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How to Give CBD Oil to Cats: 5 Tips & Tricks

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Many people are looking for natural ways to treat their cat’s health problems and/or to enhance their overall quality of life. One option that people seem to find useful is CBD oil. It can potentially help with a variety of problems, including seizures and epilepsy1.

CBD oil is sourced from the hemp plant, but it contains little (if any) THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD can be sourced naturally or manufactured without psychoactive components for use in medical marijuana and CBD products.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your kitty getting “high” after being administered CBD oil. It’s also important to note that CBD is not known to be addictive in any way2. So, how would one give CBD oil to their cat? Here are a few options.


Please Note

The FDA has not yet approved the use of CBD or any other hemp-containing products in animals to treat any ailment. If you plan to administer CBD to your pet, you should consult with your veterinarian before doing so.

Top 5 Tips for Giving CBD Oil to Cats

1. Directly Administer It

One of the most effective ways to give CBD oil to your cat is to directly administer it using a dropper or syringe. If the product comes with its own dropper or syringe, you should use that, since it is designed to help you give your pet the proper dosage.

Some felines enjoy the oil and have no problem licking it up. Others aren’t so fond of it, so a little encouragement may be necessary. There are other administration options if you find that your kitty does not want to take the CBD oil directly into their mouth for any reason.

2. Add CBD Oil to Food and/or Treats

Another way to administer CBD oil to your cat is to add it to their food and mix it around at mealtime or to drizzle it on their treats before offering any to them. The oil will absorb into the food and treats, so your kitty may not even know that it’s there. CBD oil can be mixed with both dry and wet foods, although it may make dry food a bit soggy, which some cats may not like. It’s best to add CBD oil to your cat’s food right before serving it. For treats, just use a dropper to drop the CBD oil needed for your cat on each treat before giving it to your cat.

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3.  Buy Prepackaged Infused Treats

If you aren’t interested in administering CBD oil to your kitty yourself, you can always purchase pre-packaged treats that are infused with the oil. This way, there is no need to worry about dosage or whether you will be able to get your kitty to take their dose each day, assuming the dose in the treat itself is appropriate for your cat and approved by your vet. Infused treats made of fish components seem to be most popular among cats, but you may have to try multiple flavors before finding one that your kitty likes to eat.

4. Add CBD Oil to the Water Dish

Another administration option is to simply add CBD oil to your cat’s water dish once a day when you refill the dish with clean water. An inherent drawback of this technique is that your cat may not drink all the water in their dish on a daily basis, and it’s very difficult to infuse CBD oils into a pet water fountain, as the filtration system in the fountain may sometimes neutralize the CBD oil. Therefore, this technique is not a surefire way to ensure that your cat gets their required dose of CBD oil.

Bengal cat eating food from tilted food bowl
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5. Put CBD Oil on Your Kitty’s Paws

If your cat is like most cats, they tend to frequently lick their paws, especially when they feel wet or dirty. Dropping a little CBD oil on your cat’s paws is a great way to get them to take the oil if you have a hard time administering it in other ways. This process will result in the feline licking their paws to get them clean, thus ingesting their dose of CBD oil at the same time. They’d rather ingest the oil than leave their paws feeling wet and dirty. This tip is not advised in a multi-cat household, and it should also be considered a last resort for particularly picky cats who refuse to eat or drink CBD when offered in other forms or via other methods.


How Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Cat?

Giving your cat too much CBD oil at one time can cause side effects like lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, and a loss of appetite. Therefore, it is important to establish a proper dosage for your cat before you start administering it to them. Start by reading the directions on the packaging of the CBD oil that you decide to invest in. Also, contact your veterinarian for dosing recommendations. They should be able to provide you with an accurate dosage formula to work with based on things like your cat’s age, health, and the conditions that you are trying to treat. From there, you should have a clear understanding of how much CBD oil you should be giving your pet feline each day.



Treating your cat with CBD oil doesn’t have to be a complicated process. After figuring out how much oil to administer to your cat each day, you can utilize one or more of the options outlined here to get them to consume it.

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