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How Often Would People Choose Their Pets Over Their Partners?

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Whether it’s a dog or a cat, we know that pet owners love their pets just as if they are family members. So, what happens if your partner gives you an ultimatum and you must choose between your pets and your partner? What do you do?

Of course, we all know that you can tell how good a person is by the way they treat their pets. But did you know that studies show that over 80% of people would choose their pets over their partners if it came down to having to choose?1

If you’re dating someone who has a pet, and you don’t like pets, there are a few warning signs you should look out for that you might be kicked to the curb if you force your partner to choose between you or their pet. We’ll discuss a few of those signs below.


Signs to Watch Out For

There are a few warning signs you’ll want to watch out for if you aren’t a pet person and your partner loves them and has a couple of their own.

The Pet Is a Companion Animal

If the pet, whether it’s a cat or dog, is considered a companion rather than merely a pet, you’re unlikely to convince your partner to abandon it. A companion animal provides some of the comforts that human relationships offer, such as entertainment, love, cuddles, and happiness.

When a person is close to an animal, they consider it part of the family.

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They Get Defensive Over Their Pets

Pet owners can get very defensive about their dogs and cats. If you’re rude to the animal, complain that pet hair gets on your clothes, or think you’re going to scold the animal, you may receive an aggressive response from your partner.

They can scold their pet, just as if it was their child, but you won’t be allowed to do so and shouldn’t.

They Describe Themselves as Animal Lovers

If your partner is a self-professed animal lover, they will surely choose their pet over you if you make them choose. You’ll be expected to treat their pets with love and respect just as they do.

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The Animal Is a Service Dog

For people who aren’t animal lovers or pet owners, when they think of service dogs, they usually think of seeing eye dogs. That’s no longer true. There are a wide variety of service pets now, and they don’t have to be dogs and cats.

Therapy animals are invaluable for pet owners suffering from stress or mental issues. If you’re dating someone with a service animal, you can be almost 100% sure the person will choose that pet over you.


Can a Pet Help a Relationship?

It is thought that having a pet can help a relationship. Pets are nurturing and bring out the nurturing side in people. They love people unconditionally and have been known to make people feel happier just by being around them, which is why they are used as therapy animals so often.

There are a few health benefits associated with owning a pet, including a longer lifespan. They are great for relationships, so maybe you’ll want your partner to keep the animal they have instead of giving them a choice between you and their pet.

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Regarding their pets, pet parents can have some strong emotions. To many owners, their dogs and cats are a part of their family and are treated the same way anyone else in the family would be. If you come into a relationship knowing that the person you’re involved with has pets, you shouldn’t expect that person to give up their pet to have a relationship with you.

As you can see, you’re more than likely going to lose if you force your partner to make a choice between you and a beloved pet.

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