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8 Essential Pet Mouse Supplies to Get You Started: 2024 Update

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Mice make wonderful pets. Lower maintenance than dogs or cats—but still just as cute and cuddly—mice are ideal for pet-friendly apartments.

They do require care, however. Mice need many things to stay happy and healthy, including the right housing, food, toys, and supplies for enrichment. Here are the eight essential pet mouse supplies to get your mouse’s home set up and ready to go for the “Gotcha Day.”

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1. Mouse Food

Mice require specialized diets and need rodent-specific food. There are numerous options to choose from, but a product like Kalmbach Feeds 18% Rodent Diet Cubes Rats and Mice Food offers a complete and balanced diet with all the essential requirements for rodent nutrition. The food comes in a cube form, which improves eating and creates less waste.

Your mouse should always have access to fresh food and water. If you supplement with fresh food as treats, such as fruits and vegetables, make sure they don’t replace a complete diet and remove them each day before they spoil.

2. Water Bottle and Feeder

Kaytee Chew-Proof Small Animal Water Bottle

You will need a water bottle and feeder for your mouse, such as the Kaytee Chew-Proof Small Animal Water Bottle. This durable water bottle is chew-resistant and made of solid glass with a stainless-steel sipper tube and cap. It comes with a spring attachment to secure it anywhere outside the cage for easy cleaning and refilling. If possible, get two water bottles to offer water at the top and bottom of a tall cage.

You also need a food dish or feeder. The dish doesn’t have to be elaborate, just appropriately sized and easy to clean. The Living World Pink Ergonomic Small Pet Dish is made of ceramic to resist chewing and features an ergonomic slant to give your mouse easy access without overturning.



3. Mouse Cage

Ware Chew Proof 4 Story Small Animal Cage

A secure, strong mouse case is necessary to house your mouse. Remember that mice can chew through most materials, so it should be constructed of durable plastic or metal. Tall cages are excellent for mice to get exercise by climbing around. You may want to add a floor mat to protect your mouse’s delicate feet as well.

The Ware Chew Proof Small Animal Crate is a good choice that offers plenty of space for your mouse to play—plus some space for future roommates! The metal is powder coated to prevent rust. For easy cleaning, there’s a metal drop pan that detaches from the cage. The cage comes with shelves and ramps that you can secure inside for a fun habitat for your mouse.



4. Bedding/Litter

Fresh News Recycled Paper Small Animal Litter

The bottom of your mouse cage should have bedding to absorb any urine and feces and keep the cage cleaner. You have a lot of choices for different small animal bedding and litter, but Fresh News Recycled Paper Small Animal Litter keeps your mouse cozy in highly absorbent post-consumer recycled paper that absorbs urine and odors. The paper is made from recycling centers and is biodegradable when composted. It’s also hypoallergenic and low dust for easy breathing for both you and your mouse.

5. Hammocks

TRIXIE Suspension Bridge Small Pet Hammock

Mice love environmental enrichment like climbing features and hammocks. The Trixie Suspension Bridge Small Pet Hammock comes with a plush hammock made of sturdy nylon and faux fur for lounging around, as well as an attached ladder, rope ladder, rope ring, and wooden block for play. You can hang the hammock just about anywhere in the cage using the included metal clasps.

6. Shelter

Ware Critter Timbers Bark Small Animal Bungalow

Your mouse habitat should have a nest box or other shelter that allows the mouse to relax and feel secure, especially if you have large animals in the house, like dogs or cats. If you have the space, offer multiple hides in different areas of the cage to give your mouse choices.

The Ware Critter Timbers Bark Small Animal Bungalow offers a tight and cozy spot for mice to hide and feel protected. This bungalow is made of completely nontoxic and sustainable wood, so your mouse is safe to nibble on the edges. You can choose between multiple sizes as well.

Another option is the Imperial Cat Play ‘N Shapes Cheese Small Animal Habitat Enhancer. It offers a hiding spot and a mini obstacle course that your mouse can run through and climb, all constructed from nontoxic materials that are safe to chew.

7. Toys

Oxbow Enriched Life Timbells Small Animal Chew Toy

Mice are playful, so you could never have too many toys for your mouse’s enclosure. To come home, your mouse should have at least a few toys to start with, such as the Oxbow Timbells Small Animal Chew Toy mini dumbbells that offer exciting and engaging play. The stick is chewable and topped with Timothy hay for a range of textures and flavors.

You could also include some hanging toys, like the Frisco Small Pet Hanging Ball & Grass Chew Toy, which features grass, rattan, paper string, and sisal rope to give your mouse a variety of fun textures to stimulate interest. This toy hangs as well, so you can place it in the best spot in your cage.


Cleaning Supplies

8. Cage Cleaner

Absolutely Clean Small Animal Cage Cleaner & Deodorizer

You may notice the theme of getting supplies that are easy to clean. Keeping your mouse’s enclosure clean and disinfected is vital to its overall health. The Absolutely Clean Small Animal Cage Cleaner & Deodorizer is perfect for disinfecting small animal enclosures, including mouse cages, terrariums, and aquariums. It’s a simple enzymatic spray formula that you mist, rinse, and wipe to remove bacteria and pathogens and eliminate odors. Safe for your pet, yet easy for you to use.


Other Mouse Supplies

This checklist gets you started for all the supplies you need to bring your mouse home, but you can certainly expand over time. For example, it’s always fun for your mouse to have new toys on occasion, both store-bought and homemade. You can make toys from a lot of different household items, including small cardboard boxes with holes cut out and empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Best of all, these are inexpensive to add and replace as needed.

If you want to train your mouse to be obedient and do tricks, mouse treats are a must. You can buy commercial mouse treats or use natural, mouse-safe treats like millet or sunflower seeds. Just be mindful that you don’t overdo it with the treats and cause your mouse to become overweight.

Other supplies to consider include a harness and leash if you want to take your mouse outside and on little excursions and mouse grooming. This is not necessary to keep your mouse, however. You may want to invest in a mouse carrier for vet visits and travel as well.



Mice are friendly, affectionate, and easy pets to care for. Once you have all the supplies you need, mice only require daily feedings and weekly cleanings. You can build a stronger bond and a happier mouse by providing plenty of enrichment, such as chew toys, cage décor, and regular training.

Featured Image Credit: MainelyPhotos, Shutterstock

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