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How to Keep Your Cat Safe Around the Pool (7 Great Tips)

Cat in swimming pool

The heat is on! And that means it’s time to hit the pool. For cat owners, pool days can pose some questions and provoke some stress. While we may love to give our cats a place to cool off in the hot summer months, cats and water don’t always mix well. Keeping your cat safe around the pool is an important part of being a responsible, loving pet owner. Summertime can be hazardous, especially with a deep backyard pool in play. Make sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your feline friend away from any potential danger.

To help keep your bestie safe around the pool, we have compiled a list of helpful tips. Read on for seven ways to keep your cat safe around the pool during this swimming season!


The 7 Tip to Keep Your Cat Safe Around the Pool

1. Install a Pool Cover

You can’t always be around to stop your cat from falling in the pool, and because of their super feline athleticism, you can’t easily fence it off to keep cats physically away from the water. The next best thing you can do is get a pool cover.  A good-quality pool cover can prevent accidents from happening by keeping cats out of the water. If your cat does accidentally fall into the pool, having a cover will give them some support and prevents them from getting tired and struggling to keep themselves above water. Investing in a quality pool cover will help ensure that both you and your kitty have peace of mind when the swimming season arrives.

2. Get a Pool Alarm

A great way to ensure your cat’s safety is by investing in a pool alarm. These are wireless sensors that detect when something goes into the water and will sound off an alert so you know right away if anything has gone awry—and you can spring into action. Pool alarms come in different sizes and shapes and range in price, so there’s sure to be one that fits both your budget and needs. Not only do they provide maximum security for your wet moggy, but they also give you peace of mind knowing that you have an extra line of defense against any accidents happening in the water.

Pool Alarm
Image By: sylv1rob1, Shutterstock

3. Put a Floatation Device on Your Cat

If your cat can’t swim but wants to get in or near the water with you consider using a floatation device or a cat life jacket. Floatation devices for cats come in many shapes and forms, with the most common being specially designed life jackets. Not only does it keep your cat afloat if they happen to fall into the water, but it also offers them a comfortable spot to relax on top of the water. The best part? Your kitty will look super stylish while they’re enjoying their day out at the pool!

4. Teach Your Cat How to Swim

If you’re a proud cat parent and your summer home includes a pool, you may be wondering how to keep your feline friend safe. Given many cats’ natural fear of water, a cat swimming sounds unnatural, but it is possible: cats can learn to swim and to love water. Teaching your cat how to swim is one of the best ways to keep them safe in the water. Swimming can provide cats with an enjoyable physical activity that they can enjoy while spending quality time with their favorite humans.

a domestic cat swimming in the pool
Image By: Marie-Claude Lemay, Shutterstock

5. Make an Exit Point for Your Cat

Once a cat is comfortable in the water and knows how to swim, the next problem is how they get out of the pool. Human-sized steps and ladders may be impossible for your cat to use and pulling themselves up from the pool is something cats are not anatomically designed to do. To ensure your cat’s safety consider adding an exit ramp from the pool. Creating an exit ramp allows your cat access to a safe area surrounding the pool where they can rest after swimming or play before getting in.

The ramp should be wide enough that they can easily walk up and down with their natural gait as well as be made from materials that provide good traction, so they don’t slip on their way out of the water.

6. Educate Family and Friends on Pool Safety Procedures

Pool season is in full swing and it’s a great time for you, your family, and your friends to have some fun in the sun. You can’t personally always be at the pool to watch out for your cat so, make sure everyone knows to always watch out for your cat when they are near the pool or playing outside. If they see them near the edge of the pool, remind them that cats can be very curious creatures and not to leave them alone near any body of water without supervision.

It’s also important that all family members know how to properly use any covers or fences installed around the area so that your kitty cannot get close enough to fall in.

A black cat near the swimming pool
Image By: Arisani, Shutterstock

7. Store Pool Chemicals Securely

When you own a cat, it can be exciting to create an outdoor space for them. A pool area is one way to provide your kitty with extra entertainment and exercise; however, there are several steps you should follow in order to keep them safe. Water is not the only potential hazard for cats: the chemicals used to keep the pool clear are highly toxic. To keep your cat safe, make sure that all pool chemicals and cleaning agents are securely locked away with no access for your cat, other pets, or children.




Keeping your cat safe around the pool is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. With the right precautions and environmental modifications, you can make sure that your cat is enjoying the pool safely. As a first line of defense for when you are not around invest in a pool cover or a pool alarm. To help your cat enjoy the water you can get them a life vest or teach them how to swim. Cats can’t climb out of a pool so you should create a ramp for them to get out unassisted.

Finally, remember to always watch your cats when they are near or in the water, as accidents can happen at any time.

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