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Is There a Grey Macaw Bird Species? Facts & FAQs (with Pictures)

Gray Macaws- Side view close up_Pixabay

Macaws are a popular type of pet bird that comes in a variety of colors. The most popular color variation of the macaw bird is grey. This is a standard color that is widely available. Macaws make great pets and are very interactive with their owners. They can learn to speak particular words and do a variety of tricks.

The grey macaw is not an individual species, but it is rather a name given to the color. This is a medium-sized bird with high intelligence. They can easily be taught to produce sounds or words. Well-taught macaws can even sing short songs. The name grey macaw is more commonly labeled as an African grey parrot.

This article will inform you on the basics when it comes to the grey macaw bird.

divider-birdFacts About the Grey Macaw

Height: 10-12 inches
Weight: 0.14-3.60 pounds
Care level: Moderate
Diet: Granivore
Color: grey, red, white, and black
Lifespan: 30-50 years

Native Region and Habitat of Grey Macaws

The grey macaw inhabits the Savannah, coastal mangroves, woodlands, and forests in the west and central range of Africa. These birds can also be found in the southeast Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Tanzania. They then primarily feed on nuts, fruits, vegetation, and palm nuts. This makes them widespread across Africa and through southern Guinea.

They will spend most of their time in trees and finding food amongst dense vegetation. They typically stay in groups or a nest with their mate.

African Grey Parrot
Image By: TheOtherKev, Pixabay

What Does a Grey Macaw Look Like?

The grey macaw has grey feathers on its torso and darker grey on its neck and back. This can also appear as black, and it fades till the tail which contains black-feathered tips with a hint of red on the ends. These are attractive birds and grow larger than the average parrot. The feet are a dark grey and the beak is entirely black. They have black eyes located on the side of their head and there are specks of white feathers on either side of their head. The tail can also appear as a maroon color with lighter feathers towards the end.

They have a large wingspan which should be clipped in captivity to avoid them from flying away. Clipping should be done through an avian vet a couple of times a year.

divider-birdCaring for a Grey Macaw Bird

Cage size

Since these are medium-sized birds, they require large cages that can accommodate their size. The cage should be a minimum of 30 inches in length and 70 inches in height. This allows them to have plenty of room and enough space for large toys.


Macaws are strictly granivores and should be fed a diet rich in nuts and fresh fruits. Palm nuts form a major part of their diet, and they are usually included in commercial macaw foods or sold separately at grocery stores.

Gray Macaw Side view_Pixabay
Image By: Torfi007, Pixabay


Since grey macaws are such intelligent birds, they require a lot of interactive toys to keep their mind stimulated and enriched. They require time out of the cage every day which should be done in a room with all the windows and doors closed. Large swings, hanging toys, and mirrors are recommended. There should also be perches available at different levels of the cage.


Grey macaws can be taught how to speak words such as greeting or name-calling. They can also mimic the sounds of various noises in the household like the ringtone of a phone or a specific sound of a television. When they are tamed, they will accept regular cuddles and handling.

a grey parrot playing with a toy
Image By: jaanasaksman, Pixabay

Grey Macaw Personality

These birds can be shy and aggressive at first. They are the best train when they are young. Older macaws or ones that have been surrendered to a shelter will be more aggressive than tamed macaws. They are typically friendly birds that form a close bond with the owner who takes the most care of them. Macaws enjoy exploring their environment and spending time with their family.

How Much Do Grey Macaws Cost?

Grey macaws are available through breeders or pet stores. It is recommended to check out local shelters in case they have a grey macaw in their care. Since these birds live such a long lifespan, many owners must give them up to various shelters. Grey macaws are more expensive when purchased from breeders and can cost between $90 to $200. Pet stores will typically sell them between $50 to $150.


Grey macaws do exist, and they are quite common pet birds. These birds make good additions to adults and children alike. Keep in mind most pet birds can outlive their owner, so it is a good idea to allocate them to another person who will care for them properly if something happens. It is not uncommon for macaws to live up to 60 years in captivity and they are considered lifelong pets.

Featured Image Credit by Ben_Kerckx, Pixabay

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