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Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy Review ft

Our Final Verdict

We give Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Most pet owners have heard of the KONG brand. This brand became famous for providing durable chew toys for dogs that were virtually indestructible. However, they have since expanded their toy line substantially, even into the cat arena. The Kitty Kong is one such toy that is designed specifically for felines.

Like most Kong toys, it is designed to be stuffed. You can use treats, peanut butter, kibble, or similar foods to stuff the ball. This keeps your cat entertained and turns the toy into a bit of a puzzle.

With that said, this Kong toy is very thin and not made for chewing. Luckily, most cats do not chew, so that isn’t a huge issue. It is made of rubber and designed to roll and bounce. However, it requires a lot of output from your cat to be fun.


Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy – A Quick Look

Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy

  • Can be stuffed
  • Inexpensive
  • Unpredictable bouncing
  • Small enough for younger cats
  • Not for chewing
  • Dispenses treats a bit too easily

Lightweight Construction

Cats are not as strong as dogs. Therefore, to make this toy usable, it was designed to be extremely lightweight. With one swat of a paw, the toy can go flying across the room and keep your cat’s attention. The lightweight design allows it to bounce unpredictably and high. These erratic movements mirror prey animals, enticing your cats to keep playing.

However, the lightweight construction also makes this toy less durable than others by the same brand. This isn’t the same Kong toy designed for dogs. Instead, it is much thinner. Luckily, most cats don’t chew a lot, so this is less of an issue.

With that said, there are some cats out there that do chew. In this case, this probably isn’t the best toy option for them. It is pretty easy for cats to shred this toy if they set their mind to it.


Unlike most cat toys, this one can be stuffed with treats or your cat’s usual food. In this way, you can turn it into a puzzle toy to keep your feline entertained for hours. To some extent, you can adjust the difficulty by choosing what to stuff the toy with. Adding kibble or hard treats makes the toy very easy, as these tiny pieces will fall out with each swipe of your cat’s paw.

However, you can add peanut butter or wet food and freeze it for a much more difficult challenge. This option will keep your cat busy for a while, as they won’t be able to remove the treats faster than it melts.

With that said, overall, this toy is much easier to use than others out there. Therefore, for cats that are used to puzzle toys, you may want something a bit harder.

cat playing with a purple KONG Kitty KONG Cat Toy
Image Credit: Chewy



Is the Kitty KONG the same as the dog KONGs?

The cat KONG is not designed the same as most dog KONGs. The material is similar, which promotes bouncing. However, it is much thinner and not designed for chewing. It seems similar to the Senior Dog KONG, which isn’t designed for much chewing, either.

How big is the Kitty KONG?

The Kitty KONG is extremely small. It is the same size as the extra small KONG puppy toy. Specifically, it’s about 2.25 inches by 1.5 inches. Therefore, it works well for very small cats, though very large cats may find it a bit too small.

What can you use to fill up the Kitty Kong?

Any cat-safe food can be used to fill up the Kitty KONG. For instance, you can use your cat’s regular food or catnip. Treats are a standard option, as well. Canned pumpkin, peanut butter, and similar people foods can also be utilized.

Cat playing with Kong Kitty Kong cat toy
Image Credit: Chewy

What the Users Say

We spent tons of time reading reviews for Kitty KONG online to get a well-rounded idea of how this toy performs for different felines.

Overall, this toy seems to be hit-or-miss. It is not a chew toy and not nearly as durable as other KONG toys. Many users showed pictures of the KONG breaking in half or the smaller end popping off. Therefore, don’t expect this to be as durable as other KONG toys.

However, others reported no issue with the durability.

Many cats seem to consider this toy indifferently. It is very different from the toys you usually find for cats. It isn’t odd for cats to love it when it is stuffed with treats and ignore it at all other times.

There were several complaints about the size, as well. However, some users reported that it was too small, while others thought it was too big. Therefore, the only way to know for sure is to try it out yourself. The company needs to make different sizes for different cats, though they only offer one size at this time.



The Kitty KONG is an exciting cat toy that doesn’t resemble most other toys on the market. It works best for felines that enjoy balls and similar toys. You can stuff it with treats to entice your cat to play with it, and the erratic bouncing is well-loved by many.

However, this toy isn’t as durable as other KONG toys. Therefore, it may not be an excellent option for cats that chew. Furthermore, it is only available in one size, making it inappropriate for very large or small cats.

Featured Image Credit: Chewy

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