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10 Fun Things to Do with Your Cat: Ultimate Cat Bucket List

Young woman holding cute siberian cat with green eyes

Owning a cat is a special experience that you just can’t put into words sometimes. We form strong bonds with our kitties, and they quickly become members of the family. Unfortunately, our pets aren’t with us for nearly as long as we wish they could be, so we want to make the best of the time we have.

Having a bucket list is a great way to encourage yourself to get out and do different things you love rather than getting too caught up in the hustle and bustle and forgetting to enjoy life and savor the moments.

Our cats may have different views on what we consider a good time, but they deserve the best out of life, too. That’s why we’ve come up with an ultimate bucket list for cats. Your cat doesn’t need to be nearing the end to do these fun activities, either.


The 10 Most Fun Things You Can Do With Your Cat

1. Fill Your House with Cardboard Boxes

The cat is inside the box
Image By: LucasBouillon, Pixabay

It’s no secret that cats are huge fans of cardboard boxes. Not only do they love laying in them for the comfort and security of being in an enclosed space, but they also like to use them as scratching posts and play areas.

One way to fulfill a bucket list dream for your cat is by filling your home with boxes and letting them enjoy a cardboard haven. Cats truly don’t require a lot to have a good time and keeping them entertained is much easier than you’d think.

This is a great way of keeping them in the comfort of their own home while allowing them to take part in some adventurous fun without interrupting their routine or stressing them out.

2. Build a Catio

Catios are a great way to provide your cat with lots of enrichment while giving them the luxury of being outdoors without all the risks to themselves and other wildlife. You can get really creative with catios, too.

There are many different ways you can design a catio. It could be as simple as sectioning off a window and building a small area for them to perch and observe the great outdoors.

You could even go all out and convert a sunroom into your cat’s own private catio. You can put in tunnels, toys, perches, and anything else you think your cat would enjoy. This is a surefire way to have them living in the ultimate lap of luxury.

3. Reveal the Source of That Pesky Red Dot

cat plays with a laser pointer
Image By: Seika Chujo, Shutterstock

Your cat has spent so much time chasing around that bright red dot as it makes its way across the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. It takes a lot of effort to hunt down something you can’t catch, so why not reveal the source for the sake of their bucket list?

Of course, you should start with some enriching playtime with the laser pointer in hand. Just make sure you reveal it to them when you’re done, it’s only fair. We’d be willing to bet it won’t stop them from chasing it again, though.

4. Go on an Adventure

Not all cats are going to be up for an adventure out of the house, so keep this in mind when you are creating a bucket list of things to do with your cat. It’s very common to see dogs out and about visiting the most exciting destinations with their owners but you don’t see cats do this quite so much, and there is a good reason.

Cats thrive on routine and enjoy the comfort and security of their home. Certain individuals could become very stressed if they were packed up and taken on a vacation, even if it’s meant for them. If this sounds like your cat, maybe create an at-home adventure.

If your cat is up for traveling, you can consider taking them to some memorable destinations either near or far. Make sure you have them microchipped and that they wear a collar with an ID tag, and properly prepare for an outing with all the other cat travel essentials.

5. Try Out a Cat Backpack

cat in a backpack
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

You may have seen all the craze over cat backpacks that look like a bubble or a pod you carry around on your back. It allows your cat to travel comfortably alongside you and take in all the sights.

Not every cat is going to enjoy being put in these backpacks, and that’s fine. Just be familiar with your cat’s comfort zone and try to keep them within it. These backpacks are great for going on walks or traveling to faraway places.

6. Teach Them to Walk on a Leash

The thought of leash training your cat may have been something far from your mind, but it is possible in some cases. Breeds like the Savannah cat are known for being easy to leash train and even enjoy going on walks.

If you think your cat is up for it, this is a great way to get them out of the house without all the risk of roaming free. Leash training your cat could enrich their lives and allow them to enjoy parts of this world that would otherwise be off-limits.

7. Shower Them with All the Toys

gray tabby cat on the floor with its toys
Image By: Noor Khalafy, Pexels

Cats are very playful and active creatures that will thrive when they have plenty of toys to spend their days playing with. One of the best things you could put on a cat’s bucket list is getting them all the toys they could possibly want. It will provide them with lots of mental stimulation while keeping them fit and active.

There is no shortage of variety when it comes to cat toys. Not only can you easily purchase them online or in a local store, but there are plenty of DIY cat toy ideas you can put together yourself. Make sure to take some out of your day and enjoy the toys together. Your cat will love when you get involved in playtime and it will be a memorable bonding experience for both of you.

<strong>Types of Cat Toys</strong>
  • Climbing toys
  • Hiding places
  • Tunnels
  • Puzzle toys
  • Chasing toys
  • Wands and teasers
  • Catnip toys
  • Scratchers

8. Let Them Enjoy Some Catnip

Catnip is a plant within the mint family that has an active ingredient called nepetalactone. This chemical compound can make house cats respond in many different ways. Most cats will react by rolling, flipping over, rubbing around, and even zoning out a bit and relaxing.

The effects are short-lived and only last for about 10 to 15 minutes. The more your cat eats or inhales it, the stronger the effect will be. You can put catnip in toys, rub it on their scratching posts, or even sprinkle it throughout their environment to give them access to this unique and enjoyable plant.

9. Take Lots of Naps Together

man is sleeping with a cat on a bed
Image Credit: NancyP5, Shutterstock

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours per day, so what better way to enjoy some time with your cat than participating in their most frequent and beloved activity? Not only will your cat love curling up and snoozing with you, but they will also enjoy the warmth and companionship.

Sleeping a lot is part of a cat’s natural behavior as opposed to sheer laziness. Sleeping a lot allows cats to conserve energy for prowling around on the hunt during their waking hours. So, don’t feel obligated to take your cat on a ton of bucket list adventures if you don’t want to, they will be perfectly happy curling up with you and falling asleep.

10. Feed Them a 5-Star Meal

The way to a cat’s heart is through its stomach, and what kitty doesn’t deserve a top-of-the-line meal every once in a while? You’re used to serving them dinner regularly, but in this case, you can go out of your way to make it extra special. Besides, a cat’s ultimate bucket list should certainly include a tasty dinner fit for kings and queens.

Only you know your cat and the certain food preferences they have, so we can only make suggestions, but these tiny little carnivores would very much enjoy some savory fish, rotisserie chicken, oven-roasted turkey, or any special meat-based meal you can think of. Be sure to leave out the seasonings and keep their dietary needs in mind.



Cats are more solitary creatures that like routine and enjoy staying in their comfort zone. Their bucket list isn’t going to include things like skydiving, zip lining, or sailing around the world, but there are plenty of fun activities you can do with your cat to ensure they live a full and happy life. Remember that each cat is different, so certain activities may not be suitable for all.

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