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23 Funniest Halloween Costumes for Cats (Updated In 2024)

Cat halloween costume

Halloween is a great holiday for cats. We decorate our homes and offices with spooky pictures of black kitties and spend days creating the perfect cat costumes featuring whiskers, ears, and tails. It’s the holiday for a little human-feline bonding, and nothing says “Happy Halloween” like a cat in a cute costume. Honestly, who can resist a cat dressed up as a miniature lion, bat, or pilot? Below you’ll find 23 of the funniest cat costumes from 2023. Enjoy!


Top 23 Funniest Halloween Costumes for Cats

1. Cat Ronald McDonald

Let your cat channel the zeitgeist of our era with this adorable McDonald’s costume. Enjoy your friends’ reactions when they see your furry love dressing up as a quasi-vintage-feline Ronald McDonald, complete with a yellow outfit and a bright white collar! The costume even comes with a cute kitty-size order of fries. The simple design makes it a snap to secure the costume around your pet’s neck and tummy. It’s available in four sizes accommodating cats weighing anywhere from 3 to 17 pounds.

2. Cat Prisoner

cat with prisoner costume
Image credit: kuban_girl, Shutterstock

This cute cat prisoner costume features a black and white striped jumper and a matching hat. The hat says “Prisoner,” just in case there’s any confusion. Consider bribing your cat with a few treats or catnip if you’re interested in getting them to agree to pose for pictures in “jail,” otherwise known as the laundry basket.

3. Spooky Kitten

Cat Halloween Costume
Image Credit: Katrina Brown, Shutterstock

You’ll need to get your buddy ready for their debut on the world stage of cuteness if you decide to dress them up in this witch costume featuring a tiny little peaked hat and cape. The outfit is incredibly simple to put on your cat. The costume consists of a hat and a cape, but you can add a cat-sized broom to complete the look!

4. Cat Bat

cat with bat costume
Image Credit: Foto2rich, Shutterstock

While bats are spooky, a cat bat is, well, just adorable. This fun costume has two parts: hairpin bat ears that fit just inside your pet’s pinnae and large wings that fasten around your buddy’s neck and stomach. The wings feature a Velcro closure that lets you adjust the product to ensure the right fit.

If you’re not interested in the bat look but prefer to celebrate the inherent beauty of your cat’s naughtiness, consider a simple pair of hairpin devil horns.

5. Bat Cat

Are you facing a troubling Halloween situation? No worries! It’s Bat Cat to the rescue. This cute little costume features a simple front-facing fitted cape emblazoned with Batman’s famous wings and a headband with stylized eyeholes. The cape has a wide fabric that goes around the upper part of your cat’s chest. And if you have another cat that needs a suit, why not consider having it go as Robin?

6. Metallic Dragon Cat

Brighten your friends’ Halloween by sending them a picture of your cat dressed up as a metallic dragon. The padded costume drapes over your cat’s back and features a long tail that extends behind your pet. The wings are secured to the back of the costume, so you only have one item to convince your pet to wear. The product is adjustable and features strong Velcro fasteners to at least slow your pet’s roll when they decide to remove the costume.

7. Cat Barista

This kitty-sized barista apron is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a quick and easy cat costume for next year. The cute little apron even includes tiny pockets, just like a real barista’s! And best of all, the entire outfit only takes seconds to put on—no struggling with buckles and Velcro enclosures, making it a great choice if your cat’s not a huge fan of dressing up. All you need is a little cup of cat milk to complete the picture!

8. UPS Delivery Cat and USPS Mail Cat

These costumes win the prize for the most involved Halloween regalia. The UPS cat costume features brown work “pants” and a matching visor. It includes short little blue pants with that signature dark stripe down the side, along with what appears to be a priority mail package. The costumes feature fake arms sewn into the front to hold the delivery cats’ boxes.

9. Cat Lion

cat with lion costume
Image Credit: Kan Srikanlayanabuth, Shutterstock

Give the wild thing in your cat a nod with this sweet lion costume. It’s pretty much just a pet-sized hood that gives your cat a deep orange mane and cute lion ears. It’s not that complicated to get your pet into, but it might be a bit too big if your pet weighs much less than 10 pounds. However, it works well with larger pets.

10. Cat Vampire

cat vampire costume
Image Credit: sivilla, Shutterstock

Who can resist the sweet devilishness of this vampire cape for cats? The cape’s bright blood-red lining adds depth and contrast to the deep black exterior. It’s made of light fabric that flows elegantly as your cat walks along. And the stiff red collar adds just the right hint of mystery and elegance to the entire ensemble.

It’s simple to put on your pet; just tie the cape, and you’re done. It only comes in one size and tends to run large, making it a great choice for larger kitties.

11. Feline F1 Driver

This costume is purrfect for any F1 fans out there. The fun two-piece outfit comes with a bright red visor and overalls featuring F1-style endorsement patches. To dress your pet, put your cat’s legs into the front holes and use the Velcro to fasten the costume around your pet’s neck. It’s available in multiple sizes, from extra small to extra-large, so kittens and large adult cats can get in on the action. Extra-large costumes fit pets up to 22 pounds.

