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Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Minnesota: 2023 Breeders List

chocolate, black, and yellow labradors

Pet Keen advocates for adopting before shopping. We understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder, though, so we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally investigated all of the breeders below, rather, we have gathered their details for you to get in touch and ask all the right questions before you decide. Learn more about our position and how to choose a breeder here.

Once you meet a Labrador Retriever, it’s easy to see why they are the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) most popular breed. You can’t help but fall in love! You’ll find puppies throughout the state. Many specialize in raising gundogs since that’s one of the breed’s jobs. You’ll also see dogs bred for conformation and obedience. Of course, the price will vary with these options.


The 10 Labrador Retriever Breeders in Minnesota

1. Danikk Labradors

Dr. Frances O. Smith DVM

  • Lonsdale, MN

Getting a puppy from a veterinarian is a sure way to know that you’re getting a healthy animal. Dr. Smith has over 30 years of experience as a breeder and seller. The facility has pups in all three of the popular Lab colors. You can also choose what type of pet you want, whether it’s for show or to take on the hunt.

2. Next Generation Gundog Training

Adam Levy

  • Chatfield, MN

Adam Levy runs Next Generation Gundog Training. He specializes in Labrador Retrievers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. If you want a hunting dog, you can even enroll your pup in training to learn the ropes. One of Levy’s dogs, Hank, recently won the AKC’s All Breeds Best in Show award. Levy is an AKC Breeder of Merit.

3. Eboni Labrador Retrievers

Gloria Hennen

  • Bird Island, MN

Gloria Hennen offers both chocolate and black Labrador Retrievers. Hennen goes the extra mile with genetic testing to ensure that her puppies don’t have the silver gene, an unaccepted AKC color. She also includes a 26-month hip guarantee. The puppies get a lot of attention to give them the best start in life. It’s worth noting that she will not ship any pup.

4. Bally’s Gun Dogs

Cortney Bally

  • Brownsdale, MN

Cortney Bally runs the family-owned Bally’s Gun Dogs with her husband, Adam. He is an avid hunter and trainer. Bally’s puppies are home-raised. The facility raises pups of all three lab colors. Many of their past dogs have competed successfully. The Ballys also offer puppy and hunting training. Cortney is an AKC Breeder of Merit.

5. Milliken Creek Labs Kennel

Terry Campbell

  • West Concord, MN

Terry Campbell brings experience in the show ring to the Milliken Creek Labs Kennel. The facility offers puppies for sale for conformation and field trials. They are born and raised in Tennessee before coming to the state. Campbell is an AKC Specialty Club Member of the North Star Labrador Retriever Club of Minnesota. Their dogs come from championship bloodlines.

6. Chasin A Dream Labradors

Gary Charpentier

  • Stacy, MN

The name—Chasin A Dream Labradors—of Gary Charpentier’s facility sets the right tone. Charpentier only sells a few litters a year. However, the puppies receive the best care with an introduction to the sounds of hunting to get them used to being in the field. All pups come with a written health guarantee. The facility also offers puppy training packages.

7. Bird Dog Labs LLC


  • Bemidji, MN

Gina Glidden of Bird Dog Labs LLC knows the business well as a trainer and breeder of high-quality Labrador Retrievers. Glidden does the full slate of recommended health screenings. Many of her dogs have received several hunt test titles. All are special members of the family for social bonding at an early age. She is both an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Breeder and an AKC Breeder of Merit.

8. English Labrador Retrievers

Angela Kiley

  • Sandstone, MN

Angela Kiley specializes in ivory and black English Labrador Retrievers with her family-run business. All puppies undergo the recommended health screenings with a 24-month guarantee. They are socialized at an early age with exposure to children and other pets on Kiley’s farm. The pups receive plenty of daily attention, including litter training. Angela is an AKC “Bred with H.E.A.R.T.” breeder.

9. Karamar Labrador Retrievers


  • Pine Island, MN

Ruth Lubahn brings 28 years of breeding experience to the table with Karamar Labrador Retrievers. She is no stranger to the show ring, with several championship dogs. She specializes in both black and chocolate labs. The kennel also offers custom embroidery with personalized collars and towels available for your new pet.

10. Hayshaker Labrador Retrievers

Sherry Geurts

  • Cloquet, MN

Sherry Geurts is the owner of Hayshaker Labrador Retrievers, specializing in both chocolate and black Labrador Retrievers. Geurts is active in the show ring with her championship dogs. She is a member of several specialty clubs, including the North Star Labrador Retriever Club of Minnesota. The puppies start early with housebreaking and socialization.

Featured Image Credit: Rosa Jay, Shutterstock

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