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How to Play With Your Cat: 8 Fun & Easy Tips

gray and white cat playing with toy on the floor

Pets are our beloved companions in this life, and we should provide them with adequate care and love. It’s also important to play with your pet, as that will engage them and provide them with the needed exercise for their bodies.

While many believe this is only true for dogs, it also counts for cats. However, sometimes it can be tricky to find games and things your feline will like—and that’s where we come to the rescue.

We have you covered if you’ve been looking up new games and ways to play with your cat. This article will cover some of the best tips for playing with your cat and keeping it entertained throughout the day.


Why Is Playing with Your Cat Important?

While some people think cats are independent and they don’t need much play and human time, that’s not exactly true. Cats need to play for several reasons, some of the most important being:

  • Play time will engage your feline and make it less bored
  • By playing with your cat, you stimulate their brain, allowing proper development for your feline
  • Playing will make your feline move, which will allow them to keep normal body weight and prevent obesity
  • Play will mentally stimulate your cat
  • Games will lower the stress and anxiety in your feline
  • Playtime enhances positive behavior in cats
  • Games will make your cat more friendly around people
  • Play time will also increase your feline’s overall health

Play affects cats positively, so you shouldn’t allow your feline to go through its life without this necessary activity. Instead of straying away from playtime with your cat, you can look for fun and unconventional ways to incorporate play into your daily routine.

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Top 8 Ideas on How to Play with Your Cat

1. Play Hide and Seek

If your feline comes to you when you call it by name, it might be a good idea to try out the hide-and-seek game. You can either hide and call your cat to come to find you, or you can show your feline how to hide and then search for it. While this may not work for all cats, most enjoy this type of play and will likely engage in seeking you.

This type of play will allow your cat to improve their mental and physical health while encouraging good behavior. You can also think of unconventional ways of hiding and seeking by including other family members or hiding stuff around the home and helping your feline find it. You can even make a treasure hunt and have your cat work for its food or favorite toys. It’s all about being playful and showing that side of you to your cat, as it should react positively to this game.

scared British blue-point cat hiding under the bed
Photo Credit By: zossia, Shutterstock

2. Teach Your Cat a New Trick

People believe that tricks are for dogs and that a cat cannot learn any tricks. However, that’s not always the case as you can teach your feline different tricks, although it’ll take time and determination. Cats are intelligent creatures and tend to pick up on things quickly, so as long as your feline is interested in learning a new trick, you can start your training session.

Before you proceed, ensure your kitty is up for the challenge, and instead of bossing it around, look for a friendly approach that will make the trick learning fun and engaging. Typically, felines will easily master tricks such as five or sitting, so it’s a good starting point, and you can add other tricks later down the road.

3. Provide an Empty Box

One of the simplest ways to play with your cat is to provide an empty box that your cat can explore. While it may sound weird to give your feline an empty box, there’s just something about cats and boxes that makes these creatures love to play with them. If you look up this online, you’ll see a bunch of videos of cats jumping into boxes, running around them, and simply being playful.

By giving your cat an empty box, you’ll allow it to use its imagination and become its play buddy. This activity should keep your cat engaged for a while, and if your cat is not into it, you can try some other games or fun activities on our list.

black cat lying in box
Photo Credit By: Luku Muffin, Unsplash

4. Play Fetch

Playing fetch is another activity people typically tie to dogs, not even thinking it could also apply to cats. However, even cats can play fetch, as most felines enjoy engaging in this type of activity. Cats also like balls and chasing, so playing fetch is the perfect game that will stimulate your cat.

Before you begin, call your cat by name and show it the toy ball you’ll use for play. Once you have your feline’s attention, all you need to do is throw the ball. Your cat will likely run to get it; if it does, remember to reward the good behavior by offering treats. After some time, your feline might even learn to return the ball to you, although this will take more practice.

5. Make a Bubble Party!

Cats love to chase objects and like shiny things, so you can consider a “bubble party.” You can blow a bunch of bubbles into the air, allowing your cat to chase them down and pierce them. One of the most important things when choosing this type of play is to steer away from harmful substances to make the bubbles, as they could burst into your kitty’s eyes and cause issues.

You can make the bubbly mixture using natural products that won’t harm your feline’s health, but they’ll keep it engaged and entertained.

Kitten playing with bubbles on green field in summer
Photo Credit By: Duet PandG, Shutterstock

6. Offer Environmental Stimulation

While you can directly play with your cat, you can also offer environmental stimulation that will keep your cat busy throughout the day. Environmental stimulation is especially important if you don’t have enough time to spend with your feline. As cats love to climb, run, and scratch, you could invest in various climbers and scratchers that will entertain your kitty.

Of course, every cat has different preferences, so you can include different items for environmental stimulation based on what your cat likes. That means some people can include feathers, while others can use bottles or anything else their cat finds appealing.

7. Use Food for Games

If your cat wants to play, you can incorporate food and playtime together, making fun games for your feline. This is an excellent way to make your cat work for its food and teach it how to handle different situations.

You can hide food around the house and encourage your feline to find it, or you could try out puzzle feeders. They are extremely interesting for cats, as your feline will need to find a way to solve the puzzle and get the treat out of the feeder. It may take time for your kitty to figure out how to release the kibble, but your cat will be well-fed and stimulated.

Cat playing puzzlepaw
Image Credit: Agata Kowalczyk, Shutterstock

8. Play Tag

Cats typically love to be chased as a way of playing, so playing a game like tag with your feline might be a good way to keep it busy and entertained. You can chase your feline around the house or allow it to chase you instead. One thing to remember is that not all cats will enjoy this game, so you should look at your cat’s body language to ensure this type of play feels good.

Commonly, your cat will let you know if it likes this form of play or not. If unhappy, your feline will likely make sounds or even hiss, while happy felines keep their tails up, showing they’re having a good time.


Things To Avoid When Playing with Your Cat

While you need to know helpful tips that will help you play with your cat, you also need to know about the things you should avoid when playing with your feline. Here are some quick tips on what not to do when playing with your cat:

  • Don’t use your hands
  • Don’t use lasers and flashlights
  • Don’t make your feline run the whole time
  • Don’t overstimulate your cat



Playing with your cat has never been easier—all you need to do is choose one of the activities on our list and start playing with your feline. Remember to observe your feline’s behavior and ensure that it feels comfortable playing the chosen game.

Featured Image Credit: Piotr Musiol, Unsplash

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