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How Much Does Figo Pet Insurance Cost? 2024 Pricing Guide

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As pet parents, we love our pets like our own children, so we want to keep them as healthy as possible. And if something unexpected happens to our pets, such as illness or accident, and we aren’t able to afford the care they need, we’ll be devastated. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid that situation (or at least alleviate any costs that come up)—pet insurance! With pet insurance, we can ensure that our pets are covered no matter what health situation arises.

There are tons of pet insurance companies you can choose from, too. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Figo Pet Insurance to see how much it costs to cover your cat or dog through them. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Figo!


The Importance of Pet Insurance

plays an important role in maintaining your pet’s health and wellness by helping you afford costs that come up from accidents, illness, and more. It works the same way as human health insurance—you pay a monthly premium and have deductibles to meet with the insurance company paying for part or all of the costs after that. The majority of pet insurance companies’ main plans only cover illness and accident, but not things such as preventative vet care (vaccines, spay/neuter). However, companies usually have add-ons to cover more routine items.

The cost of raising a pet keeps going up, as does the cost of vet visits. With pet insurance, you guarantee your pet always gets the care it needs and that you can afford it (without going into debt!).

FIGO Pet Insurance

How Much Does Figo Pet Insurance Cost?

How much Figo Pet Insurance costs for you will depend on several things, including whether you have a cat or a dog (a dog policy will cost more than a cat’s), your pet’s age, and where you live.

Below you’ll find price range estimates for monthly premiums according to the deductible and reimbursement combinations you can choose from and geographical location. Figo offers four deductible and reimbursement rates, so there are quite a few options to choose from. Price ranges account for all three of Figo’s basic coverage plans—the 5k annual coverage, 10k annual coverage, and unlimited coverage.

Deductible & Reimbursement East Coast West Coast Midwest South
$100/70% $22–$74 $28–$96 $22–$73 $15–$22
$250/70% $17–$59 $22–$76 $18–$58 $14–$48
$500/70% $13–$44 $16–$56 $13–$43 $10–$36
$750/70% $10–$34 $13–$44 $10–$33 $8–$28
$100/80% $28–$94 $36–$123 $28–$94 $21–$54
$250/80% $22–$76 $29–$100 $23–$76 $17–$64
$500/80% $17–$58 $22–$76 $18–$58 $13–$49
$750/80% $14–$47 $18–$61 $14–$47 $11–$39
$100/90% $34–$116 $44–$152 $35–$116 $27–$67
$250/90% $28–$97 $37–$127 $29–$97 $22–$64
$500/90% $22–$76 $29–$99 $23–$76 $17–$64
$750/90% $18–$62 $24–$81 $19–$62 $14–$52
$500/100% $27–$92 $35–$120 $28–$91 $21–$77
$750/100% $22–$76 $29–$99 $23–$76 $17–$64

Top Rated Pet Insurance Companies

Most Affordable
Our rating: 4.6 / 5
Best Wellness Plans
Our rating: 4.0 / 5
Best Holistic Coverage
Our rating: 4.3 / 5

Additional Costs to Anticipate

There shouldn’t be additional costs unless you want extra coverage for your pet that isn’t included in what the basic insurance plans cover. If that’s the case, you can choose from a few add-ons. The Wellness plans cover routine care, while the Extra Care Pack covers items such as boarding fees or pet theft. Then there’s an add-on to cover costs associated with vet exams.

Coverage Type East Coast West Coast Midwest South
Vet Exam Fees for Accident & Illness $5–$12 $7–$18 $5–$12 $4–$9
Extra Care Pack $6.62 $6.62 $6.62 $6.62
Basic Wellness $5.50 $5.50 $5.50 $5.50
Wellness Plus $9.50 $9.50 $9.50 $9.50

Does Figo Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

Like most pet insurance companies, Figo Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. What is a pre-existing condition? It’s an illness or injury that showed up before your pet’s insurance policy began (or symptoms of the disease or injury were there before you bought your pet’s policy). A pre-existing condition is considered as such regardless of whether it’s been treated in the past or even diagnosed.

Unfortunately, Figo cannot determine the eligibility of a condition until a claim has been submitted. For example, suppose your dog was treated for allergies prior to enrollment, then after your policy begins, it gets taken to the vet for extreme itchiness. Unless your vet states that the itchiness is due to something other than allergies, it could be considered pre-existing.

Does Figo Pet Insurance Require Medical Records to Enroll?

Figo Pet Insurance does require medical records that show your pet has had an annual health exam by a licensed vet within a year of enrolling. If your pet hasn’t seen a vet for an annual health exam within the past 12 months, then the first visit to the vet after your policy has started might be used to determine whether your pet has pre-existing conditions. And to process the first claim you make with Figo, they’ll need a list of all vets your pet has seen since adoption or at least in the past two years before the start of your pet’s policy.

How Can I Enroll My Pet in a Figo Pet Insurance Plan?

Enrolling your cat or dog in a Figo Pet Insurance plan is easy! Just visit the Figo website and click on “Get My Quote”. Then, you’ll fill in basic information about your pet, such as its name, breed, and age, along with where you’re located. Then Figo will give you a quote for all three basic plans; you can choose which deductible and reimbursement combination you want then. Figo will also give you the option to add on one of the Wellness plans or other extra packages. Finally, hit submit!

The only age requirement Figo has for pets is that they are at least 8 weeks old before being enrolled. Other than that, you can enroll your pet at any stage of its life (though for senior pets, Figo requests senior testing).

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Getting insurance for your beloved pet can save you money in the long run while helping ensure your pet receives the healthcare it needs. Figo Pet Insurance can help you with that. Though the company’s monthly premiums can go into the higher price range for some locations and pets (dog policies are more expensive than cat policies), they have some premiums that fall into a mid-price range. And enrolling is simple since you can do it online—you’ll just need to fill out a bit of information on your pet to get the ball rolling.

If you’re ready to have your pet insured, visit the Figo Pet Insurance website today!

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