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7 Adorable Havanese Haircuts (With Pictures)

woman grooming a havanese dog in the living room

With their long silky hair and endearing personality, the Havanese is born cute. Even so, their double coat still needs some occasional sprucing to stay in top shape. The Havanese may have wavy, curly, or straight hair that grows up to 6–8 inches long if not trimmed. The versatility of the length and texture liberates pet parents to try fun new hairstyles on their Havanese when they take them to the groomer several times throughout the year.


The 7 Adorable Haircuts for Your Havanese

1. Natural

For this hairstyle, simply decide on a length and ask your groomer to trim your dog’s hair as evenly as possible. As their hair grows, this cut results in a longer face and fluffy body, which looks especially nice if your Havanese possesses a wavy or straight coat. If you opt for this haircut, style it by blowing it out with a hair dryer after bathing them. It will create an effortless, fluffy texture that looks like they just spent a day at the beach.

little white havanese dog at the groomers
Image Credit: alfredhofer, Shutterstock

2. Cording

If your Havanese has curls, you can take advantage of their natural hair by training the curls to flow down in cords. The puppy version of dreadlocks, cording looks very cool, and is particularly popular in similar breeds such as the Poodle. It’s not the easiest style to maintain, but your groomer can give you some tips and tricks.

3. Teddy Bear

Rounded ears with little tufts of wavy fur give this style some personality. The soft edges on the muzzle make your dog look like they belong on a shelf with your childhood stuffed animals instead of in a kennel. The Teddy Bear cut is one of the most desired haircuts for toy dogs because it gently accentuates their adorable features.

havanese sitting
Image Credit: JACLOU-DL, Pixabay

4. Natural With a Bun or Top Knot

If your Havanese has straight or wavy fur, you can keep the natural style and add a top knot or bun. Petite hair bows compliment a girl’s hairdo while a dashing bow tie or minimalist hair tie adds some charm to your boy’s look. Plus, they’ll appreciate the effort since the accessories keep their hair out of their eyes.

havanese dog on the grass
Image Credit: Sandra Huber, Shutterstock

5. Asian Inspired

Think Teddy Bear, but bolder. The Asian inspired hairdo overly accentuates your dog’s eyes by closely trimming the fur on their face. The hair on their legs is kept long and fluffy, like four adorable little marshmallow pillars. The fur on the head is trimmed sleekly to line up with the ears. Overall, this cut will make your Havanese look like an adorable little stuffed animal.

havanese on grass
Image Credit: Sandra Huber, Shutterstock

6. Puppy Cut

Similar to the natural look, the puppy cut maintains the same length all over, but is much shorter. Usually puppy cuts are between 1–2 inches long. The hair on the face and ears may be cropped slightly shorter, but always with rounded edges to avoid drawing sharp angles. It results in a soft, cuddly look that fits so well with their sweet temperaments.

close up of a cute little fluffy white havanese dog in a lush green garden
Image Credit: michaelheim, Shutterstock

7. Summer Cut

Despite their double coat, the Havanese originally hails from Havana, Cuba, where they are quite used to sweltering summers. So, it may be best to cut your furry friend some slack and opt for a summer cut during the warmer months of the year. This is simply a shorter hairstyle where the fur is cut close to the body, but never shaved. The summer cut gives your Havanese’s coat a velvety texture as opposed to fluffy. If you don’t like it, rest assured. The Havanese grows hair at an exceptionally fast rate of half an inch a month, so they’ll grow it back in a short amount of time.

orange havanese puppy dog
Image Credit: Dorottya Mathe, Shutterstock



While some of these styles best suit certain genders or hair textures, others like the Teddy Bear suit all Havanese of any age. Some styles are also ideal for certain seasons, such as the summer cut during hot months, while others do well year-round. If you’re still stumped, ask your groomer for recommendations on how to make your Havanese look and feel their best.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Mayer 67, Shutterstock

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