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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost in Louisiana in 2024? Updated Guide

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Just like everything else, vet bills are going up. The Associated Press reported that the price of veterinary services has increased by 10% in the last year. Medical expenses were already tough to budget for, especially since most result from unexpected emergencies. Since the prices are steadily increasing, it might behoove you to research pet insurance policies to see if they could help you save money next time your dog or cat gets into a scrape. You can generally expect to pay between $22.59- $52.93 per month for pet insurance in Louisiana.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Just like human health insurance, pet insurance can help cover the costs of expensive medical treatment. Sometimes your pet may need emergency surgery that’s beyond your budget’s reach. Having pet insurance can give you a way to provide for your pet without putting you in severe debt.

Unlike traditional health insurance however, pet insurance doesn’t usually deal with networks and co-pays. Usually, you’re responsible for paying the entire bill up front, and then the pet insurance reimburses you after you’ve submitted your claim. Trupanion is an exception however, which makes them an ideal choice for people without a credit card or good credit. Trupanion pays the vet directly. Of course, the downside is that the clinic must be in-network to be approved.

Top Pet Insurance Companies

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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

Since variables such as your pet’s age, breed, and geographic location influence your quote, it’s a bit difficult to generalize the price of pet insurance.

Additionally, it depends on the company and the coverage that you choose. Some policies cover routine expenses for an extra charge, while others focus on accidents and illnesses. If you’re on a tight budget, you can buy an accident-only policy, or a cheap comprehensive plan like the one offered by Fetch.

Most of the cheapest accident-only policies start at around $10 per month, while a more comprehensive plan with a wellness add-on can reach up to around $90 per month depending on your animal. Here are a few examples of the cost for comprehensive coverage from a few top companies for a 17 lb. Maltipoo who lives in New Orleans*:

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Image Credit: Mikhail Nilov, Pexels
Provider: Maximum Payout: Reimbursement: Annual Deductible: Monthly Cost:
Embrace $30,000 per year 90% $500 $30.98
Trupanion Unlimited 90% $200 $52.93
Fetch $10,000 per year 80% $500 $22.59

*Most variables can be adjusted. The only exception is Trupanion, which always has a 90% reimbursement rate with an unlimited payout.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

You might also consider adding a wellness plan to your basic insurance policy to cover routine expenses such as annual checkups. Not all insurance companies offer one, however, and you’ll need to do some research to find out if it’s worth it for your pet. Some companies impose strict maximum payouts per category that restrict how you can use your allotment.

For example, they might give you only $25 out of your $150 total annual allotment for vaccines. Maybe you ideally need $50 for vaccines instead, and you don’t have a need for a payout in another category. Embrace is one wellness plan that doesn’t have any of these restrictions. You can use your allotment however you like, even on expenses such as grooming that aren’t typically covered under a wellness plan.

It’s important to note though that wellness plans aren’t the same as insurance policies, and you can’t buy one individually. You must have at least a basic plan to qualify. Think of it like a savings account where you pay a low monthly price that’s typically between $10 and $25 in order to add up to a yearly total of around $150. The advantage of having a wellness plan is that you can spend that money at any time throughout the year. It basically gives you a “saving account” for expenses such as heartworm prevention.

What’s the Most Affordable Pet Insurance Policy in Louisiana?

Accident-only plans can provide you with basic coverage for as little as $10 a month depending on the company and your pet. They’re a budget-friendly way to protect your cat or dog in the event of an emergency surgery, such as when they swallow a foreign object. However, they’re inadequate for dealing with long-term issues such as chronic illness or cancer.

It’s important to figure out what you want your insurance to cover in order to find the most affordable plan. For example, Spot offers one of the cheapest accident-only plans, but Fetch is your best bet if you want comprehensive care. If you need a wellness plan, Embrace is generally the best choice since they don’t have as many restrictions and the total price is reasonably fair.

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Image Credit: Mikhail Nilov, Pexels

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Depending on your policy, pet insurance may only cover immediate accidents such as medical treatment from eating dangerous foods or breaking a leg. A comprehensive policy will cover both emergencies and long-term illnesses such as diabetes. Wellness plans pay for routine expenses such as heartworm prevention. Every company offers slightly different coverage, so you’ll need to receive an individualized quote to see what’s covered and what’s excluded.

What Are Some Common Coverage Exceptions?

Unfortunately, most pet insurance plans won’t pay for pre-existing conditions. There are some exceptions however, with some companies accepting pre-existing conditions after 12 months with no treatment.

Additionally, pet insurance usually doesn’t cover expenses related to breeding or cosmetic procedures such as ear and tail docking or grooming.

Find The Best Pet Insurance Companies in 2024



Since vet bills are rising, a pet insurance policy may make all the difference in whether you can afford treatment for an unexpected emergency. Since there are so many factors that determine the cost, it’s important to receive an individual quote for your pet so you can determine which plan best fits your needs. If you can’t afford pet insurance, you might consider starting a savings account where you can put aside a little each month to save up for costly emergencies.

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