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How to Keep Your Cat Calm During 4th of July Fireworks: 8 Effective Tips

Cat looks out the window and watching the fireworks

Most people love celebrations, and the 4th of July is truly an exceptional holiday celebrated throughout the US. However, such celebrations frequently include fireworks, which may be fun for us but are not so pleasant for our pets.

If you have a cat, it’s essential to help it remain calm during the 4th of July fireworks, as they can be pretty stressful and cause anxiety in your feline.

We want to help on this mission, so we’ve come up with a list of eight tips to help your cat keep calm through the 4th of July and all the fireworks outside.


The Effects of Fireworks on Cats

Not all pets are bothered by the sound and looks of fireworks. However, many of them will experience extreme anxiety and discomfort when faced with such experiences. Depending on the temperament of your feline, it might try to hide or hurt itself or someone in its environment.

Because of that, you must act as a responsible cat parent and protect your feline from experiencing this type of trauma.

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The 8 Top Ways to Keep Your Cat Calm During 4th of July Fireworks

1. Keep Your Cat Inside

During the 4th of July, it’s best to keep your cat inside to prevent stress and anxiety. Fireworks are loud and have a lot of flashes which will trigger your cat’s reflexes and startle them. As these triggers cause panic in cats, they could easily become distracted, get hit by a car, or get lost.

You may think your feline is fearless, but such circumstances can scare even the most adventurous cats. Because of that, keeping your cats indoors during this holiday will ensure their safety, and the whole experience will be less traumatizing for both of you.

2. Close All Windows and Doors

Another critical thing to remember throughout the 4th of July celebrations is to close all windows and doors if you have a cat or any other pet. By closing all doors and windows, you’ll eliminate possible escape passages for your feline while also reducing the loudness of the noise coming from the outside.

The environment will be less dangerous with all possible exits closed, and your cat will be more tranquil. Another helpful tip is to keep your feline away from windows if the firework flashes are visible nearby.

Once the celebration is over, and you’re sure there are no other triggers that could aggravate or stress out your kitty, you can go back to your typical day-to-day routine.

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Image by: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

3. Provide a Safe Space for Your Cat

It’s best to spend celebrations that include fireworks inside if you have a cat. However, just keeping your feline inside the home won’t be enough to prevent the possible stress from the 4th of July fireworks.

Instead of just focusing on keeping your cat inside, you also need to focus on providing a safe hiding space for your cat if it gets stressed or anxious. If your cat already has a favorite hiding spot, ensure it’s easily accessible. However, if your cat doesn’t have a proper place to hide, you can create one by using blankets and boxes, which should make your feline feel more secure.

4. Play Soothing Music

Another thing you can do to keep your cat calm during the 4th of July fireworks is to play soothing music. Cats react positively to soothing sounds, and there are a lot of cat-friendly compositions you can play them. The soothing noise coming from the background will distract your kitty and allow it to relax.

Although playing music to your cat may seem silly, a lot of research shows music makes cats feel comfortable. However, if music is not something you prefer, you can also play anything on the TV, as it should distract your feline from the fireworks outside.

cat watching TV
Image by: Ingus Kruklitis, Shutterstock

5. Use Calming Scents

When fireworks are flashing outside, you’re the one in charge of the safety of your cat. You can use calming scents to prepare a calming environment where your feline can relax and not stress over everything happening outside. There are specialized calming scent products for cats you can look up online or in your local pet supplies store.

These products use pheromones which trigger a positive response inside a cat’s body when you use them. Because of the pheromones, cats become anxious, so they can easily survive through the 4th of July fireworks.

One thing to keep in mind is to never use essential oils instead of actual approved calming scents for cats. The reason is that some essential oils could potentially harm your feline’s health, so it’s best to avoid them.

6. Talk to Your Vet

If you have a cat that has a bad reaction to fireworks and it causes stress no matter what you do, it would be helpful to talk to your vet and see if your cat needs medication.

While this might not be the best option for all cats, some may benefit from it. This is something you should discuss with the vet ahead of time and ensure they know what exactly happens with your cat during the 4th of July fireworks.

Some vets may prescribe medication that will lightly sedate your cat to help it feel calm until the fireworks are over. Ensure you get all the information from your veterinarian and never give your feline medication alone.

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Image by: Pressmaster, Shutterstock

7. Consider Microchipping Your Feline

Even when you block exits inside your home, there’s still a possibility that your cat might get out and get lost during the 4th of July. Because of that, it might be a good idea to consider microchipping your feline, which will allow you to identify it in case it disappears.

If you’re having guests or other unknown people visiting, your cat might get aggravated and find a way out of your home. Without the microchip, you won’t be able to identify your cat in case it loses its collar.

8. Remember to Remain Calm

One of the most important things to keep your cat calm through the 4th of July fireworks is to remain calm yourself. Although this may sound like something you’re already aware of, the stress of preparations for the holiday and caring for your family and pets can sometimes become overwhelming.

Remember that cats have strong senses and that your cat will be able to notice that you’re nervous or stressed, which is something you want to avoid.

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Image by: Kuiper, Shutterstock


Things to Avoid

Since we went on and on about what you should do to help your kitty, we also want to point out things you should avoid as they could make your cat even more stressed. Here’s what not to do during the 4th of July celebrations:

  • Don’t wait too long before you bring your cat indoors: If you have a cat who spends time both indoors and outdoors, you should prepare it for the day inside until the fireworks end. It’s not good to bring your cat indoors at the last minute; instead, allow the cat to get comfortable inside as that’s where it’ll spend most of the day.
  • Don’t force your feline to hang out with you: Once the fireworks explode, every cat’s natural reaction is to go and hide somewhere safe. If this happens during the 4th of July fireworks, don’t insist on your cat hanging out with you and your family. Instead, provide your feline with a safe space where it can relax and relieve its anxiety.
  • Changing your routine: Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid changing your routine as the holiday approaches. That might add more stress to your cat, making the 4th of July fireworks even more stressful than they already are.



The 4th of July is a memorable holiday, which can flow smoothly for you and your cat, as long as you take some extra precautions to make your feline feel comfortable. Utilizing the tips from our list, you’ll help your loving furry friend through this experience, which is extremely important for your relationship and your cat’s development.

Featured Image Credit: Vincent Scherer, Shutterstock

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