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How to Save Money on Pet Costs in 2024 (12 Genius Ways)

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With the costs of everything in life on the rise, it’s important to save money where we can. For pet owners, saving on pet costs is a must. The cost of raising a dog, cat, or other types of pets can get expensive. Luckily, there are things you can do to cut costs and save money on your pet’s needs this year. Let’s take a look at 12 smart ways to save money where your pets are concerned so you can stop worrying about the budget and spend more time with your fur babies.


The 12 Smart Ways How to Save Money on Pet Costs

1. Purchase Pet Insurance

One of the most expensive parts of being a pet owner is veterinarian bills. Just like your physician, veterinarians go through years of school to offer your pet the best care possible and they deserve to be well paid for it. Instead of being upset about these high costs, consider purchasing pet insurance. Yes, you’ll pay a monthly premium for your pet’s coverage, but if your pet is sickly or accident-prone, having pet insurance coverage could save you lots of money in the long run.

a couple with pet signing insurance contract
Image Credit: Drazen Zigic, Shutterstock

2. Veterinarian Discount Plans

If the cost of pet insurance each month is a bit too much for you, there are also veterinarian discount plans out there. These types of plans would be similar to the AARP for humans. These programs work by charging you a monthly membership, which in most cases is less than the cost of pet insurance, then sending you around 25% money back when your pet visits the veterinarian or uses other covered services. The key here is to speak with your veterinarian to see if they participate in any of these programs.

3. Shop at Discount Stores

If you’re trying to save money in your daily life, you most likely visit discount stores already. They are great places to find great deals on the items you need. The same can be said about pet supplies. Most discount stores have a pet section. Here, you can find toys, beds, sweaters, and lots of items you would spend more money on elsewhere. Take advantage of these lower-cost shopping opportunities to keep more money in the bank.

4. Go the DIY Route on Pet Furniture

With a little search online you can find tons of DIY ways to save money as a pet owner by making your own pet furniture. Scratching posts, catios, dog houses, and even loungers can be handmade often using things around your house. Doing this will save you money and give you a project you may enjoy.

two cats in boxes
Image Credit: Chris Boyer, Unsplash

5. Be Your Pet’s Personal Stylist

Trips to the groomer can be expensive. Depending on the breed of dog or cat you have, they can also happen often. Instead of spending tons of money on grooming, you can be your pet’s personal stylist. Whether you go as far as doing their hair cuts and trims is up to you and your level of comfort, but trimming nails and cleaning ears are things you can easily do at home.

6. Do Your Dog Training at Home

Dog training is another asset that many pet owners simply can’t afford. If this is the case, or you simply want to save money on pet costs, train your dog at home. You’ll find lots of articles and videos online to help you teach your dog the ropes or even work on your pet’s socialization. Taking this into your own hands will keep the costs down and help you better bond with your pet.

7. Do a Little Cooking

Homemade dog and cat treats are a great way of showing your pet you care without spending tons of money. You can choose the ingredients you feel are healthiest and try different recipes you think your pet might enjoy. The best part is, you’ll stop spending tons of money on overpriced treats at the store.

cooking in kitchen with dog
Image Credit: Sjale, Shutterstock

8. Make Your Pet’s Clothes at Home

If you simply can’t do without seeing your pooch or kitty in a shirt or sweater but don’t want to pay the high prices for them, simply make them at home. Pet fashion can be designed with a little creativity, old clothes, and a plan. You can even find ideas online that can have your pet looking stylish in only a few minutes.

9. Consider Joining Pet Store Loyalty Programs

No matter how many pennies you pinch, you’ll still need to visit a pet store to buy certain supplies for your pets. Nowadays, many stores are offering loyalty programs. You may not feel like signing up for more emails or texts is right for your situation, but often these loyalty clubs can save you money on the supplies you buy the most.

10. Watch for Sales

Sales on pet food can be a lifesaver when trying to save money. Unfortunately, it’s not very often that you’ll see it happen. Be prepared for when it does and buy in bulk. If the sale has a limit on how much you can get, snatch up that limit. The key to buying pet food in bulk is to properly store it so that it’s okay to use when your pet needs it.

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Image Credit: Tyler Olson, Shutterstock

11. Comparison Shop for Everything

Dog food, cat food, pet medications, and other supplies shouldn’t be bought at the first place you visit. If you’re truly concerned with saving money on pet costs, you should be willing to comparison shop. Perhaps your pet’s favorite food is cheaper on Chewy than at your local pet store.

12. Spay and Neuter Your Pet

Last, but certainly not least, is spaying and neutering your pets. You may feel that this isn’t necessary because you keep your pet indoors, but things can happen. The last thing you want as a pet owner trying to save money is a litter of puppies or kittens to be responsible for. The costs in those scenarios can be quite high. Luckily, there are veterinarians out there who will make payment arrangements to help you get your pet altered. You may even find spay and neuter clinics in your area to help out. It’s better for everyone, including your pet, to do their part to help control the animal population and keep pets out of shelters.



With a little ingenuity and planning, you can easily save money on pet costs this year. The 12 ways to save money above are only a starting point. Once you start changing things, you’ll discover other ways to save money and help your budget. The most important thing is to never let your pet’s health and well-being suffer. They deserve all your love and protection as members of your family.

Featured Image Credit: Stefan Schweihofer, Pixabay

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