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10+ Kingsnake Morphs & Colors (With Pictures)

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Kingsnakes, also called California Kingsnakes, come in various morphs and colors, allowing you to find a snake that catches your eye and interest with ease. There are so many morphs and colors, in fact, that it can be difficult to find a complete list of them all online.

In this article, we are going to look at 10+ Kingsnake morphs and colors. More specifically, we will look at 10 of the most popular morph and color combos and list all of the possible morph and color combos found in California Kingsnakes.

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Let’s dig in.

The 10+ Most Popular Kingsnake Morphs & Colors

Even though there are quite a few Kingsnake morphs and colors to choose from, 10 are much more popular than the others. Here are the most popular options:

1. High White Color

High White snakes are very vibrant, and they are man-made. Their bodies are pale white, but there are a few black accents on the body. The head has more black around the eyes, so too does the neck. Despite these black colorations, most High White snakes are relatively pale.

The exact shade of white will depend on the snake’s parents. Because High White came about through selective breeding, High White snakes will appear whiter if the parents have fewer black spots around the eyes, neck, and back.

2. High Yellow Banana Color (High Yellow)

Much like the High White, the High Yellow Banana is a man-made color and is very vibrant. The difference between the High White and the High Yellow is that the body of the High Yellow is primarily yellow instead of white. You probably figured this already.

Like the High White, High Yellows include black coloration around the neck, face, and back, though the face and neck contain more black colorations than the back. The exact coloration of a High Yellow Banana will depend on the parents’ coloration as well.

3. Twin Striped Morph

Many Kingsnakes will come with Twin Striped morphs. This means that the snake will have a bright color run down the center of its body. There will be a stripe on both sides of the lining, adding even more coloration to the snake. Twin Striped Kingsnakes can come in many colors, but they are most commonly classified as High White or High Yellow.

4. Reverse Striped Morph

A Reverse Striped morph is the opposite of a Twin Striped morph. Instead of having two stripes running beside the vertebrae, it will have a single stripe running down it. Like Twin Striped morphs, Reverse Striped morphs are classified as being either High White or High Yellow.

5. Vanishing Stripe Morph

A Vanishing Stripe morph is interesting because it is the combination of a Twin Striped and Reverse Striped. The snake’s patterns fade out at various points along its body. As a result, certain sections of the snake appeared dark while still patterned on other parts.

6. Reverse Wide Stripe Morph

Snakes with Reverse Wide Stripe morphs are very dark. In fact, these snakes will almost appear to be completely dark. You can mainly only see their patterns when looking at their side. These snakes will often have a wide stripe running down their back, and the vibrant color can mainly only be seen on its underbelly.

7. Dotted Morph Snake

A Dotted morph is comparable to the Twin Striped morph. Instead of complete stripes running down the snake’s body, there are lines of dots running down it. In other words, there is a line of dots running on both sides of the snake’s vertebrae.

8. Reverse Dotted Morph

Similarly, Reversed Dotted morph snakes are like Reverse Stripe morph snakes, but they do not have a complete stripe running down their back. Instead, a series of dots run down the vertebrae. Additionally, not all of the dots will be the same size. This pattern is the rarest.

9. Mosaic Morph

The Mosaic morph is stunning. Their sides are heavenly patterned, whereas the back often misses coloration. It is somewhat similar to the Reverse Wide Stripe more in appearance, though the patterns are more prominent. You may also see vibrant patches on the body more easily.

10. Hypermelanistic Morph

Finally, the last morph we’re going to look at specifically is Hypermelanistic. This morph almost looks like tiger stripes on the snake’s body. This includes dark stripes placed on a lighter-colored body. Often, the lighter color is almost metallic, looking like dark rings surround it.

A Complete List of Kingsnake Morphs and Colors
  • Albino Morph
  • Aztec Morph
  • Banana Newport Morph
  • Black and White Striped Morph
  • Blizzard Morph
  • Blue-Eyed Blond Morph
  • Carpet Morph
  • Casper Ghost Morph
  • CB Newport Morph
  • Charcoal Black Morph
  • Chocolate Banana Morph
  • Chocolate Black Newport Morph
  • Chocolate Ghost Morph
  • Chocolate Morph
  • Coral Ghost Morph
  • Corwin Hypo Morph
  • Dark Phase Ghost Morph
  • Half and Half Morph
  • Het Palomar Ghost Morph
  • High Yellow BananaMorph
  • High White Morph
  • Hypermelanistic Morph
  • Joker Morph
  • Lavender Albino Morph
  • Lavender Morph
  • Lavender Snow Morph
  • Light Phase Ghost Morph
  • Merker Hypo Morph
  • Mocha Morph
  • Mojave 50/50 Morph
  • Mosaic Morph
  • Mosaic Palomar Ghost Morph
  • Newport-Long Beach Morph
  • Newport Mud Morph
  • Palomar Ghost Morph
  • Pink Pearl Ghost Morph
  • Pinstriped Morph
  • Platinum Morph
  • Purple Passion Morph
  • Reverse Dotted Morph
  • Reverse Stripe Morph
  • Reverse Wide Stripe Morph
  • Sapphire Ghost Morph
  • Scrambled Banded Newport Morph
  • Twin Dotted Morph
  • Twin Striped Morph
  • Vanishing Stripe Morph
  • Whitewater Hypo Morph
  • Whitter Morph
  • Whitter Unicolor Morph
  • Whittier Mud Morph

More About Kingsnakes

Kingsnakes are most commonly found in northern Mexico and western United States. They are especially found in California, which is why they are often called the California Kingsnake. Today, you can find Kingsnakes at a variety of exotic pet shops because of how popular they are amongst reptile lovers.

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Kingsnakes come in many morphs and colors. Most often, these colors are either categorized as being High White or High Yellow. From there, the morph is described. Although we looked specifically at the 10 most popular colors and morphs, there are undoubtedly many more patterns to choose from, as we saw in the complete list of Kingsnake colors and morphs.

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