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84 Purr-Fect Instagram Captions for Cat Pictures (2024 Update)

seal point siamese cat making funny face

Cats are pretty much perfect, as anyone with eyes can attest. So, it makes perfect sense to take pictures of these adorable creatures to share with your friends on Instagram. A great caption can elevate your post to the appropriate level of feline worship, but coming up with the right words can sometimes elude even the most creative among us. We’ve done some work and come up with a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Read on for 84 purr-fect Instagram captions for your cat pictures.


Top 84 Purr-Fect Instagram Captions for Cat Pictures

12 Funny Instagram Captions

Cats are hilarious, most often because they’re outright naughty (in the most adorable feline ways), leading cat parents to take photos and share their pet’s bad behavior. Read on for a few funny Instagram captions to accompany those pictures of your buddy doing crazy things.

  • I’m a total cat-astrophy!
  • My dear human, food will not serve itself.
  • Up for some naughtiness?
  • Bow down before my majesty, human.
  • What precisely do you want me to stop doing?
  • I’d like help getting down now!
  • Utter domination!
  • Is there a reason I’m in the fridge? Um, I’m actually busy right now.
  • Whaddya you mean don’t … I just did!
  • Nothing happens here without my approval.
  • Cats used to be worshiped in Egypt.
  • Hours without item broken from being pushed off the table: zero.

12 Cheerful Instagram Captions

Nothing can cheer you up like a great cat picture. Whether your pet is being adorable or downright naughty, there are times when you’ve just got to share. Here are some cheerful Instagram captions for when you decide to share the love by posting photos of your cat doing sweet things.

  • A cat’s love is better than coffee.
  • Happiness is a purring cat.
  • Whisker while you work.
  • I’m feline fine today, how are you?
  • You had me at meow.
  • You can look. You can admire. But you can’t touch.
  • A wild cat appeared!
  • Catapult me into another dimension—one full of catnip, please.
  • I’ve got purr-sonality!
  • What are you eating, and how can I help?
  • All you need is love and a cat.
  • Love is a four-legged word.
Cat Christmas tree ornaments
Image Credit: Unsplash

12 Holiday Instagram Captions

Cats are members of our families, and it wouldn’t be a holiday without our feline companions around. And as anyone who’s ever lived with a cat knows, holidays bring out the wild in some kitties. Keep reading for 12 captions to capture the magic of celebrating holidays with feline company.

  • Good human … now hand over the treats!
  • Wait, that wasn’t for me?
  • I have no idea how that happened.
  • I’m responsible! You’re the one who brought that tree into the house!
  • My sweet feline valentine
  • Um … the broom is actually just for show.
  • Note to self: Buy separate Christmas tree for cat.
  • Paws off my treats, witches.
  • Maybe a bit less catnip next year.
  • What do you mean there’s no tradition of giving cats tuna on New Year’s Day? What kind of made-up human nonsense is that?
  • Next time, make it clear that the turkey on the table isn’t there for me to consume.
  • I am not amused!

12 Sweet Instagram Captions

Cats are sweet, loving creatures with adorable personalities and quirks, and they give us so much love. Here are some captions for those photos when your cat is just being their sweet feline self.

  • Don’t fur-get to buy more catnip!
  • Dry food? Are you fur real?
  • Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. And?
  • I have a cattitude problem.
  • Anything is possible with a cat by your side.
  • Sorry I’m late, my cat was sitting on me.
  • Happiness is just a whisker away.
  • Everything’s better with a cat by your side.
  • There’s no greater gift than the love of a cat.
  • All you need is love and a cat.
  • Purring is the sound of peace.
  • Cats rule!
ginger exotic shorthair cat sleeping near a door
Image Credit: Wutlufaipy, Shutterstock

12 Sleeping Cat Instagram Captions

Cats love to nap, and kitties can laze away the hours in the most unusual places while striking the oddest poses. But sleeping cats are always cute and well worth taking a few pictures of. Here are a few great captions for sleeping cat photos on Instagram.

  • Life is good.
  • Sleepy cat
  • Catatonic
  • A cat’s life
  • Cuteness overload
  • Pretending to be well behaved
  • Yes, he snores.
  • Being purr-fect ain’t easy.
  • Sleepy time
  • What do you think he’s plotting?
  • Sweet dreams
  • He almost looks innocent!

12 Birthday Instagram Captions

When it’s time to celebrate your pet’s birthday, make sure to do so in style. Some tuna, a few toys, and a bit of catnip should provide a good start. Keep reading for 12 captions to add the right touch to your Instagram photos of your pet’s birthday celebration.

  • Happy Purr-thday!
  • She had me at meow.
  • Kittens grow up so fast.
  • Happy Purrday!
  • Today’s my birthday!
  • Another perfect year together
  • Cats are like wine—they both get better with age.
  • Still pouncing!
  • Happy Birthday to Me!
  • Treats, treats, treats!
  • It’s that time of year again.
  • Spotted: Birthday Cat!
cat playing with paper towel
Image Credit: Pixel Cat Photo, Shutterstock

12 Short Instagram Captions

Some pictures are so good that they don’t need much in the way of introduction or explanation. If you’re trying to come up with a short, pithy caption to accompany that perfect snap of your cat, look no further. Below are a few short and to-the-point Instagram captions for cat photos.

  • Working cat
  • Paw-some
  • Smitten kitten
  • Four-footed purr-fection
  • Purr-fect snuggler
  • Purr-fectly naughty
  • Meow and forever
  • Hello cuteness
  • Purrfect
  • Paw-sitively purr-fect
  • Cat power
  • Tuna?



So, there you have it, 84 Instagram captions to elevate your cat photos. Cats are members of our families, so it makes sense to want to take pictures when they do cute things. And trust us, you’ll want those kitten photos to look back on as your pet ages. While you’re at it, make a few videos as well! Make sure to commemorate special moments like birthdays and holidays.

Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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