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How Many Times Per Day Should a Pet Sitter Visit? What You Need to Know!

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If you’re heading out for a trip, you need to ensure your pet is getting all the care they need. You can board your pets somewhere or leave them in the comfort of their home and have someone visit them.

But if you are paying to have a pet sitter drop in on your pets, how often and how long should they visit for? The answer comes down to the type of pet you have, and there are mitigating factors that play a role too, which we will discuss below.

Still, cats generally need at least one visit a day and dogs need two visits each day, but that’s not everything you need to know, so keep reading!


How Many Times Should a Pet Sitter Visit a Cat Each Day?

At a minimum, a pet sitter should visit a cat at least once a day. This still depends on various factors that could affect your cat, and many cat owners feel more comfortable with two or three visits each day.

For an absolute minimum, a pet sitter should come and visit a cat at least once a day for about 30 minutes. This will allow the pet sitter to complete various tasks throughout your home and give your cat some attention while they are there.

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How Many Times Should a Pet Sitter Visit a Dog Each Day?

While cats need at least one visit each day, dogs require a bit more care, and as such, they need at least two visits each day. Once again, this depends on several factors, and two visits a day is the bare minimum.

Many owners prefer three or even four visits each day for their dog. If you choose to go with the two visits, we recommend that each visit lasts at least 30 minutes so the sitter can feed them, let them out, and spend some time with them each time before they go on their way.

How Long Should Pet Sitter Visits Last?

Anytime a pet sitter comes to visit your pet they should stay for at least 30 minutes. While the exact things the pet sitter will need to complete vary depending on the type of pet you have, they should spend at least 15 minutes completing all the necessary tasks.

From there, the pet sitter should focus on trying to spend some time with your pet. This way, they get at least a little companionship throughout the day.

Many times, a visit with a dog should last even longer than 30 minutes, as this allows them to take them out for a long walk or to play a game of fetch or something similar with them. The longer your pet sitter spends with your pet, the happier your pet will be!

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Image by: Africa Studio, Shutterstock


Factors to Consider

We’ve already highlighted the minimum care requirements when it comes to pet sitters and your pets, but there are potential factors that would have them benefit from even more visits. We’ve highlighted five different factors you should consider when scheduling visits for your pet.

Anxiety Levels

If you know your pet suffers from separation anxiety, you need to take this into account when you’re scheduling visits. Not only should you schedule more visits overall, but you should schedule longer visits for them too.

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Image by: pasja1000, Pixabay

Energy Levels

If your dog or cat has higher energy levels, they could benefit from additional visits. This will help crack down on potential destructive boredom behavior, and it’ll provide them with an avenue to get some extra energy out.

Medical Needs

If your dog has a medical condition where they need to get out a bit more or if they need medication throughout the day, you need to schedule at least this number of visits to meet your pet’s needs. If a vet says your pet needs something, ensure you’re doing it!

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Image by: Zen Chung, Pexels

Length of Trip

If you’re heading out for a longer trip, you should schedule longer and more frequent visits than if you’re just going away for a day or two. You don’t want your pet to get too lonely, and the longer you go away, the more likely they are to feel that way.

Your Pet’s Age

If your pet is extremely young or on the older side of things, they could benefit from more visits. Younger pets tend to suffer anxiety problems a bit more and have higher energy levels, while older pets can’t hold their bladder quite as well and often suffer from anxiety issues.



When it comes to looking out for your pets while you’re away, the more visits you can schedule for them the better. Whether you have pet dogs, cats, or both, they all benefit from more time with people, and they absolutely love any extra attention they can get.

When in doubt, give them an extra visit. You know your pet will appreciate it!

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