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KitNipBox Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give KitNipBox a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.0/5
Variety: 4.8/5
Ingredients: 4.8/5
Value: 4.5/5


What Is KitNipBox? How Does It Work?

The KitNipBox is a subscription service that ships a monthly goody box containing toys, treats, and other surprises for your cat. It offers two box sizes, with an option to avoid treats if you wish. KitNipBox doesn’t manufacture toys and treats but selects and packages them after an evaluation process (including feedback from actual cats.)

KitNipBox is available in the U.S. and Canada, with the potential for international shipping on a case-by-case basis. It is a cat-only brand, so dog owners must look elsewhere for goodies. Services such as this one appeal to busy cat parents who love to spoil their kitties and cats who enjoy food and a good time.

With multiple similar services popping up, is KitNipBox worth the monthly price for cat owners? To help answer that question, I decided to check out a box with the help of my two cats. Keep reading to find out what my feline sidekicks and I discovered about the KitNipBox!

kitnipbox contents

How To Sign Up for KitNipBox

You can sign up for a KitNipBox subscription through their website. Your first box will ship as soon as you provide your billing details!  Expect your kitty to enjoy their treats and toys 3-8 business days later.

KitNipBox – A Quick Look

  • New selection of items every month
  • Convenient
  • Free shipping to the continental U.S.
  • Can choose to avoid treats and food for cats with food sensitivities
  • No food or treats from China
  • Food and treats are not available outside the U.S.
  • Some toys don’t stand up to rough play
  • Shipping charge for Canadian and international orders

KitNipBox Pricing

KitNipBox offers two subscription options. The Happy Cat KitNipBox features five items and costs $22.99 per month. Offering seven items, the Multi-Cat KitNipBox is $29.99 per month. KitNipBox suggests the first for a one-cat family and the second for a very spoiled single cat or a multiple kitty household.

What To Expect from KitNipBox

The KitNipBox arrives pretty quickly. The box is compact and plainly labeled from KitNipBox, and there’s no chance of accidentally tossing it in the recycling. It’s sturdy but easy to open. Don’t be surprised if your cats start circling once they catch a whiff of the contents because mine did! Inside, you’ll find a note explaining the theme of this month’s box, along with your collection of goodies, all in original packaging.

kitnipbox packaging

KitNipBox Contents

  • One bag of treats
  • Teaser wand toy
  • Two soft non-catnip toys
  • Three soft catnip-filled toys

Quality of Goodies

In the box I reviewed, all the toys stuck closely to a summer camp theme, and they generated at least initial interest from our tester cats. Because they were all soft toys, I wondered about their long-term durability, especially with energetic cats. For example, one of my cats chewed the teaser wand string into pieces within just a few days. The toys were all made in China, which the company acknowledges as a concern for some on their website, although they claim to choose only higher-quality items.

Variety of the Goodies

I thought KitNipBox did an admirable job with the variety of goodies selected. Including treats and toys ensures that cats with no interest in playing still have something yummy. In addition, the toys themselves offered something for several different play styles. The teaser wand is excellent for interactive play. The soft toys included options with and without catnip since not every cat responds to the scent of this plant. The only thing I would have liked to see was a different texture toy, such as a plastic ball or something similar, for cats that like to bat and chase their playthings.

two cats sniffing shamless pets treat

Treat Ingredients

The treats are made in the USA, with no artificial ingredients or colors. The ingredient list was short and simple, with salmon, sweet potatoes, and brown rice as the top three components. I like that the company deliberately chooses “ugly” sweet potatoes that would otherwise be wasted to make their treats, plus the packaging is made with recycled materials. I suspect other millennial pet parents would also appreciate this!

Some of the Toys Are Hit or Miss

I imagine this is unavoidable given how different cats are in their tastes and opinions, but reactions to the toys in my box were hit or miss. However, the best part of a subscription service is that you won’t have to wait long to get a new batch of goodies that your cat might prefer.

tabby cat playing with kitnipbox toy

Is KitNipBox a Good Value?

I believe KitNipBox is a good value for cat owners looking to keep their pets occupied while saving money at the same time. Based on the contents of our test KitNipBox, I think purchasing them all individually would have added up to more than the monthly cost of the box. Having new toys and other goodies shipped straight to your house each month is also a convenient alternative to shopping for them on your own.


FAQ: KitNipBox Subscription Service

What Is the Return Policy for a KitNipBox?

According to its website, KitNipBox will work with you to replace any defective products you receive. They provide an email address for contact. However, they don’t mention whether you can swap out a goodie simply because your cat doesn’t like it.

Do I Have Control over Any of the Box Contents?

When you initially subscribe to your KitNipBox, you’re given the choice to replace treats and edible goodies with non-food items. This feature allows owners to protect cats with food sensitives or kitties trying to lose a few pounds. I didn’t see any discussion about whether you could provide feedback on boxes based on what your cat did and didn’t like. The company has a phone number and email address and welcomes customers to contact them with any concerns, including the box contents.

When Am I Billed Each Month?

KitNipBox charges for the first box at the time you sign up. They bill each month’s charge 1–7 days before the package is shipped. Shipping occurs either on the 1st or 15th of the month.

Is It Easy to Cancel My Subscription if Needed?

Yes, a KitNipBox subscription can be canceled anytime via your online account. The company suggests you make any cancellations at least one week before the monthly box ships out.

tabby cat playing with kitnipbox toy while lying down

Our Experience With KitNipBox

To help me try out the KitNipBox, I turned to Alan and Algernon, two indoor-only male, Domestic Shorthair Cats. Algernon is a 5-year-old orange tabby who weighs 8 pounds and has a sweet and mellow personality. Alan is a 1-year-old gray tabby who weighs 13 pounds, with a hyper-affectionate, energetic, playful disposition.

I offered each item one at a time to the kitties, gauging their immediate interest in each toy or treat. Before writing this review, I observed how the toys held up for the next few days and whether the cats continued to play with them.

Before this, I knew that Alan liked playing with toys more than Algernon and sought them out on his own to play with if he enjoyed them. Algernon prefers to play with a human rather than on his own.

First, I offered the boys, both of whom love food, the treats we received in the KitNipBox. They both immediately ate them and looked for more. I provided more treats again several days later with the same excited response.

The soft toys received a mixed reaction, depending on whether they contained catnip or not. They showed some interest in one of the non-catnip toys, batting it around briefly but practically ignoring the other. Alan was instantly ecstatic about the catnip-filled soft toys, chewing and rubbing on them, carrying them in his mouth.

Algernon wasn’t as interested in the soft toys, even those with catnip, but I already suspected he was one of the few cats who don’t react to this plant. Both cats enjoy teaser wands, and the wand was their favorite out of the goodies in the box.

After several days, the teaser wand continued to be a hit until Alan essentially destroyed it by chewing up the string. Algernon didn’t show continued interest in the toys, but that’s consistent with his usual playing style. Alan played with the catnip toys a few times, but the other two didn’t get much attention, even over time.



The KitNipBox is a convenient and affordable service that provides your cat with fresh additions to its toy collection each month and keeps your treat cabinet stocked. Based on my experience, I can report that the treats were a big hit and the reaction to the toys depended very much on the individual cat’s personality. Because KitNipBox contains such a variety of goodies, there was something for each cat to enjoy. I discovered that the toys could have some durability issues if your cat plays rough or is destructive, like Alan.

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