check the size against the size of your mini horse to ensure that it will fit the head. You will have some more wiggle room with the SuperMask II Fly Mask Without Ears for Foals since it has no ear covers.

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Barn Essentials

19. Salt Block

Horsemen's Pride Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses

Horses need salt in order to keep their systems in balance. Some foods or ration balancers include salt but one of the best ways to get your horse salt is to provide it with a salt block. A salt block has the advantage of letting your horse eat as much salt as they need when they need it.

The Horsemen’s Pride Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses is a simple salt block that is the perfect size for miniature horses. It can be placed on a nail or screw in a post or hung in a barn stall. Himalayan salt is natural and affordable and is a great way to provide salt to your mini horse.

20. Fan

AmazonCommercial HVF20-SP Industrial Fan

Barns can get extremely hot and stuffy during the summer months. Horses can overheat or attract flies when the weather is warmest. One of the best ways to improve the condition of the barn is to buy a fan. Fans help keep the barn cool, and it also blows flies away.

The AmazonCommercial HVF20-SP Industrial Fan, 20″, Black, is a commercial-grade fan that is placed on the ground. You can also mount fans to posts if you get the mountable version to hit individual stalls. The AmazonCommercial HVF20-SP Industrial Fan, 20″, Black, has the benefit of being mobile. You can move it around as needed.

21. Muck Rake

Little Giant® DuraFork Pitch Fork

Muck rakes (or pitch forks) are essential tools around the farm. These tools can be used to scoop up manure, move hay, and clean out stalls. You will often need to use a pitchfork every single day.

The Little Giant® DuraFork Pitch Fork is our favorite pitch fork for general work. It easily scoops up horse manure and can also scoop and move decent quantities of hay. It is lightweight and can be repaired if the head gets bent or broken due to the removable handle.

22. Shavings

  • Our Choice: Local Stock (whenever possible)
aspen shavings
Image Credit By: CC0 Public Domain, Pxhere

If you keep your mini horse in a stall, you will need to provide them with shavings. Shavings help keep the stall clean, and it provides a soft area to stand in. Shavings help diminish odors that are associated with horses and also make it easier to clean out and muck out a horse stall.

We recommend buying shavings locally at a nearby feed store or box store like Tractor Supply. The online options for shavings tend to cost more than what you can find locally on the ground.

new horse shoe dividerBe Aware of Your Mini Horse’s Size

Before shopping for a miniature horse, you should know your horse’s approximate size. You should know the rough weight and also measure the neck and girth. (If you have not bought or adopted your horse yet, you can ask for these measurements from the person you are getting the horse from.)

You will need these numbers to make the proper choices for your horse. Things like halters, blankets, and fly masks are made for specific sizes. You will also want to double check the product’s dimensions and specifications before buying just to make sure you don’t accidentally order the wrong size. Things like medications, dewormers, treats, and food will also have different portions for miniature horses than full-sized horses.

miniature horse riding_cynoclub_Shutterstock
Image by: cynoclub, Shutterstock

Don’t Be Afraid to Consult Your Veterinarian or Farrier

If you have any questions about specific products, recommendations, or proportions for your miniature horse, don’t be afraid to ask a veterinarian or a farrier. You will need to contact and get set up with both a vet and a farrier when you get a new horse. You can ask them about specific products, the best way to use these products, and more. They should be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


In Conclusion

Miniature horses are great animals that can serve a variety of purposes. From pets to driving horses to companion animals, mini horses have long been a fan favorite in the equestrian community. Whatever your plans are for your mini horse, you will need most, if not all, of these necessities. These products cover all of your bases and will give you everything you need to get started owning a miniature horse.

Featured Image Credit: David Jia, Pexels

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