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Top 26 Healthiest Cat Breeds: An Overview (With Pictures)

bengal cat walking on plank outdoor

Have you been researching cat breeds and imagining bringing home your dream kitten? Maybe you’ve started researching the genetic health conditions that can affect some breeds and would rather focus your search on healthy breeds with a long life expectancy and a lessened chance of developing an illness.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck! We’ve hunted down 26 of the healthiest cat breeds.

Of course, any cat can develop an illness, but by choosing a breed that’s well known for its robust health, you can at least try to minimize the chances of your cat developing a genetic illness that their breed is known for.

Another great tip when looking for a kitten is to make sure you only buy from a reputable breeder with a proven track record. They will be happy to speak openly and honestly about which health conditions can affect the breed they focus on. Genuine breeders will pay attention to maintaining genetic diversity when selecting their breeding pairs, which means the kittens will be healthier.

divider-cat The 26 Healthiest Cat Breeds

1. American Shorthair

American Shorthair cat
Image Credit: Lalandrew, Shutterstock

The gentle American Shorthair is well-known for being an extremely healthy breed. They can live for 15 years or more, and their sweet personalities and kind natures make them a hit with all family members, both young and old.

2. Ragamuffin

ragamuffin cat in the studio
Image Credit: Tatiana Makotra, Shutterstock

These gorgeous cats have a medium-length coat and striking eyes. The adorable personality of the Ragamuffin has earned them a legion of loyal fans. They love to spend time with their families and will tolerate being picked up by kids. They can live upward of 15 years.

3. Balinese

balinese cat in the garden
Image Credit: Fazlyeva Kamilla, Shutterstock

The beautiful Balinese combines a stunning soft coat with large ears, blue eyes, and the same color pointed pattern that you’ll see on a Siamese cat. This breed loves companionship and will faithfully follow their humans around. The average life span for a Balinese is an impressive 18–22 years.

4. Savannah Cat

F3 Savannah Cat
Image Credit: Patrick Hatt, Shutterstock

The striking Savannah Cat is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a wild African Serval. They can live up to 20 years. While Savannah Cats love to spend time with their owners, it has to be on their terms! This breed can suffer from a heart condition, but they are still considered a healthy breed overall.

5. Russian Blue

russian blue cat lying on a sweater
Image Credit: Nailia Schwarz, Shutterstock

The eye-catching Russian Blue has a life expectancy of around 15–20 years, but some have been known to live up to an impressive 25 years. This cuddly breed is also extremely clever and will benefit from plenty of interaction and play sessions with their owners.

6. Egyptian Mau

Two cute Egyptian Mau cats
Image Credit: Sarah Fields Photography, Shutterstock

The stunning mottled coat of the Egyptian Mau is reason enough to fall in love with this breed, but they have more to offer! They are an active and engaging breed that won’t hesitate to seek out attention from their humans. Their life expectancy is 13–16 years.

7. Maine Coon

tortoiseshell blue smoke maine coon
Image Credit: N Roberts, Shutterstock

The instantly recognizable Maine Coon is a chunky and robustly healthy cat breed designed to survive the harsh winters of New England. They can live for 10–15 years, but you do need to be careful when selecting a breeder, as Maine Coons can suffer from genetic health conditions.

8. Manx Cat

manx cat in the living room
Image Credit: PradaBrown, Shutterstock

Manx Cats are almost always completely tailless, as well as having longer hind legs than most other breeds. They’re usually prolific and successful hunters and are extremely active. They don’t enjoy life as an indoor cat. This breed can live for 9–13 years.

9. Siamese

siamese cat resting on sofa
Image Credit: Dasha Trofimova, Shutterstock

A Siamese cat holds the world record as the oldest cat, living for an amazing 30 years! The more usual range of life expectancy, however, is 10–13 years. This is another breed where selecting a reputable breeder is essential, as they can suffer from genetic conditions like progressive retinal atrophy.

10. Singapura

Image Credit: COULANGES, Shutterstock

The beautiful little Singapura cat is the world’s smallest cat breed and perhaps one of the friendliest! They generally live between 11–15 years and are usually extremely healthy. They’re also playful and curious, so you’ll need plenty of spare time to indulge them.

11. American Wirehair

American Wirehair
Image Credit: Fernando Calmon, Shutterstock

The American Wirehair is known for its distinctively wiry coat, and they usually live somewhere between 7–12 years. These calm cats are more tolerant of change than many other breeds and make wonderful family pets, thanks to their kind personalities.

12. Chausie

Chausie cat_Shutterstock_Tania__Wild
Image Credit: Tania__Wild, Shutterstock

The eye-catching Chausie is a hybrid breed that came about from crossing Abyssinian cats with the wild Jungle Cats of Asia. They can live for up to 15 years and is a generally healthy breed. They love plenty of attention, so they are better suited to families where they will have company most of the day.