12. Cat Cowboy

cat wearing cowboy costume
Image Credit: Michelle Moross, Shutterstock

Cats that like to stroll on the wild side will love this super cute cowboy costume. Thanks to the product’s clever design, it’ll look like your buddy is wearing a little vest and jeans combination, although the costume is really made of soft polyester. It even comes with a brown cowboy hat to add a bit of flair. The front of the costume has fake arms, one of which holds a braided lasso.

13. Cat Policeman

cat wearing police costume
Image Credit: Kristina Turetska, Shutterstock

If you’ve got a cat that loves to boss people around, why not make it official and give them a costume that confirms its true authority? This dark blue police outfit features short “pants” held up by a feline utility belt complete with a tiny little holster.

The front of the uniform features three buttons and the word “police” in bright yellow letters. The product comes in several sizes, so measure your cat’s chest to ensure you order the right one.

14. Sunshine Cat

Being a cat’s favorite human is kind of like basking in a ray of warm sunshine. So why not highlight your pet’s adorableness by dressing them up as the sun for Halloween? Enjoy taking pictures of your baby dressed up as the center of our solar system! If you have another cat, they can be the moon, and you’ll have a pair of feline heavenly bodies on your hands.

15. Wizard Cat

Nothing says Halloween like a gorgeous black cat. But your buddy will need a pointy hat to really get into the holiday spirit! This adorable knitted purple witch’s hat features cute little yellow stars and even ear holes for your pet’s comfort. You can tie the hat securely under your cat’s chin using the attached ties. The hat may not stay on for long if your cat decides to take evasive action, so be prepared with plenty of treats to encourage feline cooperation.

16. Cat Devil

cat devil costume
Image Credit: Bilevich Olga, Shutterstock

Cats can be outright devils; it’s one of their most adorable qualities! Celebrate your pet’s naughtiness with this outrageously cute devil hat costume. This bright red knitted cat devil hat features two prominent curved horns. The hood covers your cat’s ears which might annoy some pets, so be prepared to keep your photo sessions short and sweet.

17. Kitty Pumpkin

cat wearing pumpkin costume
Image Credit: Cat Box, Shutterstock

Jack-o’-lanterns are technically supposed to scare evil spirits away. So why not let your cat get in on the action by dressing them up as a pumpkin for Halloween? With a cute little orange vest and hat combo, your cat will give those evil spirits the fright of their lives! The cute little green sparkly ears and bow tie add a bit of emphasis to the matter! Two thick straps fastened with Velcro keep the costume securely in place.

18. Cat Dinosaur

Dinosaurs aren’t usually considered sweet and cuddly, but this kittysaurus will make your heart melt. The costume doubles as a cat coat, which can be useful if you have a Sphinx cat or a pet that needs a bit of extra warmth. The outfit is a deep shade of green with tiny light-green triangular scales descending along the back. It also features a nice, long spiny green tail!

19. Feline Pirate

cat wearing carribean pirate costume
Image Credit: danilobiancalana, Shutterstock

Pirates and cats both like to steal things, so honoring this century-long connection on Halloween by dressing your cat up as a bandit of the sea makes total sense! Your cat will steal the neighbors’ hearts in this adorable outfit featuring a tiny pirate hat; there’s even a little skull and crossbones insignia. A tiny burgundy vest, fake arms, and little blue pants complete the look. The product comes in four sizes, so measure your pet before ordering to ensure you purchase the right size.

20. Cat Doctor

When you need the best medical help available, there’s only one choice—Dr. Cat! Imagine your pet with kitty-size blue scrubs under a white doctor’s coat running off to solve the world’s latest health crisis with a little medical bag under their arm! Don’t worry; there’s no way your buddy will leave their stethoscope accidentally behind—it’s etched onto the front of the jacket. Dr. Cat only accepts payment in catnip and treats, so a trip to the pet store might be a good idea.

21. Kitty Frog

Even kittens can get in on the Halloween action with the right costume. And it just doesn’t get much cuter than a kitten in a little frog outfit. The costume is incredibly simple; it’s a green hood with two round eyes mounted on top. But with a kitten inside, the whole thing becomes heartwarming. Frogs like to eat snails, slugs, and worms, so you can invest in a few insect-themed cat toys to complete the picture!

22. Cool Cat

This costume is perfect for the fashion-forward cat that regularly chases the latest fashion trends. The black hoodie gives your pet a laid-back, put-together look that’s highlighted by a bold gold chain. A round pair of sunglasses in golden frames completes the look. Cool cats always have tons of fans, so make sure to have a full basket of candy ready for any human “admirers” who drop by on Halloween night.

23. Laid Back Cat Nun

This laid-back nun costume has a flowing black veil featuring white edging. Dark sunglasses add just the right bit of something extra to the outfit and give it a super cool, laid-back vibe. Add a DIY cardboard abbey-themed cat palace to take your celebration to the next level. Best of all, you can keep using the cat palace after Halloween comes and goes!



Cat costumes are fun, but keep in mind that cats should always be supervised when wearing clothes. Kitties can become quite sick from ingesting foreign objects like plastic parts, padding, and ties that are often part of these costumes. And while cats usually love to interact with their favorite people, some may prefer to limit the amount of time they spend dressing up and posing for pictures. Pay attention to your buddy while they’re wearing any costume, and be prepared to call it quits if your pet starts showing signs of distress or frustration.

Featured Image Credit: Anton27, Shutterstock

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