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How Many Rabbit Breeds Are There in the World? (2024 Update)

netherlands dwarf rabbit on lawn

If you are a rabbit lover, you know that there are many kinds of rabbits, but when it comes to exactly how many, you will hear different numbers depending on whom you ask. While the actual number of breeds is 191, some people might say that the number is as high as 370. Keep reading as we explain the reason behind the discrepancy and share several other interesting rabbit facts.


Rabbit Breeds in the World

In 2017, when the American Rabbit Association1 and the Britain Rabbit Council combined their research,2 they found 370 different types of rabbits. However, they whittled it down to 191 breeds after combining a few types based on breed qualities, which is where the number stands today. Rabbits exist in 70 countries, and each species has specific attributes, like fur length and color, size, climate preference, and breeding practice, that separates it from the others.

Are There Still Wild Rabbits?

While breeding rabbits for pets is extremely popular, there are still several wild rabbits in existence. In the United States, the Cottontail is easy to spot when it hops through your yard in the early mornings and evenings, especially if you have a nice garden that can provide shelter and food. The European Rabbit is a wild rabbit common in southwestern Europe and parts of Africa, and the Amami Rabbit is native to Japan.

What Rabbits Are the Most Popular?

Flemish Giant

flemish giant rabbit on wooden floor
Image Credit: mariesacha, Shutterstock

As the name suggests, the Flemish Giant is a large breed that can weigh 20 pounds, making it a favorite among children and adults who like its laid-back personality.

English Lop

English Lop rabbit
Image Credit: Napa Chaichanasiri, Shutterstock

The English Lop is a relaxed and calm rabbit that many people like to keep as a companion. It’s one of the oldest breeds and has long, floppy ears that help it stand out.

Palomino Rabbit

Palomino rabbit
Image Credit: Sheila Fitzgerald, Shutterstock

The Palomino Rabbit is a popular pet in America due to its long, tall ears and docile nature. It gets its name from its color, which is a combination of golden brown with white highlights.

Californian White Rabbit

Californian Rabbit

Breeders originally developed the Californian White for its fur, but it quickly became a favorite among pet owners due to its fluffy white coat, red eyes, and black ears.


Rex Rabbit

Mini Rex Rabbit standing in grass
Image Credit: Mandz11, Pixabay

A popular pet is the Rex Rabbit, which owners enjoy because they are playful and like attention. These rabbits usually have tall, wide ears and a dark brown color.


What Breeds Does the American Rabbit Association Recognize?

The American Rabbit Association currently recognizes 50 breeds, which include the American, Californian, Dutch, and many others.

American American Chinchilla American Fuzzy Lop American Sable Argente Brun
Belgian Hare Beveren Blanc de Hotot Britannia Petite Californian
Cavies Champagne d’Argent Checkered Giant Cinnamon Creme d’Argent
Dutch Dwarf Hotot Dwarf Papillon English Angora English Lop
English Spot Flemish Giant Florida White French Angora French Lop
Giant Angora Giant Chinchilla Harlequin Havana Himalayan
Holland Lop Jersey Wooly Lilac Lionhead Mini Lop
Mini Rex Mini Satin Netherland Dwarf New Zealand Palomino
Polish Rex Rhinelander Satin Satin Angora
Silver Silver Fox Silver Marten Tan Thrianta
Black and brown belgian hare
Image Credit: Cassidy Te, Shutterstock

Other Interesting Rabbit Facts

  • Rabbits are the third most popular pet.
  • Rabbits will usually give birth to three to seven babies.
  • Most rabbits sleep with their eyes open.
  • You don’t need to bathe a rabbit.
  • Rabbits shed their fur as the season changes, much like a cat or dog.
  • Rabbits can see almost completely around their head.
  • The ancient Romans were the first to keep rabbits as pets.
  • The Cottontail Rabbit accounts for seven out of 13 rabbits.



There are currently 191 rabbit breeds in the world, and the American Rabbit Association recognizes 50 that you can enter into contests, including the American, Beveren, English Angora, and Mini Satin. The most popular pet breeds include the Flemish Giant, Californian White, English Lop, and the Rex. While there are still wild rabbits, including the Cottontail Rabbit native to the United States, the rabbits that people keep as pets come from breeders.

Featured Image Credit: NaruFoto, Shutterstock

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