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How to Remove Black Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors: 4 Easy Ways

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If your hardwoods are precious to you, having an unsightly urine stain is probably a real problem in your home. Sure, you can throw a rug over it—but wouldn’t it be better to obliterate it? Let’s take a look at how to tackle these stubborn stains.


The 4 Ways to Remove Black Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors

1. Commercial Cleaner

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Image Credit: polina_tankilevitch, Pexels

Naturally, the first option you have is a commercial cleaner you buy at the store or online. They have tons of products designed just for the task of removing harsh stains from hardwood surfaces.

You might have to do some research at first. After all, there are eco-friendly products that are natural and safe. There are powerful chemical compounds that do the job with zest. They have multiple companies, textures, and potencies.

Since each product is so remarkably different, there are no one-size-fits-all instructions on the subject. Always make sure to follow the steps exactly as directed.

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2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide
Image Credit: pedphoto36pm, Shutterstock

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent, inexpensive way to remove these stains from hardwood. It has natural whitening properties that remove these stubborn dark stains quickly and efficiently.

You will need a spare cloth or absorbent cleaning agent, peroxide, and water for this method.

Gently dab the rag with hydrogen peroxide and scrub the area—do not saturate the floor. You should see it naturally lift as you gently work at the stain.

Once you’ve removed the stain, you can do a quick wipe down with water to remove the residual peroxide. As the area dries, you should see the area turn a uniform color.

3. White Vinegar

white vinegar on the wooden table top
Image Credit: focal point, Shutterstock

White vinegar is practically a miracle cure-all for stains and smells. It is used in all sorts of natural concoctions since it removes tough stains and cancels out bad odors with its acidic pH.

All you have to do is grab a spray bottle or small tub. Mix one cup of vinegar with one cup of water to make an equal mix.

Spray or saturate the stain vigorously. You can allow the vinegar to set on the stain for up to 10 minutes for optimal effectiveness.

Blot up any residual vinegar with a dry rag or cloth. Take a damp cloth or towel and clean the area, ensuring a vinegar-free surface.

4. Baking Soda

baking soda
Image Credit: NatureFriend, Pixabay

Baking soda is another household favorite that is incredibly good at getting stains out. It has natural whitening agents that lift dark urine spots.

Simply take a small bowl of baking soda and mix with just enough water to form a paste. Place a layer of the paste over the entire stain.

Let the mix sit on the stain for several minutes to work its magic. Once the baking soda dries back to powder, you can simply vacuum up the area.


How to Protect Hardwood From Accidents

The best way to handle the problem is to avoid it altogether. Sure, a few accidents might have happened recently, but you can prevent them from happening again in the future. The first tip is to restrict access until the problem is resolved—whether it be house training, a health issue, or a litter box problem.

You can always cover up the area to prevent accidents in the same spot. But after a while, you’ll want them to free roam the house. Just make sure to think of reinforcements, like pet diapers, pee pads, and deterrent sprays.

If you think your dog or cat is having unusual or out-of-character accidents, get them into the vet as soon as you can to rule out anything more serious.

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Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

We believe pets and homes can coexist without too much damage. If you know a few tricks and hacks to get urine stains off your floors, among others, you can manage a pet-friendly home with minimal hassle.

Luckily, most solutions are simple, one-ingredient options you probably already have in your cupboard at home. Just go whip up your concoction and remove those stains once and for all!

Featured Image Credit: Mariakray, Pixabay

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