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100+ Funny Chicken Names: Ideas for Silly & Comical Chickens

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Chickens, hens, and turkeys alike … they all have one thing in common and it’s that they are among some of the funniest birds in existence. From their goofy head-bobbing strut to their obnoxious clucking, we can’t help but giggle at their ridiculous antics. Although we’re used to seeing chickens only on a farm, they are an increasingly popular pet. Many have created back yard oasis’s for the feathered funnies, and often let them roam their homes. 

So if you are on the hunt for a name that compliments your chicken’s humorous behaviors, you’ve come to the best place. Below we have listed our favorite witty, punny, and downright hilarious options for you to consider. 

We’re not egg-agerating when we say you’ll need some serious laughter hen-durance to get through this compilation of names. 


Funny Female Chicken Names

  • Mother Clucker 
  • Lost Lucy 
  • Chickadee 
  • Eggmaker
  • Barbie Q
  • Peep Show 
  • Stella the Unstable 
  • Psycho Sally
  • Catnip
  • Lay-Ze
  • Petty Petunia 
  • Weird Wanda 
  • Wander Woman 

Top Funny Male Chicken Names 

  • Colonel Sanders 
  • Eggbert 
  • Nincompoop
  • Cordon Bleu
  • Alarm Clock 
  • Benedict 
  • Gobbler 
  • Shelldon 
  • Free Range
  • Noise Machine 
  • Goose 
  • Road Runner 
  • Eggo
  • Wheres Waldo
  • Bock
  • Dirty Duck
  • Peeping Tom 
  • Cosmic Clucker 
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Shutterstock | sathit niigata phuket

Pun Chicken Names 

These are some of the funniest of the bunch. They reference a few of the biggest names in pop-culture while remaining true to that chicken life. Movies, music, and television, these names are sure to be a winning combination!

  • Goldie Hen 
  • Angelina Jo-Peep
  • Hen Solo 
  • Henrique Egglasias
  • Dixie Chick 
  • Yolkahontas
  • Liam Hensworth 
  • Chickovsky
  • Gwyneth Poultry
  • Chick-A-Las Cage
  • Cluck Norris 
  • Hillary Fluff
  • Chick-ira
  • Obi-wan Henobi
  • Henifer Aniston
  • Ameila Egghart 
  • Darth Egger
  • Chick-eel O’Neil
  • Albert Eggstein
  • Birdzilla
  • David Beakhen
  • Chew-Bock-A
  • Feather Locklear
  • Abahen Lincoln
  • Tyranasuaras Pecks
  • Meryl Cheep
  • Henneth Paltrow
  • Chick Jagger
  • Princess Lay-A-Egg
  • Yolko Ono

Funny Food Chicken Names

Even if eggs and chicken are not staples in your diet, you are going to get a kick out of this next list. We have gathered our top names inspired by food! 

  • Hollandaise 
  • Yolk
  • Burrito
  • Cutlet
  • Dumpling 
  • Frittata
  • Schnitzel
  • Scrambled 
  • Noodle 
  • Chex
  • Sal Monella
  • Wings 
  • Beans
  • Pollo
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Foi Gras
  • Soft Boiled
  • Kabob
  • Barbie-Q
  • Roast
  • Drumstick 
  • Boneless
  • Omelet 
  • Piccata
  • Sesame
  • Taco 
  • Quiche 
  • Nugget
chicken with crazy hair
Shutterstock | Ammit Jack

Funny Chicken Coop Names 

Now, if you are someone who has a chicken coop and are looking for a quirky and unique name for your chicken residence, you’ve landed on the right spot! Not only are these great for a coop, but a few may also work as a singular fowls name. 

  • Coop-a-Cabana
  • Eggs-It-Only
  • Coopiseum
  • Cluckingham Palace
  • Chick Inn 
  • Eggsville
  • Henway Park
  • Coop Mahal
  • Hen-Some House
  • West Wing
  • The Oval Office
  • No Eggscape 
  • Bohemian Eggsody 
  • The Henitentiary
  • Egg Excavator 
  • The Egg Plant
  • Just Got Laid
  • Taj Macoop
  • Coop! There it is!
  • The Pecking Order
  • Any-Cock-El-Do
  • Golden Girls 
  • Eggcademy 
  • Yolk City
  • The Egg-Zotic
  • The Laydies Room
  • The Peep Show
  • Chicken Coup for the Soul
  • All Cooped Up
  • Fuster Cluck
  • The Eggloo
  • The Pecker Palace
  • Cluckington Post
  • Henslyvania


Finding the Right Funny Name for Your Chicken

We understand how overwhelming choosing a name for your new pet can, especially when there are so many comical options that may fit your chicken’s personality. We recommend that you take your time, and truly fall in love with the name your choose. You may even want to test it out on your feathered friend to see what kind of reaction you get from them. 

We hope that our list has inspired you to choose a humorous name to remind you of how funny and adorable your chick can be. Wed believe a witty name is complimentary to these goofy comedians. 

If you weren’t sold on a name from this list, check out one of our other names lists below!

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