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150+ Japanese Dog Names with Meanings: Traditional & Unique Ideas

Akita dog

Whether you’re bringing home a Japanese dog breed, or you have a cultural interest in Japan, choosing a Japanese name for your dog can celebrate your appreciation of Japan. Choosing a Japanese dog name with meaning behind it will only further your celebration of the country. Finding a place to start when it comes to choosing a Japanese name for your dog can be overwhelming, though, especially if you aren’t a Japanese speaker. Here are dozens of Japanese name options for your dog with their meanings included to help you choose!


Female Japanese Dog Names with Meanings

Wolfdog in the meadow
Image Credit: gloverk, Shutterstock
  • Amaya: night rain
  • Akira: intelligent
  • Yuki: snow
  • Yumi: beautiful
  • Mei: beautiful
  • Yuri: lily
  • Asami: morning beauty
  • Aki: autumn
  • Sora: sky
  • Annaisha: a helpful guide
  • Arisu: noble
  • Emi: blessing
  • Jun: obedient
  • Amai: sweet
  • Ara Ara: “oh my” or “oh no”
  • Himari: home of light and love
  • Bashira: joyful or beautiful smile
  • Akemi: beauty or bright
  • Makoto: true, genuine, or pure
  • Beni: crimson
  • Akako: red
  • Akane: brilliant red
  • Ayame: iris
  • Emiko: smiling child
  • Hime: princess
  • Nahiso: shore
  • Tsuki: moon
  • Ichika: one thousand flowers
  • Yoshiko: good or child
  • Nyomo: gem or treasure
  • Yubi: graceful
  • Haia: nimble/quick
  • Mikki: flower stem
  • Haruno: blooming fields
  • Cho/Chou: butterfly/butterflies
  • Megumi: blessing
  • Chan: a term of endearment (female)
  • Eiji: prosperity, peace, or great
  • Kirei: pretty
  • Ai: love
  • Kuuki: air
  • Shin: heart
  • Shinju: pearl
  • Kazuki: peaceful tree
  • Akachan: baby
  • Pinku: pink
  • Yamato: great harmony
  • Kaguya: radiant night
  • Kichona: precious
  • Fubuki: snowstorm/blizzard
  • Tatsumaki: tornado
  • Ki: brightness/radiance
  • Kiseki: miracle
  • Miyu: gentle
  • Itsuki: tree or servant of God
  • Ikebana: a flower arranging artform
  • Nami: wave
  • Nana: seven
  • Arata: fresh/new
  • Izumi: spring/fountain
  • Ikigai: life’s purpose
  • Chisai tori: little bird
  • Sakura: cherry blossom
  • Rina: jasmine
  • Hideaki: outstanding/excellent or bright
  • Maru: round
  • Danuja: a ruler
  • Haru: sunlight
  • Hana: flower


Male Japanese Dog Names with Meanings

chow chow dog standing outdoor
Image Credit: siamka, Pixabay
  • Dai: cost/price
  • Daiki: big/great
  • Osamu: ruler
  • Renjiro: virtuous
  • Benjiro: enjoys peace
  • Suzumebachi: hornet
  • Shohei: respect
  • Nobuyuki: faithful happiness
  • Nikko: sunshine
  • Atsushi: industrious
  • Monterio: big boy
  • Daitan: daring or bold
  • Botan: peony
  • Dai-ichi: first
  • Akihiki:shining prince
  • Kumo: cloud
  • Haru: born in the spring
  • Haruo: springtime man/male
  • Kun: a term of endearment (male)
  • Baka: crazy or foolish
  • Toshiro: talented or intelligent
  • Toshio: agile, man, or hero
  • Fujita: field
  • Genki: lively one
  • Hajime: beginning
  • Nippon: Japan
  • Uzumaki: spiral
  • Taiyo: sun
  • Saske: ninja warrior
  • Shinobi/Shinobu: ninja
  • Yuji: courageous or brave second son
  • Jazu: jazz
  • Jinsei: lifetime
  • Kyujitai: lightning bolt
  • Chibi: little/small
  • Taki: waterfall
  • Yoshi: good/alright
  • Kingyo: goldfish
  • Daichi: from the earth
  • Uchuu: cosmos
  • Hoshi:star
  • Toshiko: clever
  • Koro: roly-poly
  • Kiba: fang
  • Fuji: wealth, abundance, or status
  • Kimi: noble
  • Hoshi: star
  • Mori: forest
  • Umi: ocean
  • Kotaro: small boy
  • Taro: eldest son
  • Kenzo: wise one
  • Rin: dignified
  • Tadao: loyal
  • Masumi: clarity


Japanese Food Names for Dogs

chow chow dog in the garden
Image Credit: Liliya Kulianionak, Shutterstock
  • Nori: seaweed
  • Kurumi: walnut
  • Maron: chestnut
  • Adzuki: red bean
  • Matcha: a type of green tea
  • Momo: peach
  • Dango: sweet dumpling
  • Udon: a type of wheat noodle
  • Soba: a type of buckwheat noodle
  • Ramen: a noodle soup
  • Anko: a sweet bean soup
  • Wakame: sesame seaweed
  • Sushi: raw fish with rice
  • Mochi: a sweet rice cake
  • Yuzu: a type of citrus fruit
  • Sashimi: raw fish without rice


Japanese Pop Culture Names

Parti yorkies dog in grass
Image Credit: Julio Yeste, Shutterstock
  • Kaiju: a type of giant monster
  • Samurai: a Japanese warrior
  • Ronin: a masterless Samurai
  • Ukiyo: a style of Japanese art popular in the 17th through 19th centuries
  • Pikachu: a Pokémon character
  • Kyary: the name of a pop star
  • Maki: a character from the Street Fighter game
  • Ryu: dragon
  • Senshi: warrior
  • Gojira: Godzilla
  • Kawaii: cute
  • Sensei: teacher or master
  • Kakashi: scarecrow
  • Shinigami: a type of supernatural spirit that leads people toward death
  • Naruto: whirlpool/maelstrom, a fish cake, or the name of a popular anime show
  • Raiden/Raijin: the god of thunder and lighting
  • Amaterasu: the goddess of the sun
  • Okami: wolf or the name of a legendary Japanese dragon deity


In Conclusion

This list of Japanese pet names is certainly not all-inclusive, but there’s a wide variety of name ideas here for just about any taste. If you want to name your dog after food, pop culture, or personality descriptions, there are great Japanese name options for your dog. It’s important to keep in mind that the meanings of words in Japanese may vary based on the kanji script used and not the pronunciation of the word, so some of these words have multiple meanings that may not be listed since they aren’t pertinent to naming a dog. You could name your dog Naruto because you want your dog named, “when it comes to”, but you’re more likely to use the name because you like the anime show, the food, or the water-related meaning.

Featured Image Credit: Anaite, Shutterstock

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