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60+ Popular & Unique Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Names

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Names

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a large, immensely strong dog known for its dense black, red, and white coat. Developed in the Swiss Alps, these dogs make excellent livestock guardians, draft dogs, and family pets for their protectiveness and gentle demeanor.

Naturally, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog needs a name as unique and powerful as the breed itself. If you’re looking for a unique name for your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, check out these names inspired by famous people, stories, and places.


Famous Swiss Celebrity Dog Names

From revolutionary scientists to stars of the silver screen, many of the legends come from Switzerland.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in winter
Image Credit: Zuzule, Shutterstock
  • Albert Einstein: Theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity.
  • Le Corbusier: Swiss-French architect and pioneer of modern architecture.
  • Alberto Giacometti: Sculptor, painter, and printmaker.
  • Anna Goldi: Maid and the last person to be executed in Europe for witchcraft.
  • Carl Jung: Psychoanalyst and founder of analytical psychology.
  • Louis-Joseph Chevrolet: Racecar driver and co-founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company.
  • Carla del Ponte: Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals.
  • Johanna Louise Spyri: Author of Heidi and other children’s stories.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Philosopher who influenced the Enlightenment period.
  • William Tell: Swiss national hero.
  • Ursula Andress: Famous Bond girl.
  • Jacob Bernoulli: Mathematician and early proponent of Leibnizian calculus.
  • Paul Klee: Expressionist, cubist, and surrealist artist.
  • Tina Turner: American-born Swiss singer and actress.
  • Robert Louis-Dreyfus: Swiss-French businessman and former CEO of Adidas and Saatchi & Saatchi.
  • Romain Grosjean: Professional racecar driver competing for France.
  • Jean Piaget: Psychologist known for work in child development.

Famous Swiss Character Dog Names

You can’t go wrong with famous Swiss characters for your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Some of these may even surprise you!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in the basket_SubertT_shutterstock
Image By: SubertT, Shutterstock
  • Betty Bossi: Fictional character and Swiss version of Betty Crocker.
  • Victor Frankenstein: Protagonist and title character from Shelley’s Frankenstein.
  • Frick and/or Frack: Comedic Swiss ice-skating duo from Ice Follies.
  • Dr. Hans Gruber: Main antagonist in Die Hard.
  • Helvetia: Female national personification of Switzerland.
  • Flag-Smasher: Anti-nationalist supervillain in Marvel Comics.
  • Miria Marigold Mackenzie: Character from Jewelpet Twinkle.
  • Mercy: Medical support player in Overwatch games.
  • Klara Prast: Superhero in the MC series Runaways.
  • Doctor Waldman: Mentor to Victor Frankenstein in Shelley’s Frankenstein.
  • Wicked Wanda: Title character from a British adult comic strip.
  • Tommy Turnbull: A blonde boy from Robotboy cartoons.
  • Silvesterklaus: A masked character in Saint Sylvester’s Day festivities.

Dog Names from Heroes and Myths of Swiss Folklore

With a rich mythology of dragons, witches, and spiritual creatures, Swiss folklore offers a wealth of unique names for a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Image Credit: Nadiia Diachenko, Shutterstock
  • Basilisk: A mythical creature that’s part snake or dragon and an important symbol of Basel.
  • Witch of Belalp: A who was burned at the stake, is now an inspiration for a skiing event in the Belalp region.
  • Teufelsbrücke: Legendary bridge over the Schollenen Gorge.
  • The Matterhorn: A triangular peak and realm of giants.
  • Barbegazi: Small, white-furred men who live in the mountains.
  • Berchtold: White-cloaked leader of the Wild Hunt.
  • Boog: Bogeyman.
  • Herwisch: Creatures that live in the marshes and lead travelers astray.
  • Huttefroueli: An old woman who carries her husband on her back.
  • Jack-of-the-Bowl: A house spirit who leads cows to graze.
  • Perchta: Germanic goddess and female leader of the Wild Hunt.
  • Samichlaus: Companion of Saint Nicholas.
  • Schnabelgeiss: A tall goat in the Ubersitz festival.
  • Turst: Wild Hunter.
  • Undines: Elementals or water spirits.

Dog Names Inspired by Switzerland Destinations

Switzerland is a diverse country with culture-filled cities and backdrops of glistening lakes and rivers surrounded by snow-capped peaks. What better way to come up with a name for your dog than with the landscape itself?

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Image Credit: Nadiia Diachenko, Shutterstock
  • Jungfrau: The idyllic Jungfrau Region on the Bernese Oberland.
  • Grindelwald: Famous winter sports destination.
  • Lauterbrunnen: Alpine village known for waterfalls.
  • Bern: Switzerland’s First City.
  • Geneva: Famous lake.
  • Lausanne: Large city and cultural hub.
  • Lavaux: World Heritage Site.
  • Zermatt: Alpine resort area.
  • Bellinzona: Historic city center.
  • Jura: Mountains on the French-Swiss border.
  • Jura Vaudois: Nature park.
  • Le Sentier: Watchmaking village.
  • Lac de Neuchâtel: Thermal lake.
  • Yverdon-les-Bains: Roman bath area.
  • Werdenberg: Medieval hamlet
  • Lucerne: Lake and town.

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In Conclusion

Switzerland is a beautiful and rich land that offers endless options for your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog’s name. Whether you choose a famous destination, a revolutionary Swiss scientist, or a name born of folklore, you’re sure to get some inspiration from our list.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Chase 68, Shutterstock

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