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5 Adorable Golden Retriever Haircuts (With Pictures)

golden retriever having a haircut

Golden Retrievers are one of the sweetest and best-looking dog breeds. This breed is the “golden child” of the dog world because of their beautiful golden coat and their loyal and friendly personalities. As much as we love the beautiful coat on our retriever, the constant shedding can become a bit much at times.

If you own a golden, you may want to limit the shedding by cutting its hair. Here are some adorable haircuts that will keep your furry friend looking spiffy.



The 5 Most Adorable Golden Retriever Haircuts

1. The Teddy Cut

Golden Labrador Retriever in the grass field
Image Credit: idahoharleydude, Pixabay

The Teddy Cut is an excellent choice for a Golden Retriever’s coat. It is an adorable option for the sizzling summer months. The cut keeps its coat neat and fluffy while regulating its temperature. The hair on the body is shortened and the feet and tail are trimmed to match its shape.

The cut provides your pet with a shortened coat without the risk of damaging the undercoat. The cut is unlike shaving and protects their double coat.

2. The Puppy Cut

golden cocker retriever puppy
Image Credit: PxHere

The Puppy Cut is a popular cut for many breeds. It is a simple cut that is easy to maintain and leaves your pet looking stylish and peppy. The Puppy Cut is short, but it will not affect your dog’s golden coat. The length of the fur is cut to about one-half inch from head to toe.

Your Goldie will still shed but the cut will help to minimize the amount of hair on your sofa and bed. This is a wonderful cut to keep your pet looking cute and fluffy but leaves it clean and comfortable.

3. The Show Cut

English Golden Retriever standing on the road
Image Credit: Melanie Mai, Pixabay

Since we want to show off a Retriever’s shiny gold coat, the Show Cut is a light trim and cut. Usually, pet owners will take their dog to a professional groomer to get this cut. Especially if they have entered it into an upcoming dog show or event.

The Show Cut is much like the simple trim. Once the coat is trimmed, the groomer will focus on the ears, paws, and areas that may be unsanitary. It’s these intricate details that will emphasize your dog’s lustrous coat.

4. The Summer Cut

golden retriever dog lying on the floor
Image Credit: Tatyana Vyc, Shutterstock

The Summer Cut for a Golden Retriever is an excellent alternative to shaving the dog when the temperatures begin to rise. You may think it is a good idea to shave the dog in the summertime, but the double coat is what protects it from things like ticks and the hot sun and should not be shaved.

The cut is short like the Puppy Cut, but it keeps the shape of the dog’s coat. The feet, ears, and chest are heavily trimmed, so the dog looks clean and polished. The groomer will also trim the private areas, leaving the dog fresh and free of germs.

5. The Simple Trim

Golden retriever standing on the grass
Image Credit: Piqsels

There is not a lot of trimming or cutting with the Simple Trim. The groomer shapes up the coat so it is clean and tidy. The length of the hair is trimmed, and the fur is feathered. The groomer will thin the chest and neck fur to keep the coat looking well groomed while maintaining the shape of the dog.

This cut keeps the coat protected so the dog stays warm and healthy. The dog won’t even know he got trimmed.

divider-dog paw

Grooming Tips

To keep your Golden’s hair soft, shiny, and healthy between grooming, here are some basic tips.

  • Brushing Their Coat: Brushing your dog’s coat will prevent it from getting knotted and tangled. It will remove the dead skin cells and hair so the skin can breathe freely. Brushing their coat produces natural oils to keep their coat shiny and healthy.
  • Bathing: Bath your dog regularly with a dog-specific shampoo. Ones with oatmeal will soothe their skin if it has been irritated by bug bites of debris.
  • Clean the Ears: Clean your dog’s ears regularly to prevent earwax buildup and dirt in their ears. With a few drops of ear cleaning solution, massage the ear for 30 seconds. After the dog shakes its head, wipe the ear clean with a soft cloth.

About Golden Retriever Hair

  • Golden Retriever hair can have a range of textures. It can be extraordinarily straight, wavy, or curly.
  • The double coat and the undercoat of a Golden Retriever are very thick. The thickness allows them to repel water
  • Golden Retrievers have a thick coat that sheds a lot, so they are not considered a hypoallergenic breed
  • The hair on the base of the tail, back of the legs, and under the stomach of a golden is heavily feathered
  • The feathering of the hair is what makes a Golden Retriever look posh when they hunt and run.




Keeping the coat of a Golden Retriever clean and trimmed makes them look classy and proud. It is the shiny golden locks of a Golden Retriever that make them highly recognizable, along with their sweet and playful expressions. So, keep on loving them and caring for their coats so they look polished and healthy.

Featured Image Credit: Dina Gomankova, Shutterstock

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