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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost in Maryland in 2024? Updated Guide

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While pet insurance is gaining popularity, it has yet to get legs in the United States, let alone in Maryland. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that 90.5 million households have at least one pet1. The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) puts the number of insured pets at 4.41 million2. Assuming these pets are mainly dogs and cats, that means less than 2.9% of animals are insured.

This is a vital consideration, given several facts about pet medical care. Just walking in the door of an emergency vet will set you back $1503. That’s just for the exam and doesn’t include any bloodwork, tests, or procedures. As you might’ve guessed, having pet insurance can be beneficial. Let’s see what you can expect to pay for pet insurance in Maryland. The average monthly cost for pet insurance in Maryland is $48 for a dog and $28 for a cat.


The Importance of Pet Insurance

Not unexpectedly, Maryland ranks high on the cost of pet insurance for accidents and illnesses at an average of $50.02 for dogs and $30.17 for cats. The national figures are $48.66 for dogs and $28.57 for cats.

The difference isn’t a lot, but it’s worth noting to put the expenses in perspective. It’s safe to say that it’s more expensive to own a pet in Maryland than elsewhere in the country. That’s where pet insurance comes in. It helps to keep your costs as low as possible, especially after unforeseen trips to the pet emergency room.

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How Much Does Pet Insurance in Maryland Cost?

Maryland has one of the lowest pet ownership rates in the country, with a household penetration rate of 49%. Consequently, you may find it harder to find a vet than in places where a greater percentage of people have dogs and cats. The cost of living also has an impact on what you’ll pay for veterinary services.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the average cost for three vet visits for a dog is $495 or $165 each. The economy has also impacted these costs, with 75% of Americans citing the financial burden of inflation as an obstacle.

Let’s put that in perspective with the annual costs of pet insurance in Maryland. The average yearly premium for a dog is $600 and $362 for a cat. It’s worth noting that policies cover either accidents or accidents with illnesses coverage. Preventive care is typically an add-on and would not factor into our calculations. Let’s figure out what comprehensive insurance would cost.

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Additional Costs to Anticipate

Wellness or preventive care packages typically have a set amount per covered expense. It usually doesn’t include the entire amount. However, the percentages are decent.

It’s worth noting that some insurers won’t cover annual visits. Also, some may allot a specific amount that you can use as you please. We strongly urge you to read the fine print on any additional coverage you buy.

Pet Patient Insurance With Wellness Coverage
Annapolis, MD
6-month male Labrador Retriever $40.99 $56.99
4-year, female Chihuahua $21.52 $37.52
2-year, female Domestic Shorthair Cat $15.56 $31.56
Baltimore, MD
6-month male Labrador Retriever $42.96 $58.96
4-year female Chihuahua $22.55 $38.55
2-year female Domestic Shorthair Cat $16.30 $32.30
Seat Pleasant, MD
6-month male Labrador Retriever $34.95 $50.95
4-year female Chihuahua $18.34 $34.34
2-year female Domestic Shorthair Cat $13.26 $29.26



When Should I Get Pet Insurance?

We suggest getting insurance as soon as you bring your pet home. Some insurers have conditions as to when you can get a policy on an animal, usually with a waiting period. They often vary with accident and illness coverages. Some also have upper-age limits. You’ll likely find that specific conditions may have their set of rules for things like hip dysplasia.

Pre-existing conditions are another stickler with pet insurance. Remember that people buy coverage for the long haul. Most pets don’t live nearly as long as humans. These companies don’t have a lot of time to collect, thus, they have limited payouts for some things.

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What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

The obvious division is between accident-only and accident-illness coverage. As you may expect, the latter costs more, but it is the better value in the long run.

Insurers typically make things quite clear on their websites, often including a sample policy for you to review. Most cover the things you’d expect, such as bowel obstructions, accidental poisonings, and diagnostics. Some will have certain guidelines regarding breed-specific conditions, like patellar luxation.

Other typical exclusions are preventable diseases, such as kennel cough, cosmetic procedures, and injuries from dog fighting or abuse.

What Else Should I Know About Pet Insurance?

Claim processing is one of the most common complaints about pet insurance. Therefore, we suggest reviewing the company’s procedure before choosing one. Many insurers have mobile apps that streamline the process. Bear in mind that these plans are usually reimbursements and are not handled the same way as your health insurance.

Some companies may require you to choose an in-network vet. Others may not cover your pet if you travel overseas. Most don’t deal with birds or other exotic animals. On a positive note, many offer multi-pet discounts. Others offer perks for claim-free years. You’ll find options to control the amount you spend with your choice of the percentage of coverage and deductible.

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Pet insurance in Maryland is a bit higher than the national average. Several factors may contribute to it, such as the cost of living, the percentage of pet owners, and locality-specific conditions. We suggest you research your options. After all, you only have only 25 companies from which to choose. You’ll likely find one that suits your pet and your budget.

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