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How Much Does a Green Cheek Conure Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

Green Cheek Conure

A Green Cheek Conure is a small-sized bird with impeccable intelligence and beauty, making it a favorite among bird pet lovers. The bird has a good temperament and is less noisy compared to its cousins. It is also affectionate, thus making a great companion for the whole family given its new tricks, words, and cuddles.

Due to their small size, one can easily get a cage for them, at an affordable price. The pet grows up to at least 10 inches, meaning they will not need much space to feel at home in their cage. However, they will need several toys as they are mighty active.

However, you have to be wary as Green Cheek Conures breed easily and may also dominate other smaller birds.

Small cheek conures are quite affordable, and this is a factor that goes down well with many bird lovers. You can expect to pay $50 – $1,300 for the initial setup and $10 – $400 a month. If you are looking to adopt a Green Cheek Conure, this is the perfect place to get some all-around information on the pet price to help you make your final decision.


Bringing Home a New Green Cheek Conure: One-Time Costs

$120 – $1,000

There are a couple of costs that may cost you a bit as you initially start. For one, you will need to buy the bird, with its price depending on the breeder, the bird’s age, quality, geographical location, mutation, and colors. However, you can expect the Green Cheek Conure price to be as low as $120 to as high as $600.

The bird will be fine on its own, but it’s better to get it with a companion, which should be another bird of the same species, as they don’t tend to get along with most breeds of birds.

Apart from buying the bird, you will also need to cater to the cage’s cost and the perches plus the cost of making the cage as bird-friendly as possible, including toys, litter places, food, and water bowls.

green cheek conure_Jida Xu_shutterstock
Image Credit: Jida Xu, Pixabay

Acquiring a New Green Cheek Conure

$120 – $600

You can be a proud owner of a Green Cheek Conure through various means such as buying, adopting or getting gifted one. Either way, before getting your hands on a pet bird, think about the associated lifetime costs and the ability to keep the bird as comfortable as it should be.

Below are the various ways of acquiring a Green Cheek Conure explained.


One of the ways you can get the Green Cheek Conure is if you adopt it for free. This may be through certain organizations or people who want to give up their bird. There are several reasons people choose to give their pet bird up for adoption: the lack of financial capability to take care of the bird, moving away and cannot take the bird with them, or a misbehaving bird that has become a nuisance for the owner.

If the bird you want to adopt for free comes with behavioral issues, you should think about it twice. However, if you have the time and patience to train the bird or spend some money for the service, you can still adopt it.

Before adopting, ensure you spend enough time with the bird, and if possible have it checked so you can be sure of what you are about to get.


$125 – $300

You can adopt a Green Cheek Conure from a shelter for as low as $100. This happens where previous owners were unable to find buyers and turned to the adoption agency. They can leave their pets here where they can be allocated to a new family.

Before buying the bird, it’s best to ensure you interact with it a bit to ensure that it is a good bird that will not pose a danger to other family members. Most shelters will allow potential families to access the bird on several visits before deciding on adoption.

Green Cheek Conure with a blue leg ring
Image Credit: ice_blue, Shutterstock


$120 – $600

Breeders provide for better birds as they work for profit, meaning their breeds of birds tend to be better behaved and all-round more family-friendly. Their pets will also be more expensive compared to shelters.

Based on certain issues, including the age, color, and breeder, you will get different prices for various Green Cheek Conure birds.

A great thing about adopting from breeders is the ability to get the history of the bird from the parents, genetic issues, and other factors.

Initial Setup and Supplies

$50 – $1,300

The initial cost of purchasing the bird is usually the highest part of the total cost. For the Green Cheek Conure, the price for purchase runs to up $600, with at least $300 worth of birdcage. However, this is on the higher side, as cheaper cages will cost you lower than $100. You will also need a couple of things for the cage, such as a place to poop and collect, perches, toys, and eating utensils.

Apart from these, you will also need grooming tools and food supplies, plus insurance for the pet. The bird can live for up to 25 years, meaning you will have to make the right purchase, especially with the cage and the insurance policy.

