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How Much Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cost in 2024?

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Insurance is a massive headache that most people don’t want to deal with. It’s confusing, it’s complicated, and it’s expensive. But it’s also necessary if you want to protect yourself, your family, and your pet. Pet insurance is a crucial factor in helping to offset the type of nightmare expenses which can sometimes arise in your pet’s life.

With so many pets living longer lives, it’s vital to consider the cost of veterinary care for your pet over their lifetime. By insuring your pet, you will be able to budget for unexpected veterinary expenses—and have peace of mind knowing that you are covered financially should your pet ever become ill or injured.

Among the plethora of policy options available for kitties and doggos, Healthy Paws offers one of the most straightforward pet insurance packages on the market: their plan is simple to understand; with no annual payout limits; and the plan covers a wide range of medical expenses. In general, the average price of Healthy Paws pet insurance is $66-$87 for dogs and $21-$28 for cats.

However, it should be noted that Healthy Paws does not cover everything. This insurance has a longer list of exclusions than some others, with routine care, such as vaccinations or teeth cleaning listed, and with some other illnesses and treatments included which may come as more of a surprise. Read on to find out everything you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

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divider-multipetThe Importance of Pet Insurance

When disaster strikes and your pet is seriously ill, the last thing you want is to be rifling through a complex paper trail. At times of overwhelming stress, being burdened with too many choices can be debilitating. That is why the simplicity of Healthy Paws pet insurance appeals to many owners. Healthy Paws will reimburse you based on what you pay your vet upfront and they offer a reasonably comprehensive plan, with no annual or lifetime limits applied.

It is important to note, however, that while Healthy Paws has affordable prices and unlimited annual coverage, it is categorically not the best option for owners with older pets: they will be forced to choose from limited options in terms of deductibles and reimbursements. These limits mean that monthly premiums will be far higher. Furthermore, hip dysplasia—which is very common in many older dogs—will not be covered by the plan for pets that have been enrolled at the age of six and older.

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How Much Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cost?

There is no single correct answer to this question as the cost of Healthy Paws pet insurance scales according to various factors which affect the calculation of your premiums. However, as a general guide, Healthy Paws pet insurance typically costs between $20 and $100 per month.

The individual factors that can affect the cost of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance include:
  • Your pet’s age
  • Whether you are insuring a cat or a dog
  • Your pet’s breed
  • Their gender

On the Healthy Paws quote webpage, submit your pet’s information and you’ll receive a monthly rate—which you can further customize, by editing the reimbursement and deductible. You will need to provide your zip code and a contact email to generate a quote. Let’s work through some common examples below:

Pet Details 80% Reim-bursement

/$250 Deductible

80% Reim-bursement

/$500 Deductible

70% Reim-bursement

/$250 Deductible

70% Reim-bursement

/$500 Deductible

Female Labrador, 3 years old $87.44 /month $74.33 /month $77.66 /month $66.01 /month
Male Domestic Shorthair, 2 years old $28.26 /month $24.02 /month $25.10 /month $21.33 /month

There are a few additional costs to consider when signing up for pet insurance. You can easily see that the rate of reimbursement and the amount of the deductible both have a marked influence on the monthly rate charged. Let’s take a closer look at the reimbursement and deductible so you can make an informed choice.


Healthy Paws may make the following deductible choices that may be available to you, depending on where you live and the age and breed of your pet: $100, $250, $500, $750, and $1,000. A lower deductible rate with pet insurance is beneficial because it results in a lower overall cost for you as the policyholder. A lower deductible also means that as the policyholder, you will receive benefits sooner. You will hit the deductible amount quicker and you will not have to wait until you have paid a higher deductible amount before receiving coverage. In addition, a lower deductible rate may provide peace of mind to you in knowing that your pet will be covered in the event of a major accident or serious illness.


Our sample quotes show a similar variation in reimbursement amounts, with 70% and 80% being the most common options. Depending on your pet and location, you may be able to choose an amount as low as 50% or as high as 90%. If you opt for a higher reimbursement rate, this means that a greater percentage of your veterinary bill will be covered by your pet insurance policy. This is beneficial because it can help offset the sudden cost of large and unexpected veterinary expenses. A higher reimbursement rate can also help to ensure that you as a pet owner are able to receive the full value of your policy benefits.

Coverage Provided by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws pet insurance provides coverage for your pet in the event of an accident or illness. Their plans cover up to 90% of your veterinary bills, depending on your pet’s individual circumstances. Healthy Paws pet insurance covers the following:

  • Tests for diagnostic purposes
  • Medication prescribed by a veterinarian
  • Injuries, illnesses, and surgeries, including cancer treatment
  • Conditions that are inherited
  • Conditions resulting from congenital defects
  • Chiropractic and acupuncture as alternative therapies
  • A small subset of dental conditions
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Additional Costs to Anticipate

There are a few things that Healthy Paws pet insurance doesn’t cover. These include pre-existing conditions, routine care, and elective procedures. That said, they do cover accidents and illnesses, which is helpful for unexpected medical bills.

Your pet won’t be covered for the following on their Healthy Paws plan:

  • Treatment for hip dysplasia if your pet’s coverage began at age six or older
  • Dental care as a routine procedure
  • Extractions or reconstructions resulting from dental disease
  • Prescription diets
  • Surgery for spaying and neutering
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Conditions that develop within the waiting period following policy purchase
  • Accident or illness-related veterinary examination fees
  • Wellness or preventive care
  • Behavioral interventions
  • Pregnancy or breeding
  • A cruciate injury to one leg after a previous injury to the other leg. (This is called bilateral exclusion.)
  • Expenses associated with burial or cremation
  • Experimental or trial treatments

Are There Any Restrictions or Waiting Periods?

In terms of restrictions, pets that are younger than 8 weeks old are not covered by most pet insurance policies, and Healthy Pets is no different. Similarly, pets that are older than 14 years old have a harder time getting insured for the first time and are not accepted for Healthy Pets coverage. This is because they are considered to be more likely to experience severe health problems at their advanced age. The key age restrictions for most pet insurance policies are set at these specific milestones.

As for waiting periods, for most states, there’s a waiting period of 15 days before your pet insurance policy goes into effect. You are responsible for any accident or illness that occurs during this period. That means if your dog or cat gets injured or sick within the first two weeks, you’ll have to pay for the vet visit and any treatment out-of-pocket.

Hip dysplasia is a common problem for dogs, and it can be expensive to treat. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance doesn’t cover hip dysplasia at all for pets 6 and up. For pets younger than 6, there is a 12-month waiting period before the policy starts. This means that if your pet develops hip dysplasia during the first year, you won’t be covered.

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In conclusion, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a great way to keep your pet healthy and save money on vet bills. While individual coverage will be calculated based on your dog’s breed, gender, age, and location, we consider Healthy Paws to be competitively priced, overall. With a variety of rates to choose from, there is a plan for every pet owner.

Deductibles and reimbursements will have a big impact on your monthly premiums, so pay attention to what your individual circumstances warrant. Whether you decide to go with Healthy Paws or another insurer ultimately, we urge you to give yourself the gift of peace of mind that pet insurance brings.

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