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Funny Rabbit Pictures: 14 Bunnies That Will Crack You Up

funny dwarf rabbit eating a leaf

Are you looking for funny rabbit pictures? You’re in luck! Rabbits are silly, sweet animals with soft fur, twitchy noses, and, of course, great senses of humor.

For your enjoyment, we looked long and hard for the best funny rabbit pictures. The result? This collection of 15 comical pictures of rabbits. Bad hair days, hilarious expressions, food obsessions… we’ve got it all. Get your daily dose of laughter, and don’t forget to share the joy with your friends!


Funny Rabbits with Bad Hair

We’ve all had bad hair days, but these bunnies are in a league of their own.

Joey Giant Angora Buck-rebalanced
Image Credit: Joey Giant Angora Buck-rebalanced, Oldhaus, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported
wild rabbit with messy hair
Image Credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay
close up of funny rabbit with messy hair
Image Credit: wernerdetjen, Pixabay
lion head rabbit
Image Credit: HutchRock, Pixabay
silly looking bunny
Image Credit: Esi Grünhagen, Pixabay
a rabbit with tilted ears
Image Credit: dife88, Pixabay


Funny Rabbits with Food

Carrots, corn, even bananas: rabbits do love their food. Giving them proper nutrition is important, but they also enjoy the occasional treat (or waffle)! Here are some of the funniest food-loving bunnies:

Funny rabbit picture with turkey leg hat
Image Credit: Chan Swan, Unsplash
Goofy bunny
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay
Oolong the Rabbit's last performance
Image Credit: Oolong the Rabbit’s last performance, Hironori Akutagawa, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported
rabbit not eating corn
Image Credit: karin_van_Duke, Pixabay
Ninja eating a leaf
Image Credit: Ninja eating a leaf, Carl Heuer, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported


Goofy Bunnies

Some rabbits are just plain goofy. Laugh along with these three funny fluffballs:

Rabbit licking lips
Image Credit: Mandz11, Pixabay
Sweet bunny is looking at you too
Image Credit: Sweet bunny is looking at you too, Robobobobo, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 2.0 Generic
Bunny with flower
Image Credit: Riika J, Pexels


Final Thoughts

Sadly, our roundup of the funniest rabbit pictures has come to an end – for now. We hope you enjoyed these goofy bunnies as much as we did. Rabbits of all breeds make wonderful, funny pets. Why not take some funny rabbit pictures of your fluffball?

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Featured Image Credit: JackieLou DL, Pixabay

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