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Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Missouri: 2024 Breeders List

Labrador retreiver puppies sitting on grass

Labrador Retrievers consistently rank and one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and for a good reason. They make great family dogs, which is why they are often adopted as companion animals.

Due to their increasing popularity, there are many Labrador Retriever breeders throughout the United States, including in Missouri. We’ve listed a few of the most active breeders below, but there are more popping up all the time due to the breed’s high demand.

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The 9 Labrador Retriever Breeders in Missouri

1. C.R. Labradors

  • Wentzville, Missouri

C.R. Labradors is an experienced breeder. They used to offer training and boarding but have recently retired. Now, they only offer breeding in a limited capacity.

They focus mostly on producing show dogs, though many of their dogs are hunting champions too. All their puppies have their first set of shots before being sent to their new homes. They have also been dewormed.

They do take deposits to hold your spot in line. They will refund the deposit if they do not have the specific puppy you’re looking for in their next litter.

2. Muddy Creek Labradors

muddy creek

  • Harrisonville, Missouri

Muddy Creek Labradors regularly produces several litters a year. They encourage their customers to come and meet their puppies multiple times before picking one out. Their puppies receive all the necessary shots and deworming before being sent home. They are also microchipped and health cleared by a vet.

All their puppies come with a 1-year health guarantee.

3. O’Dell Labs

O’Dell Labs

  • Sullivan, Missouri

O’Dell Labs is a registered hobby/show breeder in the state of Missouri. They are also a part of the Missouri Pet Association.

All their dogs are tested for various medical conditions, including progressive retinal atrophy, degenerative myelopathy, and centronuclear myopathy. Plus, all breeding dogs have Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) hip clearances, which lowers the chance that their puppies will end up with hip dysplasia later.

They also breed Labrador puppies in some of the rarer colorations, such as silver, charcoal, and champagne.

4. Dawson Labs

Dawson Labs

  • Kansas City, Missouri

Dawson Labs produces English-style Labradors in the Kansas City area. They also ship on occasion, so you don’t have to live close to purchase one of their puppies. They are not the most active breeder, generally only having a litter or two a year.

Their puppies are a bit expensive. However, they do provide all the necessary DNA testing for their breeding dogs and provide the necessary vaccinations and health care for their puppies.

5. Twin Lakes Labrador Retrievers

Twin Lakes Labrador Retrievers

  • Columbia, Missouri

Twin Lakes Labrador Retrievers is classified as a micro-kennel. They only produce about one litter a year. However, they have been breeding for over 3 decades. Their dogs are primarily working animals, with strong retrieving and pointing lineage.

They primarily specialize in chocolate labs. Typically, they do not have other colors available.

6. Brookside Gun Dogs, LLC.

Brookside Gun Dogs

  • Moberly, Missouri

If you’re looking for a quality puppy, Brookside Gun Dogs, LLC., produces some of the best sporting Labradors around. Unlike many other breeders, they almost exclusively breed working and companion animals, not show dogs.

This breeder has over 30 years of experience breeding Labrador Retrievers and they are licensed by the state of Missouri.

They also provide an extensive training program for those who are interested. They only accept a few dogs each year, so you generally have to request the training ahead of time. They also offer boarding.

7. Cuivre River Retrievers

Cuivre River Retrievers

  • Hawk Point, Missouri

Cuivre River Retrievers produces proven hunting Labradors and companion dogs. All their dogs are OFA and Canine Eye Registration Foundation cleared, which prevents puppies from inheriting serious joint problems. Furthermore, all their breeding dogs are titled in hunting competitions.

However, this breeder does not seem to be as active as some others.

8. Tenderheart Kennel

Tenderheart Kennel

  • Silex, Missouri

Tenderheart Kennel primarily specializes in Labrador Retrievers, though they also breed other dogs. They have been breeding dogs since 1999. Their facility is AKC inspected and registered with the USDA.

Puppies are given all the necessary vaccinations before they are sent to their forever homes.

9. Sullivan’s Labradors

sullivan's labs

  • Columbia, Missouri

Sullivan’s Labradors specializes in yellow Labradors, though they do have other colors. All their puppies are provided with the proper vaccinations, and a veterinarian inspects their kennel each year. All breeding dogs have an OFA clearing of good or better, which reduces the chance of puppies ending up with hip dysplasia.

They also guarantee their puppies to pass hip and eye certifications.

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