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139 Hawaiian Cat Names: Island-Inspired Options for Your Kitten

Hawaiian Cat Names

The Hawaiian Islands are a source of dreams and paradise fantasies for many. If you want to bring a little island inspiration into your home, why not name your cat after the rich and vibrant culture?

From local names and destinations to the gods of Hawaiian lore, you’ll find a treasure trove of possible cat names to show your love of island life and appreciation for Polynesian culture.


Names Inspired by Hawaiian Destinations

nebelung cat sitting outside on grass
Image Credit: Therese Elaine, Shutterstock

Hawaii is filled with gorgeous beaches, lush jungles, and crystal-clear waters, giving you a wealth of options for your cat’s name.

  • Kauai: The oldest of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Maui: The second-largest island and surf hotspot
  • Oahu: The third-largest island
  • Honolulu: The largest city and capital of Hawaii
  • Molokai: “The Friendly Island”
  • Lanai: “The Pineapple Island”
  • Kailua: A vibrant city and center of commerce on the islands
  • Waipahu: A former sugarcane plantation
  • Haleakala: Volcano and national park
  • Na Pali: A state wilderness park with sea cliffs
  • Iolani: Name for the palace of Hawaii’s final monarchs
  • Byodo-In: An elaborate Buddhist temple
  • Manoa: A waterfall with popular hiking areas


Names Inspired by Hawaiian Phrases

totie cat in bed
Image Credit: Piqsels

If you want something unique, choose a fun Hawaiian phrase as your cat’s name.

  • Aloha: Hello and goodbye
  • Hoku: Star
  • Honi: Kiss
  • Anuenue: Rainbow
  • Keiki: Child
  • Kahuna: Priest
  • Mahalo: Thank you
  • Mau Loa: Forever
  • Pupule: Crazy
  • Ohana: Family
  • Makana: Gift


Female Hawaiian Cat Names

cat lying on a cat bed
Image Credit: VGstockstudio, Shutterstock

These beautiful and unique names are traditional names for baby girls in Hawaii and perfect for your female cat. Several names relate to heaven, flowers, and other nature themes, celebrating mother earth.

  • Akela: Wisdom
  • Alana: Awakening
  • Alamea: Precious child
  • Alaula: Light of daybreak
  • Aliikai: Queen of the sea
  • Aolani: Heavenly cloud
  • Ewalani: Heavenly woman
  • Eleu: Agile
  • Halia: Remembrance
  • Haimi: Seeker
  • Hanai: Lucky
  • Hoala: Agitate
  • Iniki: Name for a famous hurricane
  • Hula: Dance
  • Iokina: God will develop
  • Inoki: Devoted
  • Ipo: Sweetheart
  • Kahili: Feather
  • Iolana: Soaring
  • Kaia: The sea
  • Kaikala: Sun and sea
  • Kaila: Stylish
  • Kailani: Sea and sky
  • Kalama: The light
  • Kaiolohia: Calm of the sea
  • Kalei: Beloved
  • Kalena: Brightest star
  • Kamea: One and only
  • Kapua: Flower
  • Keala: Pathway
  • Keilani: Glorious chief
  • Keona: God’s gift
  • Kona: Lady
  • Kiele: Precious blossom
  • Laka: Gentle
  • Lalama: Daring
  • Lanikai: Heavenly sea
  • Leilani: Royal child
  • Lilo: Generous one
  • Loni: Heaven
  • Lokelani: Red small rose
  • Luana: Happy
  • Malana: Light
  • Mahina: Moonlight
  • Mana: Power
  • Meli: Honey
  • Miki: Quick
  • Mirena: Beloved
  • Moana: Ocean
  • Nani: Great beauty
  • Noe: Rainy
  • Nalani: Calm skies
  • Nohea: Lovely
  • Okalani: Heaven
  • Palila: Bird
  • Pualani: Heavnely flower
  • Puanani: Beautiful flower
  • Roselani: Rose
  • Ululani: Inspiration


Male Hawaiian Cat Names

balinese cat in the garden
Image Credit: Fazlyeva Kamilla, Shutterstock

These male Hawaiian cat names are traditional names for baby boys and unique for your male cat. Many of these names imbue their boys with the power of nature or the earth, and you could do the same for your cat.

  • Aka: Shadow
  • Ailani: High chief
  • Amoka: Strong
  • Akamu: Red earth
  • Alemana: Warrior
  • Analu: Masculine
  • Asera: Lucky
  • Etana: Strong
  • Ezera: Help
  • Hiwa: Jet black
  • Kaipo: Sweetheart
  • Kahoku: Star
  • Kalani: Royalty
  • Kanuha: Sullen
  • Kapono: Goodness
  • Kapena: Captain
  • Kealii: Chief
  • Kei: Dignity
  • Keanu: Cool breeze
  • Kekipi: Rebel
  • Keiki: Boy
  • Kekoa: Brave
  • Keoki: George
  • Kimo: James
  • Kikokiko: Speckled
  • Kolohe: Little reascal
  • Malo: Winner
  • Meka: Eyes
  • Nahoa: Bold
  • Oke: Oscar
  • Palani: Free
  • Pekelo: Stone
  • Polo: Large and plump
  • Pilikea: Trouble
  • Waha Nui: Big mouth
  • Weuweu: Fluffy


Names Inspired by Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses

black smoke Norwegian forest cat
Image Credit: Elisa Putti, Shutterstock

If your cat needs something a little extra, Hawaiian lore is filled with powerful and mystical gods and goddesses. These deities are prominent in Hawaiian mythology and relate to nature and life.

  • Pele: Goddess of fire and volcanoes
  • Na-maka-o-Kaha’i: Goddess of water and sea
  • Lilinoe: Goddess of mist
  • Poli’ahu: Goddess of snow
  • Laka: Goddess of beauty, love, and fertility
  • Kane: God of forests and wild foods
  • Lono: God of peace and music
  • Ku: God of war
  • Kamapua’a: God of boars
  • Aumakua: Spirit of ancestors
  • Kanehekili: God of thunder
  • Elepaio: Monarch flycatcher
  • Kaho-ali’i: God of the underworld
  • Kapu: God of laws and regulation
  • Lohiau: Chief of Kauai
  • Mana: Impersonal force
  • Nu’u: Hawaiian Noah
  • Papa: Goddess of nature
  • Paka’a: God of wind and gatekeeper of the underworld
  • Ukupanipo: Shark god


Give Your Cat Some Polynesian Flair

Between its fascinating mythology and its utopian landscape, Hawaii captivates the minds and imaginations of many people. If you want a touch of the island life, name your cat after one of Hawaii’s stunning destinations, popular phrases, traditional baby names, or gods and goddess. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect name to reflect the personality that makes your cat unique.

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