13. Bombay Cat

bombay cat_Viktor Sergeevich_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

The stunning Bombay Cat might look like a tiny and fierce black panther, but in reality, there’s nothing this breed likes more than cuddles. They can live up to 20 years, but you need to take care to select a reputable breeder, as some Bombays can have short muzzles that can create breathing difficulties.

14. Siberian

siberian cat in garden_Michael Hüttl_Pixabay
Image Credit: Michael Hüttl, Pixabay

The Siberian Cat is what’s known as a natural breed with Russian roots. These large cats can behave more like dogs and enjoy plenty of play sessions, which makes them a great choice as a family cat. This healthy breed tends to live somewhere between 10–18 years.

15. European Shorthair

European Shorthair Cat
Image Credit: guvo59, Pixabay

The clever European Shorthair is affectionate with members of their families, but you shouldn’t expect them to show the same level of affection with strangers! These laidback cats make wonderful family pets and are an excellent choice for first-time cat owners. They live for around 15–20 years.

16. Korat

korat cat indoor
Image Credit: gd_project, Shutterstock

The stunning Korat is known for its piercing green eyes and distinctive blue coats with a hint of silver sheen. Korats are a rare breed with a loving yet quiet nature. They prefer quieter homes because they can be startled by loud noises. Their life expectancy is in the 15–20-year range.

17. Chartreux

Image Credit: congerdesign, Pixabay

The Chartreux is an ancient French breed famed for their hunting prowess. These large cats are quiet but can still manage to communicate what they want from their owners, just minus the meows! They usually live somewhere between 12–15 years.

18. Bengal

snow bengal cat on sofa
Image Credit: OlgaOzik, Shutterstock

The Bengal is a hybrid breed created by crossing a domestic cat with the Asian Leopard cat. They have loyal and loving personalities with high energy levels. The Bengal loves to play and can easily be trained. Their life expectancy is around 12–16 years.

19. Thai Cat

A Thai cat playing with a white mug
Image Credit: Ekaterina Kolomeets, Shutterstock

In Thailand, this breed is called “Wichien-Maat,” which can be translated as “moon diamond.” You might also see them called the Traditional Siamese. These affectionate cats are talkative and will demand your attention! They usually live somewhere between 12–16 years.

20. Japanese Bobtail

black and white Japanese bobtail cat on orange background
Image credit: dien, Shutterstock

The Japanese Bobtail is a smart and playful breed with plenty of energy. Known for their robust health, Japanese Bobtails usually live around 15–18 years. It’s thought that this breed is the oldest natural breed of cat, having been recorded in written history for over 1,000 years.

21. LaPerm

LaPerm tri-colored cat
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

The LaPerm has an unusual coat with a soft and curly texture. They are affectionate and loyal cats that love spending time with their families. They can adapt well to living in multi-pet households and can live up to 15–20 years.

22. British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat
Image Credit: Laura Fokkema, Shutterstock

The British Shorthair has a life expectancy of 14–20 years and is considered a healthy and low-maintenance breed. Care must be taken not to feed them too much, as they can easily become overweight.

23. Havana Brown

Havana brown cat
Image Credit: Joan Wozniak, Shutterstock

The Havana Brown breed came about in the 1950s through crossing domestic black cats with Siamese. These distinctive cats combine the look of a Siamese with a rich chocolate-colored coat. They are graceful and affectionate cats, with a lifespan of 10–15 years.

24. Turkish Van

Turkish Van
Image Credit: Gabriele M. Reinhardt, Pixabay

The Turkish Van is a large breed and can live between 12–15 years. These playful and clever cats can be taught all sorts of tricks, including how to fetch and give their paw. Unusually, this breed also loves water and will swim if given the chance!

25. Nebelung

grey nebelung
Image Credit: Antonio S, Shutterstock

The stunning Nebelung is considered a rare breed and is related to the shorter-haired Russian Blue that has the same distinctive coat color. These gentle cats are sweet-natured yet lively and have a life expectancy of 11–18 years.

26. A mixed-breed rescue cat

maine coon scottish fold mixed cat breed on the floor
Image Credit: Niney Azman, Shutterstock

Last but not least, the humble mixed breed! Mixed breeds, or “moggy” cats, are often healthier than their purebred counterparts, thanks in part to their increased genetic diversity. So, if none of the other breeds catches your eye, consider a mixed breed cat from a rescue center!



Those were all the cat breeds we had for you today. We hope you enjoyed this list!

Also, even if you have a healthy cat breed, we still recommend that you get pet insurance to deal with those unforeseen accidents or diseases.

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