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How Much Do Betta Fish Cost to Buy & Care For? (2024 Price Guide)

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Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighter fish, are one of the most popular ornamental fish in the aquarium hobby for their beautiful colors and low maintenance. There are over 100 different types of betta fish, each in a combination of colors, patterns, and unique tail fin designs.

Betta fish are considered to be affordable pets, and they require a smaller tank and fewer accessories than other species of fish, which is why bettas make such great fish for beginners. A Betta fish can cost from $5 – $25 dollars, however the additional costs for their tank, food, etc. will vary. Check out the details we have gathered for ou below.


Before Buying a Betta Fish

Before purchasing a betta fish, you will need to purchase the right equipment and accessories to create a home for them. These low-maintenance fish come in a variety of different colors and shapes, but they are all solitary and tropical fish that should live alone. This means that you will only need to purchase one betta fish because they do not need to be kept in groups.

The price of a betta fish will depend on their rarity and gender, as male bettas are usually more expensive than female bettas. Many beginners will assume that bettas will be fine in a small bowl with water and some accessories, however, betta fish keeping is slightly more complicated than that.

If you want to keep your betta fish thriving and live out their full lifespan or 3 to 4 years, you want to make sure that their tank has undergone the nitrogen cycle months before adding the betta fish inside, and that they have a filter and heater.

How Much Do Betta Fish Cost?

The price of a betta fish will be influenced by factors such as gender, age, rarity, fin shape, and colors. Standard male betta fish (usually crown tails, half-moons, and veiltail varieties) will cost $8.

Rare varieties of male bettas such as plakats or koi betta fish will cost around $12. Rare colored bettas such as golden, black, green, orange, or albino bettas can cost up to $25.

Female betta fish are usually cheaper than males, especially when they are still small. The average female betta fish will cost $5, but they do not come with such elaborate finnage that male bettas have, although they come in a range of interesting colors.

Since betta fish are solitary fish, you will only have to spend between $5 to $25 for one betta.

Dragon Scale Betta Fish
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Additional Costs to Anticipate Checklist

Betta fish come with additional costs, as you will need to purchase a suitably sized tank for them along with the necessary equipment and accessories to keep them happy and healthy. Most of these additional costs are once-off purchases such as the tank, filter, light, heater, and siphon.

However, you will need to purchase food and dechlorinator for your betta fish when it runs out. The additional costs along with the cost of a betta fish will come to a rough total of $150.

5-10 Gallon Tank: $25
Filter: $15
Heater: $15
Light: $15
Plants: $10
Airline Tubing: $2
Gravel Vacuum/Siphon: $15
Dechlorinator: $5
Bubbler/Air Stone: $2
Betta Fish Food: $5
Air Pump: $10
Substrate: $10

Monthly Costs For Betta Fish

Once you have covered the additional costs for a betta fish which will come to roughly $140, then you will only need to make monthly purchases for your betta’s food, water dechlorinator, and any medication if your betta was to become ill.

Both betta fish food and water dechlorinator will come to $10, but fish medication can be slightly more expensive depending on the type of medication your betta needs. Most fish medications cost between $10 to $25 but they are not always necessary unless your betta fish is ill. This brings the monthly costs to maintain a betta fish to $20.


How To Care For Betta Fish

Bettas are simple fish that are easy to care for. They do not need human interaction like other types of pets, and they will be content in a proper aquarium set up with a healthy diet. The most important consideration when caring for a betta fish is to make sure that their tank water conditions are ideal. Betta fish do not need an overly large tank, however, it should range from 5 to 10 gallons for one betta fish.

The tank should include a heater because bettas are tropical fish, and the water should be kept stable at 76’F to 82’F. A filter is necessary for betta fish because it helps to keep the water clean for the betta while holding beneficial bacteria to convert your betta fish’s waste into nitrates.

Once you have gotten the tank set up and the water is filtered and heated, you can add in the substrate and live or silk plants to give your betta fish a place to hide and feel secure. Your betta fish should eat a small portion of food twice a day, ideally in the morning and evenings, and the food should be specifically formulated for bettas.

The betta fish’s tank should be regularly cleaned using a siphon and replaced with dechlorinated water which can be down every two weeks depending on the size of the tank.

female betta with her eggs
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What Do You Need To Buy For Betta Fish?

  • A tank with a minimum volume of 5 gallons.
  • A filter that does not produce a strong current in the water.
  • An air pump with an air stone or bubbler to provide your betta fish with aeration.
  • High-quality betta fish pellets that are formulated for betta fish.
  • A small aquarium heater that can be set to a fixed temperature to keep the betta’s tank warm.
  • Substrate the bottom of the tank, especially if you plan to grow live plants.
  • Accessories such as silk or live plants give your betta a place to hide.
  • Water dechlorinator to remove chlorine and other heavy metals from the tap water before placing it into the tank.
Male betta fish
Image Credit: YanCabrera, Pixabay

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Betta fish will be easy to maintain after you have made the initial purchases for their tank and supplies. Betta fish are rarely sold for more than $25 depending on the type of betta fish, and they are affordable to care for in the long term. These fish make great pets and are fun to watch as they explore their environment and search for food.

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