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How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost at PetSmart? Facts & FAQ

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Hedgehogs are cute little animals that more and more people want to add to their families. These spiny companions make amazing pets, which is why they are so sought after. The question is, how much do hedgehogs cost when purchasing one from PetSmart?

Unfortunately, for people looking for a hedgehog, as of 2021, PetSmart does not sell them in stores or online. This is due to hedgehogs not being what is considered a traditional or domesticated animal typically kept as pets. They do, however, carry many accessories, cages, toys, and food for animals like hedgehogs.

If your heart is set on one of these spiky rollie pollies, there are ways you can find a hedgehog to bring home as your newest pet. Read on below to learn where you can purchase one of these balls of spines and how much one may cost you.


Why Doesn’t PetSmart Sell Hedgehogs?

If you’re still upset about PetSmart not carrying hedgehogs, it may help to know why. Stores like PetSmart normally carry domesticated animals in their stores and online. These are small animals like guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, and mice. You’ll also discover that some states in the US have heavy restrictions against hedgehogs. With some states requiring people to have permits and licenses to own and breed hedgehogs, it makes sense that retail stores like PetSmart would prefer to stay clear of all the red tape.

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What Can You Buy at PetSmart?

If you find a hedgehog and bring it home, you’ll discover there are a lot of accessories and supplies you can buy at PetSmart. Habitats, bedding, hay, and food are all available in-store or online with PetSmart. This makes life easier for you when it comes to resupplying and keeping your little one well taken care of.

Where to Buy Hedgehogs

Private breeders are your best bet if you want to buy yourself a hedgehog. A trusted breeder has unique knowledge and understanding of the animals they raise. When dealing with a breeder you should always ensure they are reputable. A reputable breeder is someone who cares for the animals in their care properly while ensuring they aren’t overbreeding.

Another possibility for people hoping to buy a hedgehog is exotic pet stores. These types of stores carry more animals than chain stores like PetSmart. Considering their experience with exotic animals, they even have additional tips and knowledge you may need to help raise your hedgehog properly. If you don’t have a local exotic pet store in your town, you can check online about their policies for transporting animals.

Hedgehog cage and litterbox
Image Credit: Best Dog Photo, Shutterstock

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost?

If you’ve decided that a hedgehog is the animal for you, expect to pay a little more money than the average pet. When dealing with local breeders or exotic pet stores you’ll be looking at prices upward of $200. If you are interested in a special color or variety of hedgehogs, this price is going to go up. In those scenarios, you may be paying $300 or more.



Although PetSmart doesn’t sell hedgehogs, don’t worry. You can still find one of these cuties to make your own. As we mentioned above, learn as much about any breeder you work with so you know the environment your new pet is coming from. A happy, healthy hedgehog will make the two of you becoming best friends easier.

Featured Image Credit: Julia Jane, Shutterstock

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