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10 Funny Rabbit Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Funny rabbit memes cute

Are you looking for a good laugh or something to brighten your day? We have a suggestion: funny rabbit memes! We all know how hilarious bunnies can be—from their goofy expressions to their love of all things munch. So it’s no surprise that bunnies and memes go together perfectly.

For your bunny-themed enjoyment, we’ve put together a list of the best funny rabbit memes. These memes will have you on the floor laughing guaranteed.


The 10 Funny Rabbit Memes

1. The Competition

You know that feeling when you see someone who’s way, way better than you? Yeah, me neither.

Funny rabbit memes you vs her

2. The Optimist

Sometimes everything’s fine…and sometimes it’s really not. But this bunny always looks on the bright side.

optimist rabbit meme this is fine

3. The Foodie

There’s always room for a second breakfast! And waffles.

waffle rabbit meme

4. The Photographer

Somebody tell him that candid doesn’t mean hideous.

hilarious rabbit meme pictures he takes

5. The Cutie

There’s nothing like a good compliment! Did we say compliment? We meant carrot.

Cute rabbit meme

6. The Beauty Queen

You just know that this bunny spent all morning doing her hair.

silly rabbit memes woke up

7. The Dieter

There’s nothing sadder than a grocery cart full of celery…unless you’re a rabbit!

rabbit memes eating healthy

8. The Gossip

When the tea starts getting spilled, we’re all ears. Just like this impressive rabbit.

Funny rabbit memes gossip

9. The Model

We’re going to go on a wild hare here and suggest that this lounging rabbit would make for a great model.

hilarious rabbit memes draw me

10. The Hungry

Everyone knows that rabbits will munch on almost anything. Why not put them on a see-food diet?

rabbit memes seafood diet



Models, beauty queens, optimists, and lots and lots of food: this list has it all. We hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 hilarious memes. Now it’s your turn! Why not make some funny rabbit memes of your own? And don’t forget to share the LOLs with your BFFs!

Looking for more fun? Browse our collection of funny rabbit pictures or choose a hilarious name for your bunny.

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