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170+ Japanese Cat Names: Exotic Options for Your Cat

Japanese Cat Names

Whether you’ve lived there or are obsessed with the unique culture, Japan is an amazing country with even more amazing names. Better yet, they’re just as obsessed with cats as we are here in the United States. If you’re looking for a dreamy name that captures the Japanese culture, then we have tons of options for you. Each of these Japanese names and words has a specific meaning that may or may not relate to your pet cats.


How to Name Your Cat

Picking out a new name for your cat has got to be one of the most exciting responsibilities of owning a pet. This name tends to stick with the animal forever, so you want to do their personality justice. Picking a cat’s name means that you embrace their individuality and characteristics. Of course, it can be fun to have completely meaningless names as well, but we find that there is something special about a name that was given with a purpose. So take you time and get to know your cat’s personality, then choose a name based on that.

Japanese Names for Male Cats

  • Daifuku: rice cake with bean jam
  • Kohaku: amber
  • Haru: spring
  • Reo: lion
  • Sora: sky
  • Tama: ball
  • Kotetsu: small lion
  • Maron: chestnut
  • Ten: heavens or dot
  • Tora: tiger
  • Arata: new
  • Daichi: great wisdom
  • Hiroki: great brightness
  • Isamu: brave
  • Katsu: victory
  • Ken: strong/healthy
  • Ryota: cool
  • Shingo-real me
  • Taichi: big one
  • Yudai: manly and great
  • Yota: big male
  • Jumpei: pure and peaceful
  • Masao: hero
  • Nobu: trust
  • Ryu: dragon
  • Neko: cat
blue cat with red calming collar lying on the asphalt
Image Credit: Tinka Mach, Shutterstock

Japanese Names for Female Cats

  • Chibi: tiny
  • Hana: flower
  • Koko: cocoa
  • Fuku: lucky
  • Hime: princess
  • Juro: black
  • Momo: peach
  • Rin: bell
  • Sakura: cherry blossom
  • Mei: brightness
  • Mugi: barley
  • Aki: bright or autumn
  • Chika: wisdom and beautiful
  • Kazue: peace
  • Kei: intelligent
  • Emi: favor and beautiful
  • Hikari: light
  • Jun: pure
  • Shun: fast
  • Ume: Japanese apricot
  • Yu: superior

Popular Cat Names in Japan

  • Nyan: meow
  • Yoshi: good luck
  • Momo: peach
  • Yuki: good fortune
  • Tadeo: loyal
  • Haruki: spring child
  • Taro: eldest son
  • Fuwafuwa: fluffy

Japanese Names for Coat Colors

  • Yuki: snow
  • Shiroi: white
  • Kumo: cloud
  • Ume no hana: plum blossom
  • Yukigafuru: snowy
  • Shinju: pearl
  • Kaiko: silkworm
  • Hakahu: white crane
  • Tofu: condensed soy milk
  • Hai: ashes
  • Sumoki: smokey
  • Kuro neko: black cat
  • Kage: shadow
  • Kazan: volcano
  • Karasu: raven
  • Yami: dark
  • Kuromai: black rice
  • Makkuro: inky
  • Mayonaka: midnight
  • Daku: dark
Cat sitting on an outdoor heated mat
Image Credit: jax10289, Shutterstock

Japanese Cat Names Inspired by Nature

  • Hotaru: firefly
  • Kawa: river
  • Yuri: lily
  • Aito: sea or ocean
  • Mori: forest
  • Rina: jasmine
  • Haru: sunlight
  • Tsuki: moon
  • Amaya: night rain
  • Cho: butterfly
  • Kuuki: air
  • Rini: little bunny
  • Uchuu: cosmos
  • Nami: wave

Unusual Japanese Cat Names

  • Ichika: gift
  • Shiori: guide
  • Setsuko: temperate child
  • Miani: smiling with truth
  • Nen: deep hope
  • Tamako: precious stone
  • Toshiko: alert and values
  • Kanaye: zealous one

Famous Japanese Cat Names

  • Chokokyattoo: the black cat with a brown nose from Hello Kitty
  • Haro Kiti: the name of the white cat in Hello Kitty
  • Shironeko: a cat on social media known for being sleepy and happy
  • Fukumaru: cat famous for companionship with an older woman
  • Maru: plays in boxes on social media
  • Meicoomon: the orange Maine Coon cat from Digimon
  • Tailmon: Digimon character
  • Atemis: cat in Sailor Mood
cat in a sailor costume
Image Credit: ukieiri, Pixabay

Other Potential Japanese Cat Names

  • Kirei: pretty
  • Suitopi: sweet pea flower
  • Shuga: sugar
  • Fuji: unique
  • Chisai tori: little bird
  • Chiisai: small
  • Kei: style
  • Doki doki: excited
  • Aiko: little love
  • Koro: roly-poly
  • Akachan: baby
  • Chika: scattered flowers
  • Maru: round
  • Chisana: pocket-sized
  • Nakano: warrior
  • Bashira: joyful
  • Mokoto: true
  • Naia: nimble
  • Taeko: brave
  • Hiroshi: generous
  • Senshi: warrior
  • Tadaaki: faithful light
  • Kento: happiness
  • Shohei: respect
  • Dai: large or great
  • Eiji: eternity
  • Daiki: great glory
  • Fumio: literature or scholarly hero
  • Hibiki: echo
  • Jiro: second son
  • Kaede: maple
  • Kunio: country man
  • Kenshin: modest and truthful
  • Masaki: great timber tree
  • Masayoshi: honorable
  • Masumi: clarity
  • Noboru: rise or ascent
  • Nori: to rule
  • Osamu: disciplines
  • Riku: land
  • Ryota: refreshment
  • Satosi: wise
  • Norio: lawful man
  • Sho: to fly
  • Takumi: artisan
  • Takayuki: noble journey
  • Taiki: radiance
  • Taro: large son
  • Toshio: generous leader
  • Yasushi: peaceful
  • Youta: great sunlight
  • Ayame: iris
  • Ceiko: child of splendor
  • Emi: beautiful blessing
  • Haruna: spring vegetables
  • Hoshi: star
  • Izumi: fountain or spring
  • Hina: sun vegetables
  • Kimi: noble
  • Mai: dance
  • Maki: true hope
  • Masa: just or true
  • Michi: pathway
japansese bobtail cat on a cat tree
Image Credit: Algorithm images, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

There is certainly no shortage of Japanese names that you could give your new pet cat. People draw inspiration from all sorts of things. Whether you like names to do with nature, color, or meaning, there is no shortage of unique names that your cats can embrace. Take some time to try on a few of these names, and we bet you’ll find one that just seems to stick better than the rest.

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