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10 Gargoyle Gecko Morphs & Colors (With Pictures)

gargoyle gecko

Gargoyle Geckos are native to New Caledonia, a group of islands between Fiji and Australia. They have become popular reptile pets for beginners due to their simple care requirements and beautiful morphs. They are named after the unique bumps on their heads that resemble horns, giving them a gargoyle-like appearance, and they are hardy, easy-to-care-for reptiles.

This little reptile comes in a wide variety of colorations, known as morphs. The term “morph” refers to the color and pattern of a Gargoyle Gecko that is genetically based on three criteria: base pattern, pattern color, and base color. Initially, Gargoyle Geckos were only found in mostly greys, whites, and blacks as pets, but more and more morphs have been developed and introduced and continue to be by breeders.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful Gargoyle Gecko morphs!

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The 10 Gargoyle Gecko Morphs & Colors

1. Grey Gargoyle

Grey Gargoyle
Image Credit: BenjaminAsher, Shutterstock

The grey gargoyle morph truly lives up to the gargoyle name, as the gecko looks like they’re made of stone! The morph is truly unique, and the gecko’s silver-grey eyes make the color truly stand out. These geckos also usually have a grey base color and spots and markings of darker grey and black around their bodies, further enhancing their stone-like appearance.

2. Orange Blotch Gargoyle

The orange blotch gargoyle morph has a soft orange-brown coloring, with striking bands of bright orange running down their backs all the way to their tails and even small orange bands running down their legs. They have silver-grey eyes that are a stark contrast to their coloring, making for a beautiful and rare morph indeed.

3. Orange Stripe

Orange Stripe
Image Credit: Marlonneke Willemsen, Shutterstock

The orange stripe morph is similar to the orange blotch gargoyle, but this morph has thicker orange stripes that run vertically down their body rather than horizontally. They typically have an orange-brown base, usually on the darker side, but the base color can vary fairly widely. The stripes are also prevalent on the head, tail, and legs of the gecko, although these are smaller and less symmetrical.

4. Pink Base Orange Super Blotch Gargoyle

A rare morph among Gargoyle Geckos, the pink base orange super blotch morph is a mouthful to pronounce, but only because the morph has so much going on in their coloring. These geckos have a pink base with loads of orange blotches all over it, covering their entire body. The orange blotches are irregularly shaped and sized, and black markings are often mixed into the coloring too.

5. Pink Gargoyle

The pink Gargoyle Gecko was created through years of development, and the coloring is not found in nature at all. These geckos are pink all over their bodies, even when they get fired up, and this pink base is overlayed with gorgeous black and grey blotches and stripes. They are a truly rare and beautiful morph indeed!

6. Red Gargoyle

Red Gargoyle
Image Credit: Jessica Malango, Shutterstock

The red gargoyle morph is dragon-like in their appearance, with a bright red base and few, if any, additional markings or colors. This patternless morph allows the striking red color to shine through. That said, these geckos do often have small blotches of black and brown patterning on their backs and may even have red and yellow undertones that give a sunset-like appearance.

7. Red-Striped Gargoyle

Red-Striped Gargoyle
Image Credit: reptiles4all, Shutterstock

The red-striped Gargoyle Gecko is usually grey or light brown in base color, with gorgeous red stripes and blotches running vertically down their body. These lines usually consist of two thick bands of red that run down their backs and join into a solid color on their tails, but the lines can vary in thickness, and they may have red blotches on their heads and legs too.

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8. White Gargoyle

White Gargoyle
Image By: Rosa Jay, Shutterstock

The white gargoyle morph is a gorgeous mix of whites, greys, creamy yellows, and even pink undertones, with little patterning. They may have grey or black stripes or blotches on their backs, but the truly striking morphs have only faint grey blotching. Their silvery eyes further complement the white coloring and make for a beautiful morph.

9. Yellow Gargoyle

Yellow Gargoyle
Image By: Hunter Byrd, Shutterstock

The yellow gargoyle morph has a creamy, buttery yellow base, with subtle greens and grey mixed up into the patterning, often in a reticulated or striped pattern. It’s fairly common for them to have brown in their background color too, which really comes out when they are fired up.

10. Yellow Striped Gargoyle

Yellow Striped Gargoyle
Image By: BarboraPeskova, Shutterstock

The yellow striped morph has a beautiful mix of yellows, browns, and even bright greens in their coloring, typically in the form of long, thick bands that run down their whole body. Although these geckos are found in a variety of colors in their natural habitat, this is the coloration that one would most likely imagine them being found in and is arguably the most natural-looking morph.

Final Thoughts

These are 10 of the most common Gargoyle Gecko morphs. From looking like an actual gargoyle to pink, red, and yellow variations, these lizards are truly beautiful, and they make great pets as well. Which morph was your favorite?

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Featured Image Credit: skifbook, Shutterstock

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