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How Often Should You Bathe a Beagle? Breed Care Tips

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Beagles are adorable dogs that make excellent pets and are also great for tracking. They come in different colors, such as lemon, black, red, white, brown, and tan, and have a life expectancy of between 12 and 15 years.

As a pet parent, you want nothing but the best food, care, toys, and more for your Beagle pup, and that includes keeping the dog clean and groomed.

We shower every day, so should you bathe your dogs at least once a week? Bathing a dog too often isn’t good for their fur or skin.

So, how often should you bathe your Beagle? We’ll answer that question and more below.


How Often Should You Bathe a Beagle?

Experts say that you should bathe your Beagle every 4 to 6 weeks after they reach the age of 10 weeks. Remember, bathing them more often will dry out the oils in their skin and damage their fur.

Bathing them removes foul odors and debris from their coats. It’s vital to use a gentle dog shampoo and dry the pup thoroughly after their bath.

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Why Is Bathing Your Beagle Important?

Since your furry friend has thick, short fur, the dirt doesn’t show up very well. In fact, your Beagle could play in the dirt and mud all day long, and you’d still think it was clean, except for the smell.

However, the dirt and debris will build up in their fur and on their skin over time, which can lead to matted fur, infections, and illnesses you don’t want to deal with. Bathing your Beagle regularly gets rid of the built-up dirt, dead hair, and accumulated oil to leave your Beagle fresh, smelling great, and with healthy shiny fur.

Other Factors to Consider

While you can usually follow the rule of thumb of bathing your Beagle only once every 4 to 6 weeks, there’ll be factors that make bathing the dog a must before the time elapses.

Skin Rashes or Underlying Allergies

Allergies are common in humans, but they’re also prevalent in dogs. If your dog has allergies or skin rashes, the schedule for their bath time may need to change. For example, if your dog has a rash, you might have to use a medicated shampoo and bathe it once a week until the rash is cleared up.

If you think your Beagle has a skin rash or allergy, it’s best to contact your vet to determine the cause of the inflammation and treat the condition.

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Image Credit By: Andres Arbelaez, Unsplash

Health Issues

If your dog has any health issues, it might be best to talk to your vet about how often the Beagle needs to be bathed.

Playing in the Mud

Outdoor pups can’t seem to resist the mud hole in the front yard, and you might have to adjust your schedule for bathing the dog so that it stays clean and doesn’t track mud all throughout your home.

Coat Type

Some Beagles are prone to having dry skin. In that case, you may have to bathe your pet less frequently to prevent skin irritation.

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Image Credit By: mrnok, Shutterstock

What About Grooming Your Beagle?

While your Beagle won’t require the extensive grooming that a dog like a Poodle would, there are still things that need to be done to keep your Beagle healthy, happy, and with a shiny coat.

Taking care of the ears and teeth of your Beagle is just as important as its skin and hair. On top of that, though the dog has short fur, it’s still a good idea to brush it about once a month to remove dead hair and dirt.

Your Beagle’s ears are long and floppy, making them breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, and infections if you don’t take care of their ears properly. It’s best to clean their ears about once a month. Also, you’ll want to brush your Beagle’s teeth, so don’t forget to invest in a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste.

divider-paw Final Thoughts

You should bathe your Beagle once every 4 to 6 weeks unless there are factors that warrant a bath sooner or later. Beagles are adorable pets that don’t require much in the way of grooming. However, they need baths and brushing sessions, and besides, who doesn’t want their Beagle to be clean and healthy?

Featured Image Credit: Wasitt Hemwarapornchai, Shutterstock

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