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6 Himalayan Cat Grooming Tips To Make Things Easy

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The Himalayan cat is a mixture of Persian and Siamese, with a fluffy coat that is available in different colors and patterns. They’re known for their looks and gentle nature which makes them appealing to many cat owners. Since the Himalayan cat has such a beautiful and long coat, they do need to be groomed more regularly than other cats so that their coat is always looking good.

However, many Himalayan cat owners will understand the struggle of trying to keep up with their cat’s long fur, which makes tips very helpful when it comes to grooming this fascinating breed of cat.

divider-catThe Top 6 Himalayan Cat Grooming Tips

1. Regular Brushing

The Himalayan cat can shed quite a bit, so regular brushing is important if you want to keep their fur from getting tangled. Brushing will also help capture any loose fur that would otherwise fall to the floor or become a tangled mess in your Himalayan cat’s coat. You should include both a fine-toothed comb and a regular de-shedding cat brush into their grooming routine.

The de-shedding brush will be able to remove large tangles and loose fur, while the comb can be used to smooth out your cat’s coat. You should aim to brush them up to five times a week if you want to keep their coat looking good.

Our favorite cat brush is Hepper Cat Brush. This brush is perfect for both you and your cat since it is easy to use, clean and it’s very effective when getting rid of loose hair and knots in your cat’s coat. 

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2. Bathing With The Right Products

Using strong shampoos on your Himalayan cat can cause their coat to look overly fluffy and dry which makes it more prone to tangles and knots. By using a gentle cat shampoo and moisturizing conditioner when they are bathed every few weeks, you will be able to keep their coat shiny, soft, and easier to manage when it comes to brushing them.

Avoid using pet shampoos on your cat that contain harsh sulfates and isopropyl alcohol because although they are great at stripping your cat’s fur from oils and dirt, they can make their fur very dry and difficult to manage.

Giving your pet a bath can be a difficult task, but the first step is to choose a great shampoo. We love Hepper's Shampoo Products, both of which are natural, pet-safe options specially formulated to clean your pet's skin and coat without causing irritation. Both formulas are also free of things like dyes, soaps, sulfates, and phthalates. Your pet will enjoy the soothing aloe vera and oatmeal, and you'll love the clean, fresh scents!

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3. Reward Their Good Behavior

For some Himalayan cats, grooming may not be such a pleasant experience which makes it important to reward them after grooming with healthy treats. This will allow your cat to become more tolerant during grooming as they associate being groomed with something positive like getting a treat. After some time, your Himalayan cat may become more relaxed while being groomed which will make it much quicker and easier for the both of you, especially if their favorite treats are involved!

4. Eye and Mouth Cleaning

The Himalayan cat has a flat face and lots of fur surrounding its mouth, which makes it easy for food to get trapped in its fur. The eyes of Himalayan cats are also known to get dirty eyes often. You can clean around their eyes with a gentle pet wipe, or you can use a wet towel or cotton pad. This will help to remove gunk from their eyes and keep it clean.

A build-up of gunk in your cats’ eyes can also harden and make it difficult to remove, so you should try to gently wipe around their eyes once a day to prevent this. After your Himalayan cat has eaten, you should wipe their mouth where food has messed up to make it easier to manage than if it was left to harden.

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5. Dental Hygiene

Keeping your Himalayan cats’ teeth clean is an important part of their grooming routine. You can get cat toothpaste and brushes that are small and convenient for cleaning your cats’ teeth. This can be done an hour after they have had their last meal for the day.

If your Himalayan cat eats wet food, it’s not uncommon for it to cause a foul smell in their mouth. You do not have the brush your cats’ teeth every day, but you should make sure you do it at least once a week, especially if they are prone to gum and teeth issues.

When brushing your Himalayan cats’ teeth, gently grip the top lip to hold it open and then make you brush the visible teeth. It may take a while for your cat to get used to having their teeth brushed, so make sure you are patient while they are still getting used to it. You should swap out any minty-flavored toothpaste for fish or poultry-flavored toothpaste because your cat may prefer this more.

6. Keep Their Nails Trimmed

Himalayan cats should have access to a scratching post that can help them wear down their nails, however, if your cat is not very active and does not use scratching posts, it’s important to keep their nails trimmed to an appropriate size, so it does not become overgrown. You can either take your cat to a grooming parlor or veterinarian to get their nails trimmed or if you have the experience you can trim them yourself at home with the right tools.

You should trim to white tips and avoid the pink areas that are at the base of the claw. There are nail trimmers specially made for cat’s nails that you can purchase, and they allow you to trim the long ends of your Himalayan cats’ nails quickly and effectively when necessary.

Nail trimming may be stressful for your cat at first, so make sure you keep them busy during nail trimming by letting them lick a treat or the broth from their wet cat food during the trimming.

Keeping your cat's nails trimmed is important, but it's no one's favorite task. You can make it easier with great clippers designed specifically for cats. We like Hepper's Cat Nail Clipper Set, a convenient combination of medium and small clippers that comes in a handy pouch. These sharp stainless steel clippers allow for precision trimming, with the added protection of built-in safety guards. Plus, there's a hidden nail file!

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If you have a particularly adventurous Himalayan cat that enjoys going outdoors, you may need to groom them more often because they are exposed to dirt that can get tangled in their fur. It’s important to regularly brush your Himalayan cat to prevent tangles from forming while using gentle cleansing shampoos and a moisturizing cat conditioner during their bathing.

You should wipe around their mouth and eyes daily to stop gunk and food from hardening, whereas tail trimming and teeth brushing will be less frequent. It is a good idea to be patient during the grooming process and reward them to make it as stress-free as possible.

Featured Image Credit: Hepper

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