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How to Cat-Proof Blinds: 6 Vet Approved Tips

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Many cats love to play with blinds, probably for the funny noises these objects make when their furry little paws tap and spin them. Obviously, you find this particular game anything but amusing. By playing with your blinds, your cat can knock them over and damage them. But rest assured, with a few tips, it’s entirely possible for your cat and your blinds to live in harmony.


The 6 Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Blinds

1. Spray Your Blinds with Cat Deterrent

There are different types of sprays that act as cat deterrents that can be used to prevent them from bending or breaking your blinds. Commercially available sprays are effective options, and you can also make a DIY spray based on smells your cat hates. In addition to protecting your blinds, some sprays will leave a pleasant smell in your home.

2. Redirect Your Cat’s Attention

Your cat may have gotten into the habit of attacking your blinds just out of boredom. It is, therefore, your responsibility to redirect his attention to another less “destructive” type of game. For example, you can buy or make a cat tree or scratching post. These indoor kitty essentials are perfect for keeping your kitty entertained.

Several models are available, ranging from a simple scratching post to a real cat gym. You can also sprinkle them with catnip to encourage your cat to use these new toys. Finally, even if the cost of these items may seem expensive, know that it is better to meet your pet’s basic needs than to punish him for destroying your blinds or other furniture.

3. Use Double-Sided Tape

If you put double-sided tape on your blinds, your cat won’t appreciate the texture and sticky residue under her paws. It’s the same principle as aluminum foil that discourages cats from scratching carpets or sofas. Just be sure to stick the tape in inconspicuous places to keep your blinds looking great.

4. Give Your Cat a Dedicated Window Seat

It’s hard for your cat to resist the urge to stare out the window, given the entertaining sight of the birds and squirrels having a blast outside! And since your beautiful blinds are an obstacle to this show, your cat will try at all costs to get around them. So, rather than fighting against your kitty’s nature, dedicate a place in your house where your cat can look outside as he pleases.

You can put a comfy chair next to a window or set up a small hammock so your cat can look outside in style. Creating a dedicated space for your feline will save your blinds and keep him happy. As a bonus, you’ll know which window will need extra cleaning to remove all the paw prints your kitten may leave in the window while trying to catch all the birds!

5. Hide the Cords of Your Blinds

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Image Credit By: Lisa A. Ernst, Shutterstock

If you’re worried (and rightly so) that your kitten will hurt herself by playing with the cords of your blinds, just put them out of her sight. You can simply use a rubber band or a bread tie. Then, roll up the cords of your blinds and tie them with the elastic and you’re done!

6. Opt for Vertical Blinds

This solution is more expensive and should only be considered if you cannot overcome your cat’s obsession with your horizontal blinds. Indeed, the vertical blinds can be pushed aside easily and your kitty can bask in his favorite place without damaging your precious window treatment.



As you know, cats are curious by nature and love to play with anything they find in their path. And since spying on the neighborhood through the window is one of their favorite hobbies, it is normal that they try to break your bulky blinds to free their view! However, thanks to our six tips, you now know what to do to limit the damage to your beautiful window treatment!


Featured Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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