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How to Discipline a Corgi Puppy – 6 Tips & Ticks

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Objectively, Corgi puppies are among the cutest of all baby dogs. However, you may find some of their behavior less than adorable, especially as they’re growing and learning about household expectations. What do you do when your Corgi puppy misbehaves? In this article, we’ll give you six tips on disciplining a Corgi puppy, including how to prevent the need for it in the first place!


The 6 Tips & Tricks on How to Discipline a Corgi Puppy

1. Prevention Is the Best Cure

When training a Corgi puppy, the best tip we can offer is to set your dog up for success by avoiding situations where discipline is needed. For example, puppy-proof your house before your new pet arrives. Remove or secure items that could serve as chewing temptations, and supervise your puppy at all times during their first weeks in your house. You could also use a crate or a small, puppy-proofed room to confine your Corgi puppy when you can’t directly watch them. Keeping your puppy strictly supervised will hopefully prevent the need for constant discipline because you keep your Corgi out of as much trouble as you can.

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2. Meet Your Puppy’s Needs

Another essential step in setting your Corgi puppy up for success is making sure you’re meeting all its basic needs. Corgis are energetic, intelligent, and social dogs. Puppies that don’t get enough exercise, attention, or mental stimulation are more likely to misbehave.

Get your puppy on a regular schedule with consistent meal times, potty breaks, and exercise. Dogs do best with a consistent routine and expectations. These simple steps can go a long way towards preventing many situations when your Corgi puppy needs discipline.

3. Timing Is Everything

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to prevent every incidence of bad behavior in your Corgi puppy. If you need to discipline your Corgi puppy, you must get the timing right for it to be most effective. Puppies have very short memories and scolding them after you find a pair of shoes they chewed up an hour ago won’t work.

For effective discipline, you need to catch your puppy in the act of misbehaving, ideally just as they start gnawing on furniture or peeing on the floor. Distract them by loudly saying “No!” or “Off!” or clapping your hands. The noise is intended to get their attention and make them stop their shenanigans.

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Image Credit: autopilotkodyma, Pixabay

4. Redirect Their Attention

As soon as your puppy is distracted from their bad behavior, swoop in and redirect their attention. That might mean rushing them outside to finish peeing or pooping. If they’re chewing something inappropriate (including you), offer an appropriate chew object.

As soon as your Corgi puppy does the right thing, whether peeing in the yard or chewing their Kong, immediately reward them with praise and maybe a treat. Again, the timing is critical here. Your dog must connect the reward with the good behavior they just displayed.

5. Ignore Bad Behavior

It’s best to ignore misbehavior and only give your dog attention when they stop acting up. This tip works best for puppies displaying overexcited or aggressive play behaviors like jumping, nipping, or barking. If your puppy starts to play too rough, stop interacting and ignore them. This helps teach your Corgi that playtime will stop if they misbehave. When your puppy calms down, go back to playing with them.

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Image Credit: KDdesignphoto, Shutterstock

6. Don’t Neglect Training and Socialization

Along with disciplining your puppy for bad behavior, it’s vital to teach the right way to behave. Basic obedience and socialization should begin as soon as your puppy comes home. Socializing your Corgi with various people and situations will help them learn to control themselves and react appropriately, reducing the chances you’ll need to discipline them.

If you need professional guidance on training your Corgi, look for a puppy training class in your area. Many veterinarians offer such courses through their clinic or can recommend a trainer. Make sure to choose a puppy class emphasizing positive, reward-based training methods.

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How (Not) to Discipline Your Corgi Puppy

We hope this goes without saying, but you should never use physical or harsh verbal punishment to discipline your Corgi puppy. Hitting your dog, even lightly, may teach them to be hand-shy and harm the bond between you and your Corgi.

Yelling at your Corgi puppy is ineffective and may scare them to the point that they are less responsive to your training. Puppies are highly impressionable, especially before they’re 3–4 months old, and they may develop lifelong fears based on what happens to them during this stage of life. You don’t want yourself to become one of those fears.

If you’re crate training your Corgi, don’t use the crate as a punishment. You want your Corgi puppy to feel safe and comfortable in the crate, so they’re happy to stay there when you need them to. If you use the crate for discipline, your puppy will learn to associate it with negative feelings and probably resist going in.

Finally, we touched on this earlier, but you should never discipline your puppy if you don’t catch them in the act of misbehaving. If you find a pee spot on the rug but no puppy in sight, don’t try to bring your Corgi back to the scene of the crime to discipline them. They won’t understand what’s happening and could become frightened by your actions.



The first weeks and months a Corgi puppy spends in your care are some of the most important. During this crucial window, it’s typically the easiest to shape your Corgi’s behavior. Introduce routines such as grooming and trips to the vet as soon as possible. Use these six tips to help discipline your Corgi puppy effectively or prevent the need for it as much as possible.

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