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11 Largest Pet Food Manufacturers in Australia (Updated in 2024)

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There are an estimated 29 million pets living in Australia, and 61% of homes have pets. In 2019, Australian pet owners spent about $13 billion on pet products and services, with about 30% being spent on food (approximately $900 million).

It’s safe to say that the pet industry is booming in Australia, and it’s projected to continue to grow for years to come. Many pet food companies have established themselves in the market. Here are some of the largest pet food manufacturers in Australia.


The 11 Largest Pet Food Manufacturers in Australia

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1. Mars Petcare Australia

Mars Petcare reigns as the largest international pet care company. It has thousands of locations in over 80 countries and over 50 pet food brands under its belt, including Pedigree, Whiskas, Nature’s Table, and Schmackos. In 2020, Mars amassed over $18 billion in revenue.

The Australian headquarters is located in Wodonga, VIC. Mars Petcare Australia has factories in Wodonga and Bathurst, and they partner with Australian-owned agricultural businesses to develop and manufacture their pet food.

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2. Nestle Purina Australia

Nestle Purina is the second-largest international pet care company and is always in close competition with Mars Petcare. Its main headquarters is in St. Louis, MO, and the Australian headquarters is in Rhodes, NSW. Nestle Purina Australia manufactures many pet food brands, such as Bonnie, Fancy Feast, Felix, and Lucky Dog.

In 2020, Nestle Purina earned about $14.5 billion in sales, and it’s the second most profitable division of Nestle after pharmaceuticals.

3. Ridley Corporation

Ridley Corporation is the largest Australian commercial livestock feed provider. The company’s headquarters is in Melbourne, and has over 700 employees across all its offices and factories. Although Ridley mainly focuses on livestock and farming, it also has a small dog food line called Cobber. Cobber currently sells pet food for all life stages and special recipes for working dogs and active dogs.

4. Real Pet Food Company

Located in Wulkuraka, QLD, this Australian-owned company has about 730 employees and operates 27 companies. It generates about $360 million in sales per year. It manufactures several dog and cat food brands, including Billy + Margot, Ivory Coat, Doctor B’s BARF, and Trilogy.

5. Riverina

Riverina mainly manufactures animal feed, but it also has a dog food line that has recipes with premium and natural ingredients. It also has dog food specifically developed for working dogs. Riverina currently employs about 2,300 companies in its corporate family and generates about $329 million in sales per year.

6. Royal Canin Australia

Royal Canin is another large international pet food manufacturer. Its main headquarters is in France, and its Australian headquarters is located in Melbourne. There are 2,592 companies under Royal Canin Australia, and the giant company generates about $164.61 million in sales annually.

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7. Staughton Group

The Staughton Group is an Australian-based pet food manufacturer. It has eight companies under its wing and generated about $24.65 million in annual sales. The four pet food brands that Staughton Group manufactures and distributes are Open Paddock, Balanced Life, Vet’s All Natural, and Aussie Pet Health.

8. Masterpet

Masterpet is one of Australia’s leading pet food manufacturers and has been around for over 90 years. Some of the brands manufactured and distributed by Masterpet are Black Hawk, VitaPet, Aristopet, and Blue Earth.

Masterpet currently has offices and factories all over Australia, New Zealand, and China. Along with distributing its food locally, Masterpet also sells pet food throughout Southeast Asia.

9. Hypro Pet Foods

Hypro Pet Foods began its business in 1998 as a stock feed company. Its reputation for high-quality and nutritious solutions paved the way for this company to become a well-established Australian pet food manufacturer.

Today, the company has grown to 70+ employees and continues to work with and support local farmers. It generates about $12.26 million in sales annually, and one of its most popular pet foods is its Premium line.

10. Paringa Pet Foods

Parina Pet Foods’ headquarters is located in Blacktown, NSW. It mostly sells raw foods for cats and dogs, but they also supply treats and meal toppers. Along with manufacturing pet food, Paringa is the official supplier of all meat products for Taronga Park Zoo. It’s estimated that Paringa earned $10.58 in annual sales.

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11. Big Dog Pet Foods

Big Dog Pet Foods produces and distributes raw cat and dog food. It has been in business for about 20 years and continues to serve high-quality raw food recipes. A 2015 interview with the company founder, Chris Essex, reported that this company produced about 30 tons of food a week and earned over $6 million.


Wrap Up

American pet food manufacturers are dominating the global pet food industry, but there are some notable Australian manufacturers that have become well-established and continue to grow each year. It’s exciting to see Australian-based pet food companies developing and expanding, and it’ll be interesting to track their growth and see where they’ll end up within the next several years.

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