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Great Pet Ear Cleaner Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Great Pet Ear Cleaner - Featured Image

Our Final Verdict

We give Great Pet Ear Cleaner a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Quality Of Ingredients: 4.8/5
Ease Of Use: 4.9/5
Comfort For Cat: 5/5
Price: 4/5

Keeping your cat’s ears clean is easier said than done, especially if your kitty is uncooperative, as many are. The right ear cleaner can make the difference between this grooming task being a quick chore and an epic struggle. We decided to check out Great Pet’s Great Ears Cleaner and offer our review for your information.

After testing, we found that Great Ears Cleaner is easy to use and well-tolerated by cats. The scent is not unpleasant and the product cleans effectively without overly drying or irritating the cat’s ears.

This cleaner is a fine option for cat owners trying to avoid ear issues by performing regular cleaning. It could also work as part of a treatment regimen for cats with ear infections. The one knock we could give this product is the price, which is a bit high. Fortunately, you don’t need much cleaner to do the job, and one bottle should last you quite a while.

Great Pet Care is a U.S.-based small business focused on producing pet essentials a step above the basic model. Besides ear cleaners, they also offer training, enrichment, food, and other health products. Great Pet Ear cleaner is a gentle, plant-based cleaner designed for regular use.


Great Pet Great Ears Cleaner – A Quick Look

Great Pet great Ears Cat Ear Cleanergreatearscat bottle white

  • Safe, gentle cleaner
  • Easy to use and non-irritating
  • Made with plant-based, natural ingredients
  • Higher price point


Brand Great Pet
Product Name Great Ears
Available Size 8-ounce bottle
Active ingredients Plant-based surfactants from coconut and palm sources
Year first available 2021
Function Cleans, dries, deodorizes, soothes, acidifies

Made From All-Natural Ingredients

Great Pet’s Great Ears cleaner is made of 99% all-natural ingredients, making it gentle and safe for all ages of cats. It has no alcohols, parabens, phosphates, or sulfates, allowing it to clean without drying out or irritating the cat’s ears. Because it doesn’t sting or have a sharp smell, Great Ears is more easily tolerated by our feline friends. Coconut provides moisturizing qualities as well, serving to help soothe and restore the skin of the ears.

Great Pet Ear Cleaner & cat smelling it

Easy To Use

Let’s face it, cats aren’t always willing participants in their own health care and grooming. You want an ear cleaner that works quickly and easily, and Great Ears does just that. Simply wet a cotton ball or soft cloth and wipe the inside of the cat’s ear. If your cat’s ears are waxy or dirty, you will need to use the product daily for at least 3 days. For regular maintenance and moisturizing, however, a quick wipe down 1-2 times per week should suffice.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

When purchased directly from the company, Great Ears comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, with either refunds or exchanges available. The product does need to be in new condition, however. Products purchased from third-party retailers are subject to the return policies of those stores.

High Price But Long-Lasting Bottle

Great Ears Cleaner checks in at a higher price than many other best-selling ear cleaners, including some often sold in veterinary offices. However, the bottle is large enough to last up to several months because you generally only need to use enough cleaner to wet a cotton ball each time.

Great Pet Ear Cleaner & cat next to it


FAQ: Great Pet Cat Ear Cleaner

Can I Squirt This Cleaner Into My Cat’s Ear Rather Than Wipe It With a Cotton Ball?

In theory, yes, but this won’t be as effective at cleaning the outer ear as the cotton ball method would be. In addition, your cat is less likely to tolerate a flood of cleaner in their ear and may quickly learn to hide as soon as they spot the bottle.

How Do I Teach My Cat to Tolerate Ear Cleaning?

If you are able, begin getting your cat used to a grooming routine, including ear cleaning, when they are still kittens. Great Ears is a good choice for cleaning kitten ears because of its gentleness. Whatever age you begin, the key is to make the whole experience as pleasant as possible for the cat.

Be calm and reassuring towards your cat and provide plenty of treats to reward their cooperation. Once your cat realizes the cleaning does not hurt, is over quickly, and results in yummy rewards, the task should go more smoothly.

Great Pet Ear Cleaner

Where Is This Product Manufactured?

Great Pet products are made in the USA.

Can this product be included in a regular subscription order? Yes, the Great Pet website offers the option to subscribe and save 10% on many products, including this one.

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What the Users Say

To supplement our own experience with Great Ears cleaner, we searched for what other users were saying about this product as well.

Overall, users were pleased with this cleaner and planned to continue to purchase it. They agreed that it was easy to use and found it effective at removing wax and dirt from their cats’ ears. Those whose cats were prone to ear infections noted less frequent occurrences when they used this cleaner regularly.

Price was a concern for some users, as it was for us, but didn’t seem to be discouraging them from future purchases. The effectiveness of the product and the length of time it took to use up a bottle seemed to override any worries about the high price.



Great Ears markets itself as a safe, gentle, and effective multi-symptom ear cleaner. Based on our own experience and a search of other user reviews, we found this product is overall well-tolerated by cats and does seem to work as intended. The ease of use and lack of ingredients that cause irritation and burning make this cleaner a good choice for owners who aren’t sure how well their cats will tolerate ear cleaning. For those willing to pay a little more for all-natural, small-business products, Great Ears offers good value for the money spent.

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