Green-cheeked conure at the zoo
Image Credit: Ismail Rajo, Shutterstock


List of Green Cheek Conure Care Supplies and Costs

Habitat $115
Food  $25
Treats $15 a month
Habitat Substrate $10 a month
Food/Water Dishes $10
Perches $5 each
Toys $5 each
Mineral Block Chews $5
Spray  Bottle $10
Nail Clippers $10
Vitamins / Supplements $5
Vet Visits (Routine/ Surprise) $55 per visit + tests / surgeries, etc

divider-birdHow Much Does a Green Creek Conure Cost per Month

$10 – $400 a month

Monthly costs, including veterinary and medicine costs, food, grooming, and emergency all add up to around $400. However, if the bird is healthy, you may end up spending only $40 per month. This is especially true if the pet has its toys and playthings already bought plus insurance paid.

Once you are done with all initial costs, and if you have no emergency costs, the bird will eat a lot less and require less compared to its bigger cousins. This makes the Green Cheek Conure an affordable bird pet to keep a home.

Below are some of the monthly expenditures you are likely to incur.

Health Care

$30 – $100

A Green Cheek Conure is quite affordable even with healthcare involved. However, to reduce your vet visits and medicinal purchases, you should ensure you keep their habitat clean, provide enough water for them to bathe, and ensure they have the best diet available.

Also, ensure that their cage is kept free of lice, and that they are treated for worms at least every 3 months. In case you are getting some treatment in their water, ensure you remove any treats or fruits as it may prevent the bird from taking the water with medicine

Ensure that you trim the bird’s nails and treat them for lice as well.


$10 – $20 a month

To have a happy little green bird, ensure you provide a variety for their diet. The Green Cheek Conure eats a diet of seeds and pellets made especially for this type of bird. Fruits and vegetables are also an important addition to their diet.

Try changing the food daily as vegetables and fruits tend to gather bacteria which may be a health hazard for the bird.

Green Cheek Conures like bananas and raisins for treats; however, other kinds of bird treats will also work. Depending on the variety of food you offer, you may or may not need to add vitamins to your diet.

green cheek conure_Jida Xu_shutterstock
Image Credit: Jida Xu, Pixabay


$5 – $20 monthly

To ensure your pet is always clean, you should provide some warm water for the bird to use as a bath. This should happen at least two or three times a week. You also have the option of spraying the pet with a spray bottle.

You should also ensure the bird is in a clean area by changing the litter.

Medication and Vet Visits

$10 – $100

Green Cheek Conures require treatment for many things, including lice and worms, which both cost around $22. Adding a trip to the vet may run up the tab to at least $100, depending on the emergency.

Green Cheek Conures are particularly susceptible to proventricular dilation, feather, psittacosis, aspergillosis, and polyomavirus. These diseases are all preventable through a balanced diet and proper hygiene.

Some of the red flags that should alert you to some health issues in which you may need to visit the vet include:
  • Back swelling
  • Soled and fluffed feathers
  • Wheezing and coughing
  • Discolored stool
  • Nasal discharge
Green-cheeked conure at the zoo
Image Credit: Ismail Rajo, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance

$6 – $15 a month

Depending on how you value your bird, there are several insurance covers for you, some of which will cover partial medical costs, others full with compensation for other things such as theft, loss, or accidents.

Pet insurance is important as it helps offset costs of pet maintenance, especially on vet visits and medicine. In addition, since the Green Cheek Conure will live for up to 25 years, it is important to have support in caring for the bird in terms of financial support.

Always do deep research before you decide on the kind of insurance cover for the bird.

Environmental Maintenance

$10 – $40

The Green Cheek Conure is an amazing bird that will require some habitat maintenance together with a varied diet to ensure it stays healthy and dodges trips to the vet.

The bird’s cage should be disinfected with around 3% bleach solution to keep away bacteria and lice. Also, ensure to replace the habitat’s liner weekly or more often to prevent poop and food drops from accumulating in the cage and posing some health risks to the pet.

Ensure to replace worn-out toys, dishes, and perches, and rotate new toys into the cage often.

Repair the cage and any other thing that may require some repair while keeping the house neat to prevent the bird from any accidents while outside the cage.

All toys should be free from zinc and lead-based materials as they pose a risk to the bird’s health if ingested while in the cage.

While cleaning the birdcage, ensure you use few cleaning agents to prevent a lot of the smell from getting left after the bird is closed in the cage, as cleaning agents may pose some health issues for the bird.

Spray Bottles $10
Deodorizing Spray $12
Litter Box Liners $17


$20 – $35

If you want to keep your bird entertained, first, get it a spacious birdcage. This means a place she can spread her wings without touching either side of the cage. Some cages will come with a play area, while others will need you to build some extra play area for the bird.

Apart from a play area, ensure you provide enough toys for the bird and regularly change the torn and worn-out ones. Another important thing to do with the pets is to ensure you provide some toy puzzles to help keep the bird mentally challenged so they become even smarter.

It would help if you also spent time with your pet, as long as she wants it. Green Cheek Conures are quite independent but will need some love from their owner. Most of the time, the bird will let you know if they are interested in a cuddle or playing with you, and if you are always available it will result in a healthy and happier bird.

Roughly though, you would have to spend $20 to $35 dollars a month for your pet’s entertainment.

Green Cheek Conure
Image Credit: Christine Snyder, Shutterstock


Total Annual Cost of Owning a Green Cheek Conure

$300 – $1,800

Annual costs for rearing a Green Cheek Conure may not go so high, especially if you have insurance coverage. However, expect to spend some money on your bird throughout the year, and if she’s worth it, why not?

You have to spend money on the right kind of diet. However, if you buy in bulk, you can get food at a cheaper price, then freeze it for use as needed. For vegetables, if you are near a farmers market, you may be in some luck.

Vet care and medicine may be a little costly, especially if the bird needs frequent vet visits. It would be helpful to use a good insurance cover to help with the bill.

Toys and smaller repairs won’t be a hassle, especially if you buy quality products. Plus, you can offset the amount spent on toys through subscriptions to bird toy stores, where you can get products at cheaper prices and offers through them.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Additional costs may come up in addition to the normal monthly and annual costs. Some scenarios include a medical emergency. For example, the bird may fall sick or go through an accident, and you may need to visit the vet at the moment.

You may also have to travel and leave the bird. Again, you will need a sitter and proper plans for its care until you come back. If a sitter is absent, you may have to make other plans to ensure you get the safest conditions for the bird while away, including boarding.

Apart from this, you may also incur some additional costs from damages to the cage, house, and bird in the course of its life. This will have to be repaired, plus you will have to make the house more conducive for the bird.

Owning a Green Cheek Conure on a Budget

Being one of the most affordable pets, the Green Cheek Conure is easy to maintain on a budget. First off, the bird does not need that much maintenance, as you get to save on the size of the cage in the initial cost.

Apart from that, you can save some money on such things as toys, by reducing the amount of time the pet is with the toys. So, if you can spend more time with the birds, she won’t need the toys as much, and you may end up saving a bit.

The diet is also an important factor; depending on how well you feed your bird, you may not have frequent diet-related health issues. The cage should also be well maintained and cleaned to reduce instances of disease, meaning you’ll save a buck from avoiding a visit to the vet.

Green Cheek Conure with a blue leg ring
Image Credit: ice_blue, Shutterstock

Saving Money on Green Cheek Conures

There are several ways you can save money on a Green Cheek Conure such as buying their food in bulk at wholesale price. You can also do some research before making a purchase, as some subscriptions service nearly anything in a pet’s life, from food and toys to cages. This means you can get plenty of offers and bonuses on purchases.divider-bird


The cost of owning a Green Cheek Conure may not be as high as that of other birds. However, before making a purchase, it is advisable to do some research and put into consideration all the cost factors mentioned above including food, cage, insurance, vet services, and other miscellaneous costs. This way, you will be well prepared as you venture into your journey of owning your favorite pet.

Featured Image Credit: bluepaints, Pixabay

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