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How Long Are Golden Retrievers Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know!

Golden Retriever Pregnant

Golden Retrievers can start going into heat as early as 6 months of age, and then they go into heat about every 6 months thereafter. The only time that a Golden Retriever can get pregnant is when she is in heat. Anytime a Golden Retriever mates with a male dog during her heat cycle, there is a possibility that she will become pregnant. So, once a Golden Retriever conceives, how long will the dog stay pregnant for? This is a great question that we explore the answer to here.

divider-pawThe Golden Retriever Pregnancy Timeline

If a Golden Retriever conceives, she will stay pregnant for about 63 days, give or take. It can be tough to figure out exactly how long your pooch will stay pregnant if you do not know exactly what day she was impregnated. Even then, pregnancy can last a couple of days less or a couple of days longer than the standard 63 days.

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Signs of Pregnancy in Golden Retrievers

The biggest sign that your Golden Retriever could be pregnant is when she is exposed to an unneutered male during her heat cycle. There is no guarantee that mating during the heat cycle will result in pregnancy, but the chances are high. Any time your female dog is exposed to a male during heat, she should be checked by the veterinarian for pregnancy.

Here are a few other signs of pregnancy to look for:
  • Vaginal Discharge — Many Golden Retrievers have a thin, watery discharge while pregnant. This typically happens about a month after conceiving and can last up to 3 weeks. Some owners feel the need to utilize doggy diapers during this time.
  • More Frequent Urination — As your Golden Retriever gets more and more pregnant, she will likely have to urinate more often. Don’t be surprised that you have to let your dog out to use the bathroom twice as often.
  • Clingy Behavior — Some dogs tend to get clingy with their human companions while they are pregnant. They may rub up against you more often, want to cuddle in bed with you when they normally do not, and stay close to you whenever you are home.

Spotting the signs of pregnancy early will help ensure that your Golden Retriever gets the veterinarian care that she needs to produce strong and healthy babies.

Caring for a Pregnant Golden Retriever

As your Golden Retriever carries her babies, she will need extra care and attention. First, you should slightly increase the amount of food that she gets daily to ensure that she is getting enough nutrients for the babies to use as they grow. Your dog should not exercise as much as she used to, as the activity could affect the growth and safety of the babies she is carrying.

A slow 20-minute walk should suffice to keep your dog in shape while she works to develop and have her babies. Exciting situations that would make your dog run, jump, and get rowdy in general should be avoided when possible. Also, pregnant pooches should have unlimited access to clean water, both indoors and out.

Your veterinarian should be consulted whenever you have concerns or questions — don’t rely solely on books and advice from friends and family. Your veterinarian can provide you with customized guidance and advice based on your dog’s health and special needs.

divider-pawIn Conclusion

Golden Retrievers are fun, loving pets. When they get pregnant, things can be a little stressful for everyone involved. Working with your veterinarian is the best way to ensure that your pooch stays happy, healthy, and safe during her pregnancy and to make sure that all the puppies are as healthy as possible when they are born.

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