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Golden Mountain Dog

Nicole Cosgrove

June 18, 2021

Bernese Golden Mountain Dog

The Golden Mountain Dog is also known as the Bernese Golden Mountain Dog and the Golden Mt. Dog. She is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Bernese Mountain Dog and has a life expectancy of 9 to 15 years. She is a large to giant mixed breed in the dog groups sporting and working. Talents include hunting, watchdog and obedience. She is a clever and cheerful family dog but does shed a fair amount so be prepared for clearing up after her, and for brushing her regularly.

Here is the Golden Mountain Dog at a Glance
Average height up to 26 inches
Average weight 80 to 120 pounds
Coat type Medium to long, dense, rough, straight
Hypoallergenic? No
Grooming Needs Moderate
Shedding Moderate to fairly high
Brushing Daily
Touchiness Moderate
Tolerant to Solitude? Moderate
Barking Rare
Tolerance to Heat Low
Tolerance to Cold Very good to excellent
Good Family Pet? Excellent
Good with Children? Excellent
Good with other Dogs? Excellent
Good with other Pets? Very good
A roamer or Wanderer? Low
A Good Apartment Dweller? Not very
Good Pet for new Owner? Very good to excellent
Trainability Excellent, will need less repetition and will therefore train quicker
Exercise Needs Fairly high
Tendency to get Fat Fairly high
Major Health Concerns Cancer, PSS, Von Willebrand’s, bloat, heart problems, epilepsy
Other Health Concerns Joint dysplasia, eye problems, Panosteitis, OCD, allergies, Hypothyroidism
Life Span 9 – 15 years
Average new Puppy Price $400 to $1500
Average Annual Medical Expense $485 – $600
Average Annual Non-Medical Expense $920 – $1050

Where does the Golden Mountain Dog come from?

There are not many details about many hybrid dogs. In the 1990s creating designer dogs took off in popularity and since then there have been an abundance of dogs created and named. Of course mixed breeds are not a new thing, but this trend has created a lot of new mixed breeds with new often cute or blended names. The best way you can get a better understanding of the Golden Mountain Dog is to look at the history and temperament of the parents.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog comes from the breeding of Roman Mastiff type dogs with Swiss Alp farm dogs. Called the Berner, it is thought they have been around in the Alps working on farms for over 2000 years, offering companionship, pulling carts, guarding livestock, being very loyal. Even though in the late 1800s the need for farm dogs dropped when the Swiss decided to preserve native breeds they founded the dog club Berna. Through several events they became more known in Europe and in the early 1900s started to be referred to as the Bernese. After the first World War they were exported to the U.S and other countries. The dog became a member of the AKC in 1981.

Today he is an intelligent, loving and watchful dog with a calm and gentle nature. He loves being with the family more than anything and with his large size early training and socialization is important. He is slow to mature, often having a puppy like nature even into adulthood. He can be protective and is wary of strangers.

The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was bred in the mid 1800s in Scotland by a Lord Tweedmouth who was not satisfied with the spaniels and setters acting as retrievers when he went hunting for waterfowl. He wanted a dog more attentive to people and one who would also be devoted and calm at home. He focused on the yellow puppies he bred as he liked the look. The Golden Retriever was recognized at first as Retriever – yellow or golden in 1911 by the Kennel Club in England. It was not until 1920 the name became what we have now.

Today the Golden Retriever is a dog who loves people and wants to be around his people all the time. He is not a dog to be left outside or left alone for long periods of time as he will have separation anxiety. He is eager to please, happy, calm, gentle, and a great family dog. He is good with children but can be boisterous at times. He also loves his food a little too much and can easily become obese if not monitored.


She is a very affectionate and loving dog who will bask in the attention you give her, and then want more. The Golden Mountain Dog is very loyal too and friendly and happy. She is intelligent, eager to please and protective but while she is a good watchdog she is not a guard dog as she is too friendly with strangers. She can be patient, calm, willing and self confident, and is a quick learner.

What does a Golden Mountain Dog look like

She is a large to giant dog weighing 80 to 120 pounds and standing up to 26 inches tall. She has almond shaped eyes, flappy ears and medium sized muzzle. She has a tail that is a little on the long side and her coat can be dense, rough, straight, medium to long in length. Common colors include yellow, red, black, white, brown and golden.

Training and Exercise Needs

How active does the Golden Mountain Dog need to be?

She needs a fair bit of exercise just because of her size. She is an active dog and will need a couple of long walks a day plus some play time. Ideally she will be with an active family who enjoy going out and your Golden Mountain Dog can join you on a hike, a run, when you are cycling and so on. She will also need access to a yard that is medium to large in size.

Does she train quickly?

She is intelligent, eager to please, obedient and will need less repetition so will learn easily and quickly. She should be socialized and trained from a young age to become the best well rounded and behaved dog that she can be. She enjoys being a working dog and is good in roles such as a sniffer dog. Obedience training, socialization are all great ways to give her the mental stimulation she needs. When training make sure you are firm so you are clearly established as the pack leader but stay positive, reward and praise.

Living with a Golden Mountain Dog

How much grooming is needed?

She will need a moderate amount of maintenance and she does shed a fair amount so will need daily brushing and the home will likely need regular vacuuming. Use a solid bristle brush and it will help remove loose hairs and keep the coat looking healthy. Check her ears once a week and clean them carefully, do not insert anything into the canal. Her teeth ideally should be brushed once a day but that can be pushed to 3 times a week. Bath her now and then when she needs it and use a mild dog shampoo so that you do not damage it. Nails should be trimmed as and when needed but take care as cutting too low is painful for them.

What is she like with children and other animals?

Early socialization and training will lead to her being very friendly and good with children and other pets, being raised in the home with them also helps. Make sure the children know not to tease her, not to play around with her food, and no ear or tail pulling.

General information

The Golden Mountain Dog is not great in hot weather and is more suited to colder climates. She is a good watchdog and will bark to alert you if there is an intruder. She will need 4 to 5 cups of high quality dry dog food, divided into at least two meals. She only barks rarely.

Health Concerns

Whatever issues the parents are prone to are something the offspring can be prone to also. In this case that includes cancer, PSS, Von Willebrand’s, bloat, heart problems, epilepsy, joint dysplasia, eye problems, Panosteitis, OCD, allergies and hypothyroidism. To avoid getting a sick puppy or dog buy from reputable breeders and ask to see health clearances.

Costs involved in owning a Golden Mountain Dog

A puppy of this mixed breed costs between $400 and $1500. If they have not already been included with the cost of the puppy you will need to also pay for deworming, micro chipping, spaying, blood tests and shots. Plus she will need a crate, collar and leash. This comes to another $450 to $500. Ongoing non-medical costs for long hair grooming, food, training, toys, treats and a license will be $920 – $1050. Ongoing medical costs for vaccinations, check ups, flea and tick prevention and pet insurance are between $485 – $600.


Looking for a Golden Mountain Puppy Name? Let select one from our list!

The Golden Mountain Dog is a great family dog who trains quickly, will be very loyal and loving and always be happy and cheerful. Be warned that she does mature more slowly than many other dogs so will act like a puppy even when she has physically grown into an adult. She needs an active family to take care of her.

Featured Image Credit: wa40friend, Pixabay

Nicole Cosgrove

Nicole is the proud mom of Baby, a Burmese cat and Rosa, a New Zealand Huntaway. A Canadian expat, Nicole now lives on a lush forest property with her Kiwi husband in New Zealand. She has a strong love for all animals of all shapes and sizes (and particularly loves a good interspecies friendship) and wants to share her animal knowledge and other experts' knowledge with pet lovers across the globe.